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126. L. M.

Spihit of mercy, truth, and love,
O shed Thine influence from above;
And still from age to age convey
The wonders of this sacred day.

In every clime, by every tongue,
Be God's surpassing glory sung;
Let all the listening earth be taught
The wonders by our Saviour wrought.

Unfailing Comfort, Heavenly Guide,
Still o'er Thy Holy Church preside;
Still let mankind Thy blessings prove,
Spirit of mercy, truth, and love.

O Holy Father, Holy Son,

And Holy Spirit, Three in One;

Thy grace devoutly we implore,

Thy Name be praised for evermore. Amen.

127. 8-6, 8-4.

Oub blest Redeemer, e'er He breathed

His tender last farewell,
A Guide, a Comforter bequeathed,

With us to dwell.

He came, sweet influence to impart,

A gracious willing guest;
While He can find one humble heart

Wherein to rest.

And His that gentle voice we hear,

Soft as the breath of even, That checks each thought, that calms each fear,

And speaks of heaven.

And every virtue we possess,

And every conquest won, And every thought of holiness,

Are His alone.

Spirit of Purity and Grace,

Our weakness pitying see, O, make our hearts Thy dwelling place,

And worthier Thee.

Praise to the Father, praise the Son,

Blest Spirit, praise to Thee;
All praise to God, the Three in One,

The One in Three. Amen.

128. 7s.

Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come,
And from Thine eternal home

Shed the ray of light divine;
Come, Thou Pather of the poor,
Come, Thou source of all our store,

Come, within our bosoms shine.

Thou of comforters the best,

Thou the soul's most welcome guest,

Sweet refreshment here below! In our labour rest most sweet, Grateful shadow from the heat,

Solace in the midst of woe!

Light most holy, light divine,
Shine within these hearts of Thine,

And our inmost being fill:
If in grief Thou turn away
Nothing pure in man will stay,

All is changed again to ill.

Heal our wounds, our strength renew,
On our dryness pour Thy dew,

Wash the stains of guilt away;
Bend the stubborn heart and will,
Melt the frozen, warm the chill,

Guide the steps that go astray.

On the faithful, who adore
And confess Thee, evermore

In Thy seven-fold gifts descend;
Give them virtue's sure reward,
Give them Thy salvation, Lord,

Give them joys that never end. Amen.

129. D. S. M.

Loed God, the Holy Ghost,
In this accepted hour,
As on the day of Pentecost,
Descend in all Thy power.

We meet with one accord
In our appointed place,
And wait the promise of our Lord,
The Spirit of all grace.

Like mighty rushing wind

Upon the waves beneath,
Move with one impulse every mind,

One soul, one feeling, breathe.

The young, the old, inspire

With wisdom from above, And give us hearts and tongues of fire

To pray and praise and love!

Spirit of Light! explore
And chase our gloom away,

With lustre shining more and more
Unto the perfect day.
Spirit of Truth, be Thou
In life and death our guide!

O Spirit of adoption, now
May we be sanctified. Amen.

130. s. M.

Come, Holy Spirit, come, Let Thy bright beams arise, Dispel the darkness from our minds, And open all our eyes.

Revive our drooping faith,
Our doubts and fears remove,
And kindle in our hearts the flame
Of never-dying love.

Convince us of our sin,
Then lead to Jesus' blood,
And to our wondering view reveal
The secret love of God.

Show us that loving Man
That rules the courts of bliss,
The Lord of Hosts, the Mighty God,
The eternal Prince of Peace.

'Tis Thine to cleanse the heart,
To sanctify the soul,
To pour fresh life in every part,
And new create the whole.

Dwell therefore in our hearts,
Our minds from bondage free,
Then shall we know, and praise, and love,
The Father, Son, and Thee! Amen.

131. L. M.

Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,
My sinful maladies remove;
Be Thou my light, be Thou my guide,
O'er every thought and step preside.

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