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because thou comfortest us ; in adversity, because thou chastisest us; before we were, because thou created 'It us ; when we were, because thou preserved 'st us; when we had finn'd, because thou forgavest us ; when we turned unto thee,because thou drawed'st us; and if we persevere, because thou wilt crown us.

Thus, even thus, let our Mouth be filled with thy Praise all the Day long, O Lord, and without intermission ; and let us, with our Prophet here, express the manner of our Thanksgiving : Let us take the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name lof the Lord : Let us pay our Vows unto the Lord, now, in the presence of all bis People. And because we can rende: him |Nothing, let us render him a Confession, That we can render him Nothing : For such is the Longanimity and Forbearance of our heavenly Creditor, that if we do but acknowledg our Willingness along with our Inability to repay him, He will accept our Will for the Debt, and our bare Confeffion for a full Discharge.


DAVID's Thankfulness...


Thus then let us do; Let us humble our selvs under his mighty Hand, confess our own Defects and Imperfections, and fol give Him alone all Glory.

Tothe King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only Wise God, be all Honor and Glory, throughout all



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