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So shall Thy love inspire our tongue,
Salvation shall be all our song;
And all our powers shall join to bless
The Lord, our strength and righteousness.


64. 7s.

Holt Jesu! Saviour blest,
"While with wayward hearts possessed,
Through this world of sin we stray,
Thou to guide us art the way.

Holy Jesu! when like night
Error dims our clouded sight,
Through the mist of sin to shine
Thou dost rise, the Truth divine.

Holy Jesu! when our power
Fails us, in temptation's hour,
All unequal to the strife,
Thou to aid us art the Life.

Who would reach his heavenly home,
Who would to the Father come,
And His glorious presence see,
Jesu! he must come by Thee.

Image of the Father's face,
Giver of the Spirit's grace,
Thee we praise, Incarnate Son!
Glory to the Three in One! Amen.

65. 6-5.

In the hour of trial,

Jesu, pray for me, Lest by base denial

I depart from Thee; When Thou seest me waver

"With a look recall, Nor, for fear or favour,

Suffer me to fall.

With its witching pleasures

Would this vain world charm, Or its tempting treasures

Spread to work me harm;
Bring to my remembrance

Sad Gethsemane,
Or, in darker semblance,

Cross-crowned Calvary.

Should Thy mercy send me

Sorrow, toil, and woe, Or should pain attend me

On my path below, Grant that I may never

Fail Thy hand to see, Grant that I may ever

Cast my care on Thee.

When my last hour cometh,
Fraught with strife and pain,

S When my dust returneth

To the dust again,
On Thy truth relying

Through that mortal strife,
Jesu, take me dying,

To eternal life. Amen.

66. c. M.

O Thou, whose tender mercy hears

Contrition's humble sigh,
Whose hand indulgent wipes the tears

From sorrow's weeping eye.

See low before Thy throne of grace

A wretched wanderer mourn:
Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face?

Hast Thou not said, Return?

And shall my guilty fears prevail

To drive me from Thy feet?
O let not this dear refuge fail—

This only safe retreat!

Absent from Thee, my guide, my light,

Without one cheering ray, Through dangers, fears, and gloomy night,

How desolate my way!

O shine on this benighted heart,—

With beams of mercy shine; And let Thy healing voice impart

A taste of joys divine!

Thy presence only can bestow

Delights which never cloy, Be this my solace here below

And my eternal joy. Amen.

67. c. M.

O Help Us, Lord, each hour of need

Thy heavenly succour give; Help us in thought, and word and deed,

Each hour on earth we live.

O help us when our spirits bleed
With contrite anguish sore;

And when our hearts are cold and dead,
O help us, Lord, the more.

O help us through the prayer of faith

More firmly to believe;
For still the more the servant hath,

The more shall he receive.

O help us, Jesus, from on high,
We know no help but Thee;

O help us so to live and die,
As Thine in heaven to be.

All glory to Thy holy name,

One God in Trinity;
To-day, and yesterday, the same,

And everlastingly. Amen.

68. c. M.

O Thou, from whom all goodness flows,

I lift my heart to Thee;
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

Good Lord, remember me.

When on my aching burdened heart

My sins press heavily,
Thy pardon speak, Thy peace impart,

In love remember me.

If strong temptations crowd my way,

And ills I cannot flee,
O give me strength, Lord, as my day,

For good remember me.

If torn with pain, disease, or grief,

I pray for help to Thee,
Give patience, rest, and kind relief;

Hear, and remember me.

If on my face for Thy loved name

Shame and reproaches be,
I'll hail reproach, and welcome shame,

If Thou remember me.

When in the solemn hour of death

I wait Thy just decree, Then, Jesus, hush my trembling breath,

And still remember me. Amen.

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