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Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire de la ables des Français depuis l'Epoque de l'Ex. Guerre entre la France et la Russie ; par pedition en Egypte, jusqu'a celle du Traité un Oficier de l'etat major del'armre Fran. de Paix du 20 Novembre 1915. 2 vols çaise. I vol. 4to; and Atles. pp. 369. folio. pp. Fuc. 45 plates, of which 5 con

Memoires sur les Lignes clue Secord Ordre; tain the portraits of 100 French generals. par C. J. Brianchon. 8vo. PP 68.

Histoire Literaire de la france ; par des Le Cabinet du Roi, ou les plus beaux Men bres de l'Academie Royale des InTableaux des Peintres de l'Ecole Fran- scriptions. Vol. XIV. 4to. pp. 680.—This çais, avec un notice sur les Ouvrages de volume, which concludes the listory of the chaque Maitre. No l. containing 4 plates, 12th century, is composed by Ginguené, 12mo.-A number will appear monthly. Pastoret, Brieil, and Dauncu.

Nouveaux Elemens de la Science et de L'Hermite de la Guiane; par l'auteur l'Art des Accouchemens ; par J. P. May du Franc-Parleur. Vol. I fourth edition, grier. 2 vols 8vo. pp. 1140.

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turelle, appliqué aux Arts, a l'Agriculture, J. A Salguer Hygiene des Vieillards, ou a l'Economie Rurale, &c.; par un Societé Conseils aux Personnes qui ont passé l'Age des Naturalistes et des Agriculteurs. Vols de Cinquante Ans. 12mo. pp. 284. VII. VIII. and IX. (Cho-Dzw) 8vo. pp.

Tablettes Chronologiques de l'Ilistoire 1930. Ancienne et Moderne jusqu'a lmo Ocure Histoire de la Legislation ; par le Comte 1816; par A. Serieys, professeur d'Histoire de Pastoret. 4 vols 8vo. pp. 2336. en l'université royale de France. 12mo. Traité du Choix des Livres ; par Gabriel

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par M. Paquet-Lyphorien 2 vols Svo. Nouvelles Recherches sur les Maladies de Histoire Particuliere des Provinces Bel, SEsprit ; par André Mathey, D. M. P. de giques sous le Gouvernement des Ducs et des Genere. 8vo. pp. 361.

Comtes ; par M. Davez. 3 vols 8vo. F. Roullier Petit, Campagnes Menor

Pp. 612.




tion of the opinion of the Duke of Welling ton, are the sole causes of the relief thus af.

forded to France. FRANCE.

In the Chamber of Deputies the minisIs the Chainber of Deputies, on the 8th ters were left in a minority of 89 to 108, on January, the Election Law, consisting of the important question of what we would twenty Articles, was passed by a majority call the Navy Estimates. The minister of of 132 against 100. The main question for that department had calculated upon a grant discussion was, Shall the Deputies be cho- of 50,000,000 of francs. He had already sen by the electors directly, or shall the appropriated upwards of 48,000,000 ; but great body of electors name a certain num- the commission appointed to report upon ber from among themselves, by whom the the loan recommended 44,000,000, and this Deputies shall be chosen ? By this law sum was carried by the numbers above cit. the Deputies are to be chosen directly by ed.- The Chamber has at length finally the electors in one single assembly, as in agreed to the budget by a majority of 47. England. AU Frenchmen who have at- The total expenditure of that country is tained the age of thirty, and pay 300 francs fixed at about £45,000,000 sterling. of taxes per annum, are to be allowed to

Jan. 15.- The king has created a large vote.

number of knights of St Michael, for the A royal ordinance, dated the Sth of Jan- purpose of distinguishing men who have nary, contains the following article: “ Every rendered themselves celebrated in literature, vessel, whether French or foreign, which science, and the arts, or by useful discovershall attempt to introduce into any of our ies. This does great honour to the king. colonies blacks for sale, shall be confiscated; It is the only order of knighthood we beand if French, the captain shall be held in- lieve in Europe, that pays such a tribute of capable of holding a command."

