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With joy was heard the ancient seer,
While thus the wondrous promise ran,

"A Virgin shall conceive, and bear
A Son, Emmanuel, God with man."

With joy we hear the angel bring
His answering message from the sky,

"Hail, favour'd one, from thee shall spring
A Son, the Son of God Most High."

Blest Lord, who did'st not scorn below
As Son of man with man to dwell;

And us the Father's glory shew,
As Son of God, Emmanuel.

Now for our sake incarnate made,
Thy perfect Godhead here we own;

Or in a lowly form arrayed,
Or partner of the Father's throne.

We lift our hearts, O Lord, to Thee,
And Thine Eternal Name adore;

The Three in One, the One in Three,
From this time forth for evermore. Amen.

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In His temple now behold Him,
See the long-expected Lord;

Ancient prophets had foretold Him,
God has now fulfilled His word.

Now to praise Him His redeemed
Shall break forth with one accord.

In the arms of her who bore Him,
Son of man, behold Him lie;

While His aged saints adore Him,
Ere in perfect faith they die.

Alleluia! alleluia!

'Tis the Incarnate God Most High!

Jesu, by Thy presentation,

Thou who cam'st in lowly mien,

Make us see our great salvation,
Make our hearts all pure within,

And present us in Thy glory
To Thy Father pure and clean.

Prince and Author of salvation,
Be Thy boundless love our theme;

Jesu! praise to Thee be given
By the world Thou didst redeem,

With the Father and the Spirit,
Lord of majesty supreme. Amen.

jffgtitoal* of apostle*, ittartpris, Set. 308. c. M.

The Son of God goes forth to war,

A kingly crown to gain,
His blood-red banner streams afar;

Who follows in His train?

Who best can drink His cup of woe,

Triumphant over pain,
Who patient bears his cross below,
He follows in His train.

The martyr, first, whose eagle eye
Could pierce beyond the grave;

Who saw His Master in the sky,
And called on Him to save.

Like Him, with pardon on his tongue,

In midst of mortal pain,
He prayed for them that did the wrong;

Who follows in his train?

A glorious band, the chosen few

On whom the Spirit came,
Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew,

And mocked the cross and flame.

They met the tyrant's brandished steel,

The lion's gory mane, They bowed their necks, the death to feel;

Who follows in their train?

A noble army, men and boys,

The matron and the maid,
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice,

In robes of light arrayed.

They climbed the steep ascent of heaven
Through peril, toil, and pain;

O God, to us may grace be given
To follow in their train. Amen.

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O Thou who didst with love untold
Thy doubting servant chide,

And bade the eye of sense behold
Thy wounded hands and side,

Grant us, like him, with heartfelt awe,
To own Thee God and Lord,

And from his hour of darkness draw
Faith in th' incarnate Word.

And while that wondrous record now

Of unbelief we hear,
O let us only lowlier bow

In self-distrusting fear.

And grant that we may never dare

Thy loving heart to grieve,
But even now their blessing share

Who see not, yet believe.

Our Lord and God, Eternal Son,

To Thee all glory be;
With Father, Spirit, Three in One,

Through all eternity. Amen.

310. s. M

O What, if we are Christ's,
Is earthly shame or loss?
Bright shall the crown of glory be,
When we have borne the croas.

Keen was the trial once,
Bitter the cup of woe,
When martyred saints, baptized in blood,
Christ's sufferings shared below.

Bright is their glory now,

Boundless their joy above,

Where on the bosom of their Q-od

They rest in perfect love.

Lord, may that grace be ours -.
Like them in faith to bear
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain
May be our portion here.

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