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Our next of kin, our Brother now
Is He to whom the angels bow;
They join with us to praise His name,
But we the nearest interest claim.

But, ah! how faint our praises rise !
Sure, 'tis the wonder of the skies
That we, who share His richest love,
So cold and unconcern’d should prove.

O glorious hour! it comes with speed, When we, from sin and darkness freed, Shall see the God who died for man, And praise Him more than angels can.



D. S. M.
JESUS, our strength and hope !

On Thee we cast our care;
With humble confidence look up,

And know Thou hear'st our prayer. Give us on Thee to wait,

That we Thy will may do;
On Thee, Almighty to create,

Almighty to renew.

Give us a godly fear,

A quick discerning eye,
That looks to Thee when sin is near,

And sees the tempter fly.

A spirit still prepared,

And armed with jealous care, For ever standing on its guard,

And watching unto prayer.

We rest upon Thy word;

Thy promises endure;
Our succour and salvation, Lord,

From Thee are ever sure:
But let us still abide,

Nor from our hope remove,
Till Thou our patient spirits guide

Into Thy perfect love. Amen.


L. M.
As through this wilderness we stray
Be Thou our light, be Thou our way;
No foes, no evil, need we fear,
If Thou, the Lord our God, art near.

When rising floods the soul o'erflow,
When sinks the strength in waves of woe,
Saviour, Thy timely aid impart
To raise the head and cheer the heart.

Teach us, where'er Thy steps we see,
Dauntless, untired, to follow Thee;
O let Thy hand support us still,
And lead us to Thy holy hill.

If rough and thorny be the way,
Our strength proportion to our day;
Till toil and grief and pain shall cease,
Where all is calm and joy and peace.

Amen. 60.

S. M.
Have mercy, Lord, on me,

As Thou wert ever kind;
O let me, though opprest with guilt,

Thy wonted mercy find.

Wash off my foul offence,

And cleanse me from my sin ;
For I confess my crime, and see

How great my guilt has been.

Withdraw not Thou Thy help,

Nor cast me from Thy sight,
Nor let Thy Holy Spirit take

Its everlasting flight.

A wounded spirit is

By Thee most highly priz'd:
By Thee a broken contrite heart

Shall never be despis’d.

The joy Thy favour gives

Let me again obtain,
And Thy free Spirit's firm support

My fainting soul sustain. Amen.

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8-7, 8-7, 8-8-7. The Lord of Might from Sinai's brow

Gave forth His voice of thunder; And Israel lay on earth below,

Outstretch'd in fear and wonder; Beneath His feet was pitchy night, And at His left hand and His right

The rocks were rent asunder. The Lord of Love on Calvary,

A meek and suffering stranger,
Upraised to heaven His languid eye

In nature's hour of danger;
For us He bore the weight of woe,
For us He gave His blood to flow,

And met His Father's anger.
The Lord of Love, the Lord of Might,

The King of all created,
Shall back return to claim His right

On clouds of glory seated;
With trumpet sound, and angel song,
And hallelujahs loud and long,

O’er death and hell defeated. Amen.


L. M. FROM depths of grief, O God most high, To Thee we raise our trembling eye; Oppress'd with doubt on life's rough sea Our souls for refuge fly to Thee.

If Thou iniquity should'st mark
We sink without a sheltering ark,
O send Thine olivebranch of peace
And bid our dark forebodings cease.

The blood on ancient altars spilt
Some hope revealed to conscious guilt,
But Jesus dying on the tree
Speaks boundless mercy, Lord, from Thee.

That mercy once so dearly bought, Mercy beyond an angel's thought, Mercy to cancel sin's vast sum, Lord for that mercy now we come. Amen.


L. M. THOUGH we have grieved Thy Spirit, Lord, His help and comfort still afford; And let us venture near Thy throne, To plead the merits of Thy Son. A broken heart, O God, our King, Is all the sacrifice we bring; Thou, gracious God, wilt ne'er despise A broken heart for sacrifice.

Our souls lie humbled in the dust,
And own Thy dreadful sentence just;
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And saye the soul condemned to die !

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