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Address, Substance of an, to the Teachers and Parents of the Church and the World, the, No. IX.-Self-denial (by the

Children connected with the Worcester Church of England Author of “Tales of the Martyrs"), cccxxx. 122.
Sunday-school Union, July 6, 1841 (rev. J. Davies, A.M.),

Do. No. X.-Truth and Falsehood, cccxlii. 810.
cccxxix. 115.

Do. No. XI.--Zeal, cccxlv. 849.

Apostolical Succession, cccxlvii. 361.

Church Architecture (J. Medley, M.A.), cccxxvii. 76.

Australia, cccxxii. 18.

Do. (rev. J. L. Petit), cccxliii. 316.

Church Extension (rev. W. Palmer, M.A., Oxford), cccxxiv. 45.
Bible Principles (rev. J. Davies, B.D.), cccxxxiv. 182.

Church of England, Antiquity of (rev. Robt. Eden, M.A.),


cccxxv. 62.

Rev. J. Kettlewell, M.A., No. I., cccxxiv. 35.

Church Music (E. Hodges), No. I., cccxxxiv. 178.


No. II., cccxxvii. 85.


No. II., cccxxxviii. 244.

Felicia Dorothea Hemans, cccxxx. 132.

Church the Harbinger of Light, cccxxxix. 250.

W. Hales, D.D., rector of Killesandra, No. I., cccxxxii. 147.

Do. No. II., cccxxxiii. 164.

Darkness, the, at the Crucifixion supernatural (rev. W. Hall,

Bishopric of the united Church of England and Ireland at Je-

M.A.), cccxxxiv. 189.

rusalem, cccxxix. 107.

Disquisitions, Scriptural (rev. W. Blackley, B.A.), No. IV.,

British Church, remarkable Ecclesiastics of the earlier and

cccxxvii. 77.
middle Ages of the, No. IV.-Anselm, during the Reign of Do. No. V., cccxli. 285.
William Rufus, cccxxii. 5.

Doctrine and Practice of the Church of Rome, in the Dispen-
Do. No. V.-Anselm, Reign of Henry I., cccxxv. 51. tion of Indulgences, cccxxxix. 253.

Do. No. VI.-Adrian IV., cccxxix. 111.
CABINET, THE:-Select Theological Extracts from the follow. ESSAYS on the following subjects :-

ch, Translation of (rev. J. Bull, M.A.), ccxlii. 300.
ing Authors:

Mortality, by the rev. John Chandler, A.M., cccxxii. 1.
Archd. of Armagh's charge, 1841 (Reconciliation with rome),

On the visible and invisible Spectators of human Conduct,
cccxlviii. 891. Becon (the Use of the Law), cccxxxix. 263.

by the rev. H. Woodward, A.M., cccxxiii. 17.
Benson, rev. C. (Prayers for the Dead), cccxxx. 135. Be-

On the Holiness of the Christian Vocation, by the rev. C.
veridge, bp. (Freeness of Salvation), cccxli, 303. Bram-

Wildbore, No. I., cccxxiv. 33.

hall, abp. (Excuses for our Sins), cccxl. 270.



No. II., cccxxv. 49.

Dealtry, archd. (the Name of God), cccxxviii. 103. Drum-

On a proper Judgment respecting the holy Eucharist, No.

mond, rev. J. (God's Dealings), cccxxvii. 87.

by the rev. J. T. Bell, B.A., cccxxix. 105.

Hacket, bp. (Patience), cccxxx. 135. Hales, of Eton (Coun-



No. II., cccxxx. 121.

cils), cccxxvii. 87. Hawkes, Mrs., Memoirs (True Rest),

The Danger and Duty of private Judgment, No. I., by the

cecxxxv. 206. Horne, bp. (Delusion of the World), cccxxx.

rev. T.C. Hankinson, M.A., cccxxxii. 145.



do. No. II., cccxxxiii. 161.

Latimer, bp. (the Born again), cccxl. 279; do. (Spiritual Re-

The Duty of those who have been “bought with a Price," by

generation), cccxliv. 335. Leighton, abp. (Hypocrisy),

the rev. C. Rawlings, A.B., cccxxxiv. 177.

cecxlix. 407; do. (the Lustre of the Church), cccxxxviii.

The Safety of Absalom, cccxxxv. 193.

247; do. (Universality of Faith), cccxl. 278; do. (Trust in

The Parochial System, by the rev. C. Colley, M.A., CCCxxxyli.
God), cccxli. 288; do. (Hatred of Sin), cccxliv. 485; do.


(Persecution of the Church), cccxlvii. 391.

The late Baptism at Windsor, cccxxxviii. 233.

Monk's, bp., Charge, 1841 (the Atonement), cccxxxi. 143.

Self-examination, cccxxxix. 249.

Natt, rev. J., B.D. (Conviction of Sinfulness), cccxxxiv. 191.

Christian Stedfastness, by the rev. J. Ayre, M.A., cccxl. 265.

Newton, rev. J. (Griel), cccxxvii. 87.

The Mysteriousness of some of the divine Dispensations, by

Philpot, archd., Martyr (Authority of primitive Church),

the rev. T. Bissland, M.A., ccclxii. 289.

cccxlii. 303.

The Church, No. II.---The distinct Classes of Churchmen, by

Sapcroft, archd., 1