honour and respect to those who may well The Houses of Lafitte of Paris, Barings be called the benefactors of mankind. of London, Parish of Hamburgh, and Hopes Application it is said has been made by of Amsterdam, have taken upon them- the French government to our ministers, for selves the advance of the loan wanted by issuing the usual orders to our settlements, for France, which is 12,000,000 British, or giving facility to an expedition under Mons. 300,000,000 of francs. Report adds, that Freycinet, consisting of the Uranie frigate one half will be required in money, and and a corvette, about to sail from France to the other half in provisions and clothing. finish their survey of New Holland. The Gazette de France states, that this loan The price of provisions at Boulogne is was finally signed on the 13th February. thus given, in a letter from an officer to his

On the 9th of January, M. de Serre friend at Christchurch, dated the 5th March. brought up the report of the Committee on A leg of mutton from 7 d. to 8d. per lib. ; the law relative to personal liberty. It is beef and pork, 7d. ; inferior sorts, bd.; à modification of that of last year, and en- poultry very dear ; wild fowl cheap; a good ables the crown to confine, under specific widgeon or wild duck, from 6d. to 9d; a forms, persons suspected of conspiring or pair of very good soles, 10d. which is conattempting the overthrow of the established sidered dear; a turbot, from 8 lb. to 10 lb. constitution. After a debate of several days for 2s. 6d. or 3s ; 26 eggs for 10d. ; sethis law was carried in the Chamber of De- getables very cheap: all articles of living puties by 136 to 92.

are one-third dearer than in June 1816. In the Chamber of Deputies the debate In the Chamber of Deputies, March 5th, on the law respecting the public journals is 4,000,000 francs were appropriated from terminated. It was voted by a majority of the revenue arising from the sale of the na128 against 89. All the journals of France tional forests for the support of the church. are thus rendered dependent upon the king's -On the law respecting the customs minisauthority, by which any of them may be ters had a majority of 134. This act is in. immediately suppressed.

tended to exclude, by heavy duties, the im. By the first April 30,000 of the al port of cottons, sugar, and iron. lied troops, being one fifth of the whole, The Moniteur of the 288 March contains will quit the French territory. The official the new law relating to bills of exchange, note of the four plenipotentiaries of Austria, as passed by the two Chambers, and sancEnyland, Prussia, and Rassia, declares, tioned by the royal assent. It enacts, That That the high personal character of the the holder of a bill of exchange, drawn on king, and the principles and conduct of the continent or islands of Europe, and pays. his present ministry, together with the sanc- ble in the European territories of France,


whether payable at sight, or at one or more were not permitted to return to their holy days or months, or usages af sight, must duties before a month or six weeks. This demand payment or acceptance within six measure was arbitrary ; but during the whole months from its date, on forfeiture of all reign of Napoleon, the name of the Prince claim upon the endorsers, or even the draw, de Broglie never once reached the public er, if the latter has made provision for it. ear,

March 26. -CHAMBER OF PEERS. The Duke of Richelieu and the Duke of Feltre were introduced. The former de, The strict prohibition of journals publishlivered to the president his majesty's pro ed in England or the Netherlands, which clamation, conceived in the following had for some time been suspended, is re.

newed with great severity, probably on ac. Loris, by the Grace of God, fe. count of the popular discontent manifested The session for 1816 of the Chamber of at some late acts of the government. The Peers and the Chamber of Deputies is and frequent arrests for political offences is said renzains closed.

to be regarded with particular disgust. (Signed) Louis. Letters from Spain of the 4th Feb. state, Thuilleries, March 26, 1817.

that in consequence of a new impost levied The Chamber broke up immediately af- on charcoal at Valencia, which bore very ter the proclamation had been read. hard on the poor in the winter season, the

people murmured, and at last deputed com, NETHERLANDS.

