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moral agency of man. Some believe that the divine government extends to the entire control of all human thoughts and actions ; others assign to man a limited circle, in which his volitions are essentially his own.

Here then I have the testimony of two of the most popular champions of the cause that I am right, at least, in representing a portion of the Universalist denomina. tion as not believing in the moral agency of man.




We have received, it is supposed by the kindness of the publisher a copy of “A series of Letters to a Universalist; by Philemon R.Russell, pastor of the Christian Church in Fall River, Mass.” published by A. R. Brown, Exeter. This Series of Let. ters has appeared in the Christian Herald and is now republished by themselves in an 8 mo. of 128 pages. We are glad to see this reprint, and believe the work will do good. In his fifth letter the author gives a good dissertation on the Universalist's untenable position, that Conscience administers a just and equitable retribution in this world ; in his sixth letter he shows that Universalism actually offers a reward for iniquity, where he is very happy in his eases for illustration; going through, in the compass of his first eight letters, with what he calls his philosophical argument against the fatal error of his friend to whom the series of letters is addressed. The author then takes up 20 pages in examining Universalists' explanation of what they call their proof texts of the scriptures; and on page 52 et seq., considers scripture texts relating to future rewards and punishments; rewards to the righteous not of debt, but of grace or favor, stimulating to faith and piety, and threatenings to the impenitent wicked. Afterwards follow the parables of our Lord; and the miserable quibblings and sophistry of Universalist authors to explain away their force, are very well shown. The 23d letter brings forward the direct scripture testimony of a judgment to come; and the remaining letters refer to Christ's second coming, showing conclusively, that every thing which Universalism finds difficult to explain, cannot be justly referred to the destruction of Jerusalem, giving his reader some useful aid in relation to the 24th and 25th chapters of Matt. ;-gehenna, tartarus, and hades, are well remarked upon by our author.

Ín brief, we will say, these “ Letters to a Universalist," constitute a good, candid, well written treatise on a subject by no means unimportant at this day. Universalism is doing all it car to spread itself; the friends of Truth should be awake to the welfare of religion and of immortal souls. Br. Russel makes the doctrine look about as naked, as friend Smith makes the moral tendency of Universalism look odious.-We are pleased 10 put these • Letters” on our shelf for a second reading, and hope for them a good circulation, and that they will be another means to build up gospel truth,

[Morning Star,

A handsome pamphlet of 128 pages has been sent to us, en. titled “A Series of letters to a Universalist: in which the subject of modern Universalism is examined, the arguments by which it is supported refuted, and its falsities and absurdities clearly proved by the dictates of common sense, the light of sound philosophy, and the Word of God. By Philemon R. Russel, pastor of a church in Fall River, Mass.” The pamphlet contains twenty-five letters, most of which are short and to the point. The arguments of Universalists are successively taken up and examined, and their fallacy and absurdity clearly shown. These letters were first published in one of our religious periodicals of the day, and are now offered to the public in a desirable and convenient form for general circulation. We think the author, who was once, as he tells us, “ deluded with a species of Universalism," has done a good service to the cause of truth by this publication, and we commend it to the attention of any who may wish to know what is Universalist belief, or how its soph. istries may be effectually met. It is from the press of A. R. Brown, of Exeter, N. H. and may be found at the bookstores in

[Christian Watchman.

this city.

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