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DAVID's Thankfulness.


“after Death I afford thee a place of Rest; “ I intomb thee in mine own Bowels. Neither hath his Love unto us here been ter-| minated and shut up : He hath not only made us, and all other things for our use and service, but he hath gone on and continued still his Mercy towards us, by preserving us too, ever since we were born, nay, before ever we drew in this common Air: His Eys were upon us in our Mother's Pr. 139. Womb, when as yet our Substance was imperfe&t, 16

and all our Members in continuance were faWhioned, when as yet there was none of them: And he hath all this while been content to stay for Thanks, until by the leisure of Nature our Understandings have been made as capable of his Blessings as our Bodies were, and yet, all this while, we have paid him nothing ; Nothing (I am sure ) as we should ; nothing as we ought. His Lm: 3.| Mercies are renewed every Morning (saith | 23. . the Prophet ) yes, every Moment : We move not a Foot which he moveth not ; we neither open nor shut an Ey without his especial help. Neither is here yet a

... Period


Period of his Love unto us. He hath freely given us his holy Word and Sacraments

to fan&ifie, nourish, and preserve our Souls PL. 147.14

unto Life' everlasting. He hath not dealt **{o with many other Nations, neither have the

l'Heathen knowledg of his Laws ; yea, as though that were yet too little, he hath given us his onely begotten Son, and with him all things ; even that Gift of Gifts, his, blessed Spirit of Grace, and holy Un&ion, on this day of Pentecoft.

In our Creation Christ gave us Our felvs; In our Redemption he gave us Himself, thereby restoring us to our selvs: Therefore, thus given at the first, and restored again when we had lost our selvs, we ow our selvs for our selvs, and ow our felvs twice. But now, What shall we repay unto the Lord for Himself? Though we could repay Our Selvs ten thousand times, What are we in comparison of Christ the Son of God ? So then, though we had as many Lives to fpend as Drops of Blood to shed, we could never recompense his Love." There is yet behind another Redemption,

not } DAVID's Thankfulness. 1. 27 not to be balk'd or pass'd over in filence, and that's from Domestick Vsurpation and Zyranny, by the miraculous Restauration of his Sacred Majesty CHARLS the Second ; the best of Kings ; the Father of his Country; the Extinguisher of Zyranny; the Restorer of Liberty; and the Founder of Tranquility; at whose joyful and victorious Approach, Rebellion and Vfurpation, with their horrid Attendant Confusion, are chased away, and Concord and Loyalty recalled in their room.

If the Lord had not been on our side (may England now say ) If the Lord himlelf had not been on our side (may his late affli&ted Church fay) and had he not turn'd our Captivity as the Rivers in the South, we had till this time gone on our way weeping and sowing in Tears, defpairing ever of a joyful Harvest, and of bringing our Sheavs with us. But blessed be God, who hath not wholly given us over as a Prey unto our Enemies, but hath plucked us, at the last, as a Firebrand out of the Fire. Blessed be God, D 2.


who hath directed the heart of a moft fagacious and faithful Counsellor (much like to another Huspai, or Nehemiab) to contrive the happy means, and pave the way, for our Deliverance. Blessed be God, who hath stirred up the Spirit of a prudent and magnanimous Chieftain (like a second Moses or Cyrus ) to effect it, and bring it to pass, by rescuing us out of those miserable Calamities and Distra&tions which we so long groaned under, and by restoring us to our ancient Freedom, with all the just Rights and Immunities there


Tell me, O ye Redeemed of the Lord, ye that yet stand amazed at the strangeness of your Deliverance ; Tell me, Men and Brethren, and all that hear me this day, How can we sufficiently æftimate, or worthily prise so rich a Blessing ? What Return shall we inake unto the Lord for This, and all other his Mercies, the Number whereof is numberless, and their Meafure beyond all measure ? Assuredly, render something we must ; for this is the


DAVID's Thankfulness...

Nature and Property of Him, who is Optimus Maximus, our best and greatest Benefactor, who openeth his hand, and filleth every thing living with his Goodness, and giveth us all things richly to enjoy. That 1 Tim.6. as in conferring Benefits he is most libe- 17. ral and free; so is he likewise a most just and severe Exacter of his ordinary Tribute of Thanks : Not because he any ways stands in need of any thing from us ; ( for, if thou be righteous, what givest thou Job 35.1. Him? or what receiveth be at thine hand?) 3. but because it is his most just and lawful Due, he demands it ; requiring the Reciprocation and Return of our Duties for our own Good and Benefit, and not for any Advantage of his.

Then let our Mouth ( as holy David exciteth us ) be filled with thy Praise all the Day long, O Lord. What is that (faith devout St. Austin ) All the Day long; but without intermiffion? In prosperis, quia confolaris ; in adversis, quia corrigis; antequan effemus, quia fecisti ; cùm effemus; quia salutein dedifti, &c. In prosperity,


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