missioners to wait on the governor (Elio) Intelligence has been received at Amster- with their complaints. Instead of listening dam, that the Dutch conimissioners receiv. to them, Elio put the commissioners in ed the island of Java from the English on prison : the people rushed to anns and li the 19th of Angust

berated them ; and the governor, in his On the 19th of February, at Brilssels, turn, was obliged to fly to the citadel. The the Princess of Orange was delivered of a insurgents kept possession of the city all son, who is to take the title of Duke of the 17th January'; but on the 18th, sup Brabant.

plics of troops arriving, they were over. The States General have finally rejected powered, and the governor liberated. Н. proposition for prohibiting the exportation attempted to put to death some of the riot. of grain.

ers without trial, but the judges of the The Dutch papers communicate a mea. High Court of Justice declared, they could sure calculated to injure, if not to ruin, the allow no citizens to be executed without a trade at Antwerp. A toll is ordered to be col- trial. The governor threatened to imprison lected upon all vessels entering or leaving the the judges. The citizens were emboldened Scheldt, in addition to the custom-house du- by this vigorous conduct of the judges, and ties. Its weight is represented as incompati. affairs wore so serious an aspect, that Elio ble, not only with any prosperous commerce, posted off to Madrid to lay the matter be. but with any other intention than that of des. fore the king. troying it, for the toll is seven times greater The report of some commotions having than the freight of goods brought froin a arisen in Valencia, agrees very well with short distance England for instance. The what we know of the present state of popu. king has been petitioned for its runoval, lar feeling in Spain, viewed in connexion and the latest reports give reason to believe with such instances as the following, of the that the application has been successful. · cruelty of their semi-barbarous government.

The episcopal Prince de Broglie at Ghent, -" Pamplona, Feb. 10th. On the 2d, 3d, stíll occupies the public attention, by refus- and 4th of this month, and in the prison of ing to acknowledge the temporal supremacy this city, the torture was inflicted on Captain of the crown. Shortly after BONAPARTE Olivan, who for this purpose was brought assured the imperial diadem, this prelate down from the citadel, where he had been ventured to act upon the same principle; confined during eight months, merely bebut the Emperor, as jealous as himself of cause he was suspected of disaffection to his at hority, conveyed orders to M. d'Ilov. government. Amidst the most excruciating DELOT, the prefect, and to M. d'ERLA- pangs, no other than energetic declarations BURNTA, the general of division, to put the of his own innocence were heard, as well as bishop anda military arrest, and to com- of that of more than thirty other officers pese a regiment of the rumerous seminarists confined with him under similar circumstanwho embraced the orthodox tenets of their ces." unbending pastor. This ridiculous scene The English government lately solicited, really took place. The youths * un peu that a field in the neighbourhood of Tarragravehes," in die black robes, were march- gona, in which 300 English soldiers and d to the place purlique ; and, in the pre- soine officers fell gloriously defending that sence of an immense multitude, were march. fortress, should not be culcivated, or otiser

and couter-inarebed, and tauglit all the wise disturbed, offering to purchase it : but evolutions of silitary discipline by corpora's the city of Tarragona, emulacia, the fecting **and serjeants of the national guard. In the of our government, nobly made a present aight they were quartered in barracks, and of the ground.


Previous to the 18th Feb. a great number manner : First, a fixed donation to the Roof persons had been executed at Madrid, man academy of archeology of 600 crowns. under charges of treason against the person Second, 1070 crowns to found annual prizes, and authority of the sovereign. Nothing and a triennial prize for sculpture painting yet has transpired concerning the fate of the and architecture, which the young artists of unfortunate Arguelles and his companions, Rome and the Roman states only are comwho have been transported to a desert island petent to obtain. Third, 100 crowns to the of the Mediterranean. To those who know academy of St Lue. Fourth, 120 crowns the true character of the present Spanish to the academy of the Lynx ; and fifth, government, it will be no matter of surprise 1010 crowns to relieve poor, old, and inif this notice conclude their history.

