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of God is absolute and perfect, before which our sins are as a cloud before the cast wind and the rising sun. Hence he is said to do this work with his whole heart and his whole soul-- xapiscoba, freely, bountifully, largely, to indulge and forgive unto us our sins, and to cast them into the bottom of the sea, (Mic. vii. 19,) into the bottomless ocean, an emblem of infinite mercy. Remember this, poor souls, when you are to deal with God in this matter. *

4. The forgiveness of sins is final. In the justification of a sinner, God, the gracious one, pardons once for all-pardons forever! Pardon would be of no use to us, were it not irreversible: it would no sooner be gained, than lost. The Lord doth not so deal with his pardoned ones; give them just to taste the sweetness of his mercy, that their own sinfulness may the next moment fill their mouths with the bitterness, and their hearts with the horrors of the curse. His bounty is of another order altogether. His gists and his calling are without repentance, i. e. unchangeable. H love is everlasting, and so is the life which he bestows upon them. They are united with his dear Son; their lives entwine with his life. Whatever reaches them to destroy them, must first kill their Redeemer. Because I live, is his gracious promise, ye shall live also. They are kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation; therefore they shall never perish. There is, there can be, no condemnation for them—they shall have everlasting life.

* Owen's 130 Psalm, p. 240, oct. Glasgow.



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