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By the kind permission of Messrs Macmillan & Co.

and W. Aldis Wright, Esq., the text here
used is that of the Cambridge" Edition.

First Edition of this issue of " The Winter's Tale" printed November 1894. Second

Edition, December 1895. Third Edition, June 1897. Fourth Edition, August 1898.

Fifth Edition, February 1900. Sixth Edition, March 1901. Seventh Edition, May 1902. Eighth Edition, June 1903. Ninth Edition, January 1905. Tenth Edition, December 1905. Eleventh Edition, October 1906.

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WEE wondred (Shakespeare) that thou went'st so soone
From the Worlds-stage to the Graves-Tyring-room
Wee thought thee dead, but this thy printed worth,
Tels thy Spectators, that thou went'st but forth
To enter with applause. An Actor's Art
Can dye, and live, to acte a second part.
That's but an Exit of Mortalitie;
This, a Re-entrance to a Plaudite.

I.M. (1623)

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