firin artists residing in Rome. An edict for the prohibition of certain Foreign papers, dated in March, reckon books, divided into two principal classes, above 800 English families to be resident was published at Madrid on the 2d of in the three cities of Florence, Leghorn, March. In the first are comprehended and Pisa. The number of young English those which are probibited, even to the per- who are receiving their education in various sons to whom the inquisition may have schools in Italy may be estimated at 1500. granted licenses or particular permissions ; the other comprises works which are only

GERMANY. prohibited to such persons as have not ob- By the new regulations in the Prussian tained those licenses. The works of the dominions, heavy taxes are to be imposed first class are eight in number, and are pro- upon English goods, while the manufactures hibited as defamatory of the supreme au,

of other countries are to be subject to small.
thority of the pope and clergy. The second er duties. The continental system seems
prohibition falls upon forty-seven works, to have created manufacturers, who are now
which are described as full of a corrupt and in danger of being ruined by the competition
revolutionary spirit. In this last class, M. of England.
De Constant's Principles of Policy--La A German paper contains the following,
Croix's Elements of the Rights of the Peo- as it is asserted, accurate account of the
ple-Blanchard's Felix and Paulina-and Austrian army.
Adelaide and Theodore, or Letters on Edu- Infantry, woman...349,200
cation,mare included.

Light Infantry, 85,800

caravananen 75,000


gmmarromarame 20,000 On the 15th of December, a catholic priest proceeded on foot to the Cathedral of

Total,ra... 530,000 Adria, in Lombardy, and returned thanks The king of Wirtemberg has abolished for having attained his 110th year, without the censorship of the press; and, by conciinfirmities or sickness ! He was accompani- liatory firmness towards his people, is likely ed by an immense concourse of people, and to become one of the most popular sovechaunted the cathedral service in a firm, reigns in Europe. The States were opened manly, and dignified voice.

on the 3d March, at Stutgard, by the king The German papers have brought us a in person, when the project of the new condocument of greater importance than usual, stitution was presented to that body. It in the shape of a new constitution for Sicily. consists of 337 articles, and is highly faThat interesting portion of Europe has lost vourable to the liberty of the subject. nothing by the restoration of the legitimate sovereign to the throne of his ancestors.

SWEDEN. The king of Naples, unlike his namesake By the latest accounts, the present goand cousin the sovereign of Spain, has sig. vernment of this country appears to stand nalized his restoration by confirming and on very slippery ground ; and something extending the blessings of a free constitu- more than even all the characteristic prution.

dence and worldly wisdom of Bernadotte The emigration of our countrymen to will be required to support him on the ScanItaly is so extensive, that 400 English fam. dinavian throne. Stockholm, March 18: ilies now reside at Naples alone.

alarming reports of a political nature have Between 500 and 600 English are now arisen. One Lindhorne, a publican, deresident at Rome, including branches from nounced, on the 13th, certain seditious the noble families of Devonshire, Jersey, language which he had overheard. T'he Westmoreland, Lansdown, Beresford, King, affair, of which the object was no less than Cowper, Compton, Dunstanville, Denbigh, a total subversion of the present order of goCarnarvon, and Breadalbane.-- The duchess vernment, has immediately given rise to the of Devonshire gives parties every week, and strictest investigation, and has appeared - is a great patroness of the fine arts.

sufficiently important to induce all the high Canova.--The pope had aftached to the colleges (or public boards), and deputations title of Marquis of Ischia, which he confer- of the armed force,--the nobility, the citi. red on the sculptor Canova, an annual pen- zens of Stockholm, and the peasants,-0 sion of 3000 crowns. This celebrated artist wait on the Crown Prince, and assure ling has disposed of this revenue in the following of their fidelity and attachment.

