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Bring distant nations near,

To sing Thy glorious praise
Let all the people hear,
And learn Thy holy ways;
Reign mighty God, assert Thy cause,
And govern by Thy righteous laws.

Put forth Thy glorious power
That Gentiles all may see,
And earth present her store
In converts born to Thee;
God, our own God, His Church shall bless,
And fill the earth with righteousness.

To God, the only wise,

The one immortal King,
Let"alleluias rise

From every living thing;
Let all that breathe on every coast
Praise Pather, Son, and Holy Ghost.


43. c. M.

O Thotr, who by a star didst guide

The wise men on their way, Until it came and stood beside

The place where Jesus lay!

Though by a star Thou dost not lead

Thy servants now below,
Yet Thy good Spirit, when they need,

The path of lite will show.

Though now we know Thee but in part,

We still believe Thy word
That "Blessed are the pure in heart,

For they shall see the Lord."

O grant us, then, Thy light and grace

To make us pure in heart,
That we may see Thee face to face

Hereafter as Thou art.

To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
By men on earth all praise be done,

And by the heavenly host. Amen.

44. 7-5.

Lobd of mercy and of might,
Of mankind the life and light,
Maker, Teacher, infinite,

Jesus, hear and save!

Who, when sin's tremendous doom
Gave creation to the tomb,
Didst not scorn the Virgin's womb,
Jesus, hear and save!

Mighty monarch! Saviour mild!
Humbled to a mortal child,
Captive, beaten, bound, reviled
Jesus, hear and save!

Throned above celestial things,
Borne aloft on angels' wings,
Lord of Lords, and King of Kings,
Jesus, hear and save!

Who shall yet return from high,
Eobed in might and majesty;
Hear us! help us when we cry!
Jesus, hear and save!

As our hymns and prayers we raise,
And the glorious Godhead praise,
Three in One through endless days,

Jesus, hear and save! Amen.

45. s. M.

Light of the anxious heart,
Jesu, Thy suppliants cheer;

Bid Thou the gloom of guilt depart,
And shed Thy sweetness here.

Happy the man whose breast

Thou makest Thine abode; Sweet light that with the pure will rest,

For they shall see their God.

Brightness of God above,

Light of the world below,
Within our hearts implant Thy love,

That we that love may know.

To lowly minds revealed,

Our Saviour we adore;
Like tribute to the Father yield,

And Spirit evermore. Amen.

46. L. M.

Jesij! the very thought is sweet!
In that dear name all heart-joys meet;
But, O! than honey sweeter far
The glimpses of His presence are.

No word is sung more sweet than this,
No name is heard more full of bliss,
No thought brings sweeter comfort nigh,
Than Jesus, Son of God, most high.

Jesu! the hope of souls forlorn!
How good to them for sin that mourn!
To them that seek Thee, O how kind!
But what art Thou to them that find?

No tongue of mortal can express,
No pen can write its blessedness:
He only who hath proved it knows
"What bliss from love of Jesus flows.

O Jesu, King of wondrous might!
O Victor, glorious from the fight!
Sweetness that may not be expressed,
And altogether loveliest.

Abide with us, O Lord, to-day,
And fill us with Thy grace, we pray;
And from night's gloom of darkness freed,
Us with Thine own rich sweetness feed.


S-fptuagrsHtna, &r.

47. L. M.

O Lohd, in perfect bliss above,
Thou couldst not need created love,
And yet Thou didst Thy power display,
And earth's foundations firmly lay.

Things that were not at Thy command
In perfect form before Thee stand,
And all to their Creator raise
A wondrous harmony of praise.

But even while the world came forth
In all the beauty of its birth,
In Thy deep thought Thou didst behold
Another world of nobler mould.

For Thou didst will that Christ should frame
A new creation by His name;
Its seed, the living word of grace,
He scatters wide in every place.

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