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without understanding : The Doves, at every grain they pick, look upward, as giving Thanks : the Jewel, which is illustrated by the Sun-beams, coloureth the beams : and the Earth which receiveth moisture from the Sky, repays it back again in vapours and exhalations; and each good Tree returns Thanks, as it were, for its goodness, by its fruitfulness: yea, the very Rocks and Stones, which receive a found from the Air, ( before it be fully given ) return it by an Eccho. No marvel then, if| holy David (hew himself fo follicitous and inquisitive about some Boon or Gift to prefent his Lord withal. 'EtanoPã xe (nra ev Tacos tons Salexson durs, ivec ni o con Festen dusegy te. Afcdótyfaith Saint Basil; He is in a million of fcrupulous Expostulations and Quæries within himself, about that matter. But after all search and inquest made, he finds Tidyl. Muixeģterge mais ellas Quespelýanto', All too little, and below the worth of such a Benefactor.

Quid retribuam? What fall I render? He faith not here; Quid tribuam, fimply; What


DAVID's Thankfulness, fall I give? But Quid retribuam? What Thall I give back? Acknowledging that all which he poffefsed he first received from God. Domini eft terras do plenitudo ejus ; The earth is the Lord's, and the fulnefs there-Pfal. 24. of; and so are the cattet upon a thousand bilis: We are but Ufu-fru&uaries, and Tenants ar Will; if perhaps for a while we enjoy the poffeffion of things, howbeit che propriety is none of ours: So that none of us all can give de proprio; retribuere, render up anely, and give back, we may. Which again Royal David moft emphatically and amply acknowledged, in his Euchariftical Solemnity and Stupendious Preparations for the | building of the Temple, saying ; Tbine, o Lord, is Greatness, and Power, and Glory,and Vi&tory, and Praife ; for all that is in Heaven and Earth is thine : Thine is tbe Kingdom, o Lord, and thou excelleft as Head over all. "Chron.

29. 11, Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and liz; 13; praise thy glorious Name. But who am I? 14, 16. and what are my People ? that we should be able to offer willingly after this fort? for all things come of thee, and of thine own band have we given thee. O Lord our God, all this

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abundance that we have prepared to build thee
an House for thine holy Name, is of thinė own
band, and all is thine. Where our Royal
Prophet seems almost as much taken up in
preparing Materials for the Temple of the
Lord, as in pouring out Blessings, and ac-
cumulating Praises, unto the Lord of the
: I have read that an Eccho was held by
Pythagoras in such sacred and reverent Esti-
mation, that he even adored it as some ad-|
mirable and divine thing ; especially if|
there were any wind up and stirring at the
production thereof.: An Eccho now, we
know, is but the multiplication or reflection
of some found or other, occasioned through
the Refraction of the Air in some hollow
opposite place (as the Philosopher describes
it) or as the Wise man calls it, The rebound-
ing Eccho of the hollow Mountains. Which
Philofophical conceit, ( or rather Poetical.
Fi&ion) is by Franciscus Georgius thus
drawn into a Moral. Seeing that (faith he)
Man was made at the Word of God's com-
mand, and proceeded from him as some
facred Blast.or heavenly breach (for, infpi-:|




DAVID's Thankfulness. ravit in faciem ejus, & fecit animam viventem, he breathed on him, and so made him a living Soul) tunc redit vox flante vento, quando gratia refle&titur in Deum, quantum potest; then ( faith he) our Voice, Eccho-like, returns in a gentle Blast and sweet Rebound, when we sacrifice unto the Lord with the voice of Thanksgiving, and our tongues refound with his Praises. O that men would pr. 107. therefore praise the Lord for his goodness; and declare the wonders that he doth for the children of men. That ( invited and excited by Royal David's example ) they would fa-| crifice unto him the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and shew forth all his' Praise! that they would not so far degenerate,as to suffer themselvs to be out-gone in point of Gratitude: by the dumb Creatures! for even the | Ox knoweth his Owner and the Ass his Master's Elav 1. Crib : and the Storks both feed and carry 3. the old ones that brought them forth. Many Stories tell us likewise of grateful Lions, kind Eagles, and trusty Dogs,qui etiain mori pro dominis, that are ready to dy for and with their Masters, as. Saint Ambrose hath | observed.....



12 Chiroll.


But come we now to Men, and oh! what Ingratitude and Unkindness we prefently"

meet with there : Joaff remembred not the|kindness of Jehoiada : The chief Butler [Gen. 23. quickly forgat Jofepb; and of ten Lepers that Luk. 17. were cleansed, there returned but one to

offer his Thanks. | Hereupon the Lord was so highly incenfed against degenerate and ingrateful Ifrael,

that he summoned heaven and earth to teElay 1. stifie against them. Hear, Oye Heavens, and

| bearken, earth, (faith he) I have nourished and brought up Children, but they have rebelled against me. And again, They forgat God

their Saviour which had done so great things Pfal. 78.) for them in Egypt, they remembred not his Hof, 1z. band : for when they were filled, their beart

I was exalted. As the Mule having fuck'd to

the full, presently flingeth at the Dam; fo Dep.32. Fefurun waxed fat and kicked; be for fook the

Lord that made him, and ligbtly esteemed the Rock of his Salvation. Howbeit 'tis otherwise with our Royal Prophet here who never baulks the fountain of living Waters for Cisterns, broken Cifterns which hold no water; |rightly making his onely Lord and Maker



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