Just Soul Food - Meat / Love, Inner Peace, Purpose, Answered Prayer. It's Just Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread

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So many people really struggle to understand Love as it relates to relationships, themselves and even their concept of God himself. This first book in the Just Soul Food Bible Study Series demonstrates how the concepts, elements and cyclical pattern of love found in secular and biblical text are all based on the same cycle found at the creation of the earth & your birth. And go through a re-creation of both through Christ's love on earth. It's Just a cycle of Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread. It's Just Soul Food. www.justsoulfood.org

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Setting the Table
Serving the Menu Items
The Children Have to Eat First
A Little Television Before We Eat
Saying a Psalm for Grace
Great MealWho Prepared It?
Chew Thoroughly for Proper Digestion
Pass the Salt Please
Have Got to Get That Recipe
Recipe Presentation Future Meals
A Time for Relaxation and Meditation
At Our Next Dinner Together
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