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DAVID's Thankfulness. the sole entire Object of his Obedience and Gratitude, ftill finging a Quid retribuam Domino? What shall I render unto the Lord? (my second part now in order to be confidered ) Quid habes quod non accepifti? What 1 Cor. baft thou which thou haft not received? and if 4.7. thou haft received it,Why boaftest thou as if thou badst not received it? No man can receive any John 3. thing, except it be given him from above. E-17

Jam. 1. very good and perfe&t Gift is from above, and 17. cometh down from the Father of Lights. Origo fontium do fluminum omnium Mare ; Virtutum, | Dominus, saith holy Bernard; As all Waters come from the Sea : So all Graces and BlerIngs flow from God, and are derived unro us from that boundless Ocean of all good. Si quis callet ingenio, fi quis nitet eloquio, fil quis moribus placet, inde eft; faith the fame Father : Art thou rarely furnished with the rich treasures of Learning and Knowledg?| or grac'd with volubility of Speech and Elocution ? Art thou powerful in attracting the Eys and Affections of Men by thy graceful Deportment and winning Behaviour?) l'Tis-all from him. He all-sufficient, andį. lacking nothing, powreth down on us a rich

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and plentiful supply of all things. He openPr. 145.

eth his hand, and filleth every thing living with plenteousness. And therefore, as all Springs and Fountains of Water have their secret and subterraneous passages, through which uncessantly they run into the Seas ; that thence again they may return in their perennal offices and courses for our use and commodity ; Why should not the spiritual Rivers too ( I mean the Gifts and Graces of the Mind) be refunded and delivered back again, without stop or intermission, in the full and faithful currents of Praise and Thanksgiving, unto their proper Head and Fountain; that thence again they may never surcease to water and make fruitful the fields of our Souls.

In all things then let us give Thanks, and still return all Blessings and Benefits unto! his Praise and Glory, from whose grace and favour they have been derived. | In all things (said I) let us give Thanks ? All giving of Thanks is not acceptable before God. Read we not of the Pharisee in the Gospel, and of the form of his Thankfgiving? how he stood up most pertly, and



DAVID's Thankfulness. prayed, and gave God Thanks, that he was Luk. 18. not like other Men, Extortioners, Unjuft, 13. Adulterers, or like the Publican that stood afar off; he fasted twice in the Week, and paid Tithes of all that he possess'd ? But see the up-shot,and mark the Censure the infal-! lible Judg pass’d upon him,I tell you (faith Christ) this man (that is the poor Publican) went home justified rather than he. His Thanksgiving was so far off from being accepted with God,that it was utterly rejected as most abominable. What sayest thou, proud Pharisee ? Art thou not like other Men ? Art thou no Extortioner, in the first place? I say thou art and in the very denial thereof thou grantest it; for whereas thou crackest and boastest of thy Purity and Holiness,and glorifiest thy self so much in thine own Works and Worth thou provest thy self an Extortioner, and a notorious one too; for thou wrestest and extortest the Glory from God, of which he hath said, He will not Esay 48. give it to another.

Nay,read we not of many more beside the Pharisee, who as much mistake the Fountain and first Original of all the Blessings and Be



nefits they receive ? In the first of Habakkuk, at the 15 and 16 Verses, we meet with the Nimrods of the Earth, who when they took up all with the Angle, and catched it in their Net, and gathered it in their Tarn; they then Sacrificed to their Net, and burnt Incense to their Tarn,as if by them their Portion became | fat, and their Food plentiful. That is, They

flattered themselvs,and gloried in their own Wit and Strength, as if thereby they had gotten all their victories, with increase of Wealth, and Honour, and what not ? and so they robbed God of his Glory. In requital of the like Ingratitude, when superstitious People, in the time of Hofea, ascribed unto their Lovers, ( that is, to their Idols ) the gift of their Bread and Wine,Corn and Oyl, Wool and Flax, Silver and Gold ; then Almighty God returned in high displeasure,

and took away his Corn in the time thereof, and| Hof. 2. 19.

bis Wine in the season thereof, and recovered his Wool and bis Flax, which he had lent them for | a time to cover their nakedness withal. The right Praise and Thanksgiving indeed is always diftinguished from the Pharifaical and false Honour, by the Object: The one being

still! DAVID's Thankfulness. : still fixed and terminated on God; the other on our Selvs, or some fecondary Agent. Therefore both devoutly framed,and rightly levell’d, was that Confeffion of the Church,! : | Efay 26. 12. Omnia opera nostra operatus es| tu Domine ; All our works hast thou wrought in us, Lord: and therefore, Non nobis; Not unto us, O Lord, but unto thy Name, be the Praise. Now the falfe Honour hath still some subordinate Agent or secondary Means for lits Object ; thus Nebuchadonofor vaunts himself in the height and Tropick of his Pride, faying of Babylon, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built, for the house of the Kingdom, | 30. by the Might of my Power and for the Honour of my Majesty? Thus Sampson arrogantly usurpleth God's honour,saying, With the faw-bone Jud. 15. I of an Ass, heaps upon heaps; with the Fam-bone of an Ass bave I sain a thousand men. What was the Lord's doing alone and should have been the more wonderful in his Eys, he most arrogantly challengeth to himself. Thus, as it is in the 10 of Esay, verse 15, the Hatchet and the Saw magnifie themselvs against the Workman, when secondary Means rob the first Agent of his Honour. Thus (in a word)



in. 4.


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