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commended to the consideration of Congress. By an ukase of the Emperor Alexander, -On the subject of finance the President the male population of Poland has, with expresses much satisfaction. The actual few exceptions, been made liable to the mi- receipts of the revenue during 1816 are said litary conscription, from twenty to thirty to amount to about 47,000,000 of dollars, years of age.-A rescript to the governor of and the payments to only 38,000,000; thus Cherson, in favour of the Duchobooze, a leaving a surplus in the treasury, at the sect of dissenters from the Greek Church, close of the year, of about 9,000,000 of is highly honourable to the humane feelings dollars. The aggregate of the funded debt, and enlightened views of this monarch. on the 1st January 1817, is estimated not

to exceed 110,000,000 of dollars, the ordiTURKEY.

nary annual expenses of government are Letters from Constantinople of the 1st taken at less than 20,000,000, and the perFebruary state, that the British minister is manent revenue at 25,000,000. The state still in negotiation relative to the affairs of of the currency and the establishment of the Ionian Islands, of which the divan per- the national bank are then noticed ; and tinaciously refuses to acknowledge the in- Mr Madison concludes this moderate and dependence. Yet it was not unknown at well-written document, by referring to the Constantinople, that General Maitland had near approach of the period at which he is arrived at Corfu, and had convoked the to retire from public service, and with ani. Grand Senate to pronounce definitively on mated expressions of satisfaction at the tranthe administration or organization of the quillity and prosperity of the country state-If we may credit letters from Vienna, It is pleasing to observe the facility with inserted in the Paris papers, it would seem which useful institutions are adopted, under that the Porte has to contend with a rebel- the harmony at present subsisting among lous subject in the person of the Pacha of mankind. The Provident or Saving Banks, Bagdad, who having been formally deposed which have been established so beneficially by a firman from Constantinople, refused in Britain, are likely to be soon very geneto resign his power, and acknowledge his rally resorted to in the United States. The successor. It is also stated in the same plan was in progress at Boston before the journals, that the Pacha of Egypt, the most close of 1816, and was countenanced by a powerful of the Turkish governors in the large body of the state legislature. Mediterranean, is preparing to dispute the From the report of the late secretary, to sovereignty of that province with the Otto- the treasury, it appears that the gross revenue man Porte.

for the year 1816 amounted to 59,403,978, and the expenditure to 38,745,799 dollars,

leaving an excess of receipts, amounting to America.

20,658,179, exclusive of the sum in the

treasury on the first of January 1816. UNITED STATES.

A bill has been brought into Congress, to The president of the United States trans- prevent citizens of the United States from mitted to both Houses of Congress, on the selling vessels of war to the subjects of any Ath December, a message by Mr Todd, foreign power, and more effectually to prehis secretary, of which we can only give vent the arming and equipping of vessels of the general outline. It begins by no- war intended to be used against nations in ticing the partial failure of the crops, the amity with the United States. This bill is depression of particular branches of ma. supposed to be chiefly directed against the nufactures, and of navigation,-complains insurgents of Spanish America, and to have of the British government for prohibiting a been brought forward through the repretrade between its colonies and the United sentations of the Spanish minister. States in American vessels,-notices the It has been officially announced, that Mr attack on the American flag by a Spanish Monro has been elected president, and Mr ship of war, and the uncertain state of the Tomkins vice-president, for the constiturelations with Algiers, expresses much sa- tional term of four years from the 4th of tisfaction at the tranquillity that has been last month. restored among the Indian tribes, and be- An act of Congress has passed, by which tween these tribes and the United States, all British vessels entering the ports of the recommends a re-organization of the mi- United States, from our colonial possessions, litia, provision for the uniformity of weights are to be subjected to an additional duty of and measures, the establishment of a uni- two dollars per ton. This proceeding is reversity within the district which contains the sorted to, in consequence of the exelusion of seat of government, an amendment of the the American shipping from our West India criminal law,--and suggests, that the regu- islands. lations which were intended to guard against It has been proposed, in the House of abuses in the slave trade should be rendered Representatives, to reduce the peace estabmore effectual. The expediency of a re

lishment to 5000 men, and also to repeal modification of the judiciary establishment, all the internal taxes. and of an additional department in the exc- The exports from the United States, for cutive branch of the government, are re- the year ending 30th September 1816,

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