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Many of the Hymns included in this Book and Supplement are copyright, and, so far as is known, permission to use them has in every instance been sought. In a few instances, the Editor has failed to find the Authors; and, should any rights have been thus inadvertently transgressed, the Trustees of the book hope that the difficulty in which they have been placed will be accepted as their apology. To all who have, by themselves or their Publishers, given consent, the best thanks of the Trustees are tendered. Amongst them we mention :The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Rev. Henry Downton, M.A. Lincoln.

Rev. John Ellerton, M.A.
The Right Rev. W. W. How, Bishop T. H. Gill, Esq.
Suffragan, East London.

Mrs. Goadby, for Hymns of the Rer. The Very Rev. Dean Stanley.

T. W. Goadby, M.A. Editors of “Hymns, Ancient and Rev. S. Baring Gould, M.A. Modern."

Miss Kate Hankey. The Committee of the Religious Tract Miss Havergal, for Hymns of her late

Society, for Hymns by the late James sister, Miss F. R. Havergal.

Edmeston, J. Kelly, and C. Elliot. Rev. Paxton Hood. Messrs. Bell & Sons, for Hymns by Mrs. Lyoch, for Hymns by late Rev. late Miss Proctor.

T. T. Lynch. Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co., for Rov. W. J. Mathams,

Hymns from: “Lyra Germanica.” Rev. W. T. Matson, M.A. Messrs. Morgan & Scott, for Hymns George Rawson, Esq.

by late Miss Clephane and others. Sir Charles Reed, M.P., for Hymns by Messrs. Rivington, ditto late Rev. H. late Rev. A. Recd, D.D., and Mrs. F. Lyte.

Messrs. Richardson & Sons, ditto late Rev. C. H. Spurgeon.
Dr. F. W. Faber.

Rer. S. J. Stone, M.A.
Messrs. Isbister & Co., ditto late Joseph Tritton, Esq.
Dean Alford.

Rev. Godfrey Thring, M.A.
Rev. C. W. Furse, M.A., ditto late Rev. Henry Twells, M.A.
Dr. Monsell.

Rev. T. V. Tymms.
J. T. Hayes, Esq., ditto late Dr. Neale. Rev. David Thomas, D.D.

Jobr. Murch Wigner, Esq., B.A.
Also to
Mrs. C. F. Alexander.

And to American Authors, viz. : Rev. Sir H. W. Baker, Bart.

Rev. Dr. Ray Palmer. Rev. R. H. Baynes, M.A.

Rev. Dr. S. F. Smith. Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, M.A.

Rev. Dr. E. H. Sears. Rev. Horatius Bonar, D.D.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Esq. Mrs. E. Charles.

Mrs. F. J. Crosby.


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Psalms and Hymns.


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3 He formed the stars, those heavenly flames,

[names; He counts their numbers, calls their His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound,

[drowned. A deep where all our thoughts are 4 Great is our Lord, and great His

And all His glories infinite; (might;
He crowns the meek, rewards the just,

But treads the wicked to the dust. 5 His saints are lovely in His sight;

He views His children with delight :
He sees their hope, He knows their

And looks and loves His image there.


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L.M. 2 Great is our Lord, and of great power.

Psa. cxlvii. 5. 1

PRAISE ye the Lord ; 'tis good to
Our hearts and voices in His praise;
His nature and His works invite
To make this duty our delight.

C.M. 3 Canst thou by searching find out God ?

JOB xi. 7. 1 COW shall I praise the Eternal

The infinite Unknown? (God, Who can ascend His high abode,

Or venture near His throne ?
2 The great Invisible! He dwells

Concealed in dazzling light;
But His all-searching eye reveals

The secrets of the night.
3 He knows no shadow of a change,

Nor alters His decrees;
Firm as a rock His truth remains,

To guard His promises.
4 Justice, upon the eternal throne,

Maintains the rights of God; While Mercy sends her pardons down, Bought with a Saviour's blood.


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5 Now to my soul, immortal King ! 4 Engraved, as in eternal brass, Speak some forgiving word :

The mighty promise shines ; Then 'twill be double joy to sing Nor can the powers of darkness raze The glories of my Lord.

Those everlasting lines. 1709.

5 His very word of grace is strong

As that which built the skies ; 4 The Lord looketh from heaven ; He behold- The voice that rolls the stars along eth all the sons of men.---Psa. xxxiii. 13.

Speaks all the promises. 1 Pto the Lord, who reigns on high,

And views the nations from afar, 6 O might I hear Thy heavenly tongne Let everlasting praises fly,

But whisper, “ Thou art mine!” And tell how large His bounties are. Those gentle words should raise my

To notes almost divine, [song 2 He who can shake the worlds He

1707. made, Or with His word, or with His rod, His goodness, how amazing great!

C.M. How condescending is our God !

6 One generation shall praise Thy works to

another;-PSA. cxlv. 4. 3 He over-rules all mortal things,

ONG as I live I'll bless Thy name, And manages our mean affairs ; On humble souls the King of kings

My King, my God of love ; Bestows His counsels and His cares.

My work and joy shall be the same

In the bright world above. 4 Our sorrows and our tears we pour Into the bosom of our God ;

2 Great is the Lord, His power unHe hears us in the mournful hour,

known, And helps us bear the heavy load.

And let his praise be great;

I'll sing the honours of Thy throne, 5 O! could our thankful hearts devise

Thy works of grace repeat. A tribute equal to Thy grace, To the third heaven our songs should 3 Thy grace shall dwell upon my rise,


tongue ; And teach the golden harps Tby

And, while my lips rejoice,

The men that hear my sacred song

Shall join their cheerful voice. C.M. 5 He is faithful that promised.-HEB. X. 23. 4 Fathers to sonssballteach Thy name,

And children learn Thy ways; 1 BEGIN, my tongue, some heavenly

Ages to come Thy truth proclaim, And speak somc boundless thing ;

And nations sound Thy praise. The mighty works, or mightier name, 5 Thy glorious deeds of ancient date Of our eternal King.

Shall through the world be known; 2 Tell of his wondrous faithfulness, Thine arm of power, Thy heavenly And sound His power abroad;

state, Sing the sweet promise of His grace, With public splendour shown. And the per ng God.

6 The world is managed by Thy hand, 3 Proclaim salvation from the Lord Thy saints are ruled by love; For wretched, dying men;

And Thine eternal kingdom stands, His hand has writ the sacred word Though rocks and hills remove. With an immortal pen.


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