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H AIL, thou once despised Jesus !
II Hail, thou Galilean King,
Who didst suffer to release us,

Who didst free salvation bring:
Hail, thou precious, precious Saviour,

Who hast borne our sin and shame; By whose merit we find favour,

Life is given through thy name! 2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,

All our sins were on thee laid: By Almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made. Ev'ry sin may be forgiven,

Through the virtue of thy blood ! Open'd is the gate of heav'n,

Peace is made 'twixt man and God.

3 Jesus, hail! enthron'd in glory,

There for ever to abide,
All the heav'nly hosts adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side:
There for sinners thou art pleading,

“ Spare them yet another year, Thou for saints art interceding,

Till in glory they appear.. 4 Worship, honour, pow'r, and blessing,

Christ is worthy to receive,

Loudest praises without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give:
Help, ye bright angelic spirits,

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays;
Help to sing our Jesu's merits,

Help to chaunt Immanuel's praise !


The good Fight.

104th. OUR God is above men, devils, and sin:

My Jesus's love the battle shall win: So terribly glorious his coming shall be,

His love all-victorious shall conquer for me. 2 He all shall break through; his truth and his

grace Shall bring me into the plentiful place: Through much tribulation, through water

and fire, Through floods of temptation, and flames of

3 On Jesus my pow'r, for strength I rely;

All evil before his presence shall fly :
If I have my Saviour, He will not depart;
But Jesus, for ever, shall hold fast my heart.

107 Everlasting Love.

P. M N OW I have found the blessed ground

Where my soul's anchor may remain, The Lamb of God, who for my sin

Was from the world's foundation slain,
Whose mercy shall unshaken stay,
When heav'n and earth are fled away.

2 O'love, thou bottomless abyss !

My sins are swallow'd up in thee; Coverd is my uprighteousness,

From condemnation now I'm free; While Jesu's blood, through earth and skies Mercy, free boundless mercy, cries. 3 With faith I plunge me in this sea;

Here is my hope, my joy, my rest; Hither, when heli assails, I flee;

And look unto my Saviour's breast: Away sad doubt and anxious fear, Mercy is only written there.

4 Though waves and storms go o'er my head,

Though strength and health and friends be

Though joys be wither'd all, and dead,

Though ev'ry comfort be withdrawn;
Stedfast on this rny soul relies,

Father, thy mercy never dies.
5 Fix'd on this ground will I remain,

Though my heart fail, and flesh decay;
This anchor shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away;
Mercy's full power I then shall prove,
Lov'd with an everlasting love!

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LOVE divine, how sweet thou art !
When shall I find my willing heart

All taken up by thee!
I thirst, and long, and pant to prove
The greatness of redeeming love,

The love of Christ to me.

2 Almighty, precious love of God;
O that it now were shed abroad

In my poor stony heart !
For love I sigh, for love I pine,
This only portion, Lord, be mine,

Be mine this better part!

3 O that I could for ever sit
With Mary at my Master's feet,

Be this my happy choice!
My only care, delight and bliss,
My joy, my heav'n on earth, be this,

To hear the Bridegroom's voice.

4 Thy love alone do I require,
Nothing on earth beneath desire,

Nothing in heay'n above;
Let earth and all its trifles go,
Give me, O Lord, thy love to know,

Give me thy precious love.


Delight in the name of Jesus.
SWEETER sounds than music knows,
w Charm me in Immanuel's name;
All her hopes my spirit owes

To his birth, and cross, and shame. 2 When he came the angels sung

“ Glory be to God on high : Lord, unloose my stammering tongue

Who should louder sing than I? 3 Did the Lord a man become

That he might the law fulfil!
Bleed and suffer in my room!

And canst thou then my tongue, be still ? 4 No; I must my praises bring,

Though they worthless are, and weak; For, should I refuse to sing,

Sure the very stones would speak, 5 O my Saviour, shield, and son,

Shepherd, brother, husband, friend; Ev'ry precious name in one ;

I will love Thee without end.

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110 Praise for God's unspeakable Gift

L'ATHER, our hearts ve lidt

Up to thy gracious thorout, And bless thee for the previous yet

Of thy incarnate bou.

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