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Speculum Qratitudinis;

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All His Benefits.

Expressed in a Sermon on the 29th ofMay-)i66at, being Whitsunday, and the Day of the happy Birth and Return of our Gracious KING,

C H A R L S the Second.

By John Kersieel, B. D. and Rector of Goddington
in Oxfordshire.

Psal. icj. I, z.

Praise thou the Lord, O my Soul, and all tixat is within me fra?'fe his holy Nan;e.

Praise thou the Lord, 0 my Soul, and for git net. all his Benefits.

Seek for an apt and convenient time to be at leisure to thy self, and meditare often on God's Benefi-s and Bleifiigs. rlho. ti Kemgis, of the Imitation of Christ, 1. i.e. 20.

London , Printed for the Author, 1 6 6 J.

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Noble and Learned Gentleman


Doctor in Physick, and Principal of

MagdAler.-Hdl in OXO N.


Honoured Sir,

ggfgH* learned Stoics Wifely perpending the right way of receiving (food-turns, With the jufh reddition and return of them in futable gratitude, resembles it to a (fame at Tennys; where •> though it be a considerable part of the 1Jlay to receive the *Ball With agility and skill* nevertheless {faith Seneca) Nondicitur bonus lusor, nisi qui apte 5c expedite pilam remiserit quam exceperat; 3\(one deserves the commendation

A z of

Dt benefic. 1.2.

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