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8-7. SAVIOUR, who Thy flock art feeding

With the shepherd's kindest care, All the feeble gently leading,

While the lambs Thy bosom share:

Now these little ones receiving,

Fold them in Thy gracious arm:
There, we know, Thy Word believing,

Only there, secure from harm !

Never, from Thy pasture roving,

Let them be the lion's prey; Let Thy tenderness so loving

Keep them all life's dangerous way:

Then, within Thy fold eternal,

Let them find a resting-place; Feed in pastures ever vernal,

Drink the rivers of Thy grace. Amen.

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LORD, shall Thy children come to Thee?

A boon of love divine we seek

Brought to Thy arms in infancy,

Ere heart could feel or tongue could speak, Thy children pray for grace, that they May come themselves to Thee to-day.

Lord, shall we come ? and come again,

Oft as we see yon table spread, And, tokens of Thy dying pain

The wine poured out, the broken bread ? Bless, bless, O Lord, Thy children's prayer, That they may come and find Thee there.

Lord, shall we come ? not thus alone

At holy time or solemn rite, But every hour, till life be flown,

In weal or woe, in gloom or light! Come to Thy throne of grace, that we In faith, hope, love, confirmed may be.

Lord, shall we come ? Come yet again?

Thy children ask one blessing moreTo come, not now alone, but then

When life and death and time are o'er, Then, then to come, O Lord, and be Confirmed in heaven, confirmed by Thee.


Holy Communion.


L. M. My God, and is Thy table spread,

And doth Thy cup with love o'erflow? Thither be all Thy children led,

And let them all Thy sweetness know.

Hail, sacred Feast, which Jesus makes,

Rich banquet of His Flesh and Blood ! Thrice happy he who here partakes

That sacred stream, that heavenly food.

Why are its dainties all in vain

Before unwilling hearts displayed ? Was not for them the Victim slain ?

Are they forbid the children's bread ?

O let Thy table honoured be,

And furnished well with joyful guests; And may each soul salvation see

That here its sacred pledges tastes.

Revive Thy dying churches, Lord,

And bid our drooping graces live ; And more, that energy afford,

A Saviour's blood alone can give. Amen.


C. M.
O God, unseen yet ever near,

Thy presence may we feel;
And, thus inspired with holy fear,

Before Thy Table kneel.
Here may Thy faithful people know

The blessings of Thy love,
The streams that through the desert flow,

The manna from above.
We come, obedient to Thy word,

To feast on heavenly food;
Our meat, the Body of the Lord,

Our drink, His precious Blood.
Thus would we all Thy words obey,

For we, O God, are Thine ; And go rejoicing on our way,

Renewed with strength divine. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God Whom we adore, Be glory, as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore. Amen.


S. M.
JESUS, we thus obey

Thy last and kindest word,
And in Thine own appointed way

We come to meet Thee, Lord.

Thus we remember Thee,

And take this bread and wine
As Thine own dying legacy,

And our Redemption's sign.
Thy Presence makes the feast;

Now let our spirits feel
The glory not to be exprest,

The joy unspeakable !
With high and heavenly bliss

Thou dost our spirit cheer;
Thy house of banqueting is this,

And Thou hast brought us here.
Now let our souls be fed

With manna from above,
And over us Thy banner spread

Of everlasting love. Amen.

300. L. M. JESU, Thou joy of loving hearts !

Thou Fount of life! Thou Light of men! From the best bliss that earth imparts

We turn unfilled to Thee again.

Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood;

Thou savest those that on Thee call; To them that seek Thee, Thou art good,

To them that find Thee, All in All!

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