The Scots Magazine, Volumen21

Sands, Brymer, Murray and Cochran, 1759

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Página 79 - Mary the utmost beauty of countenance and elegance of shape of which the human form is capable. Her hair was black, though, according to the fashion of that age, she frequently wore borrowed locks, and of different colours. Her eyes were a dark grey, her complexion was exquisitely fine, and her hands and arms remarkably delicate, both as to shape and colour. Her stature was of a height that rose to the majestic.
Página 79 - ... them, we are apt altogether to forget her frailties, we think of her faults with...
Página 222 - The outlet of the cavern was concealed by a thick wood, and the mouth which opened into the valley was closed with gates of iron forged by the artificers of ancient days, so massy that no man could without the help of engines open or shut them.
Página 81 - He was acquainted too with the learning cultivated among divines in that age ; and excelled in that species of eloquence which is calculated to rouse and to inflame.!! His maxims, however, were often too severe, and the impetuosity of his temper excessive. Rigid and uncomplying himself, he showed no indulgence to the infirmities of others.
Página 469 - Upon which you asked, which Way the Cavalry was to march, and who was to be their Guide. — I undertook to lead them towards the Left round the little Wood on their Left, as they were then drawn up, where they might be little exposed to the Enemy's cannonade.
Página 81 - Rigid and uncomplying himself, he showed no indulgence to the infirmities of others. Regardless of the distinctions of rank and character, he uttered his admonitions with an acrimony and vehemence, more apt to irritate than to reclaim.
Página 86 - He will, by and by, in his own good time, dismiss me from the body. These light afflictions are but for a moment, and then comes an eternal weight of glory. Oh, welcome — welcome death ! Thou mayest well be reckoned among the treasures of the Christian. To live is Christ, but to die is gain.
Página 468 - I was near the village of Halen, I think it is called, I mean that place, which the Saxons burnt. I was there advanced by M. Malhorte's order, and no further, when you came to me.
Página 79 - Bothwell's artful address and important services can justify her attachment to that nobleman. Even the manners of the age, licentious as they were, are no apology for this unhappy passion, nor can they induce us to look on that tragical and infamous scene which followed upon it with less abhorrence.
Página 151 - He in person led on the troops to the attack of the village, from whence he drove the enemy ; but being overpowered by numbers continually pouring down from the hills, he was obliged to retire in his turn. He rallied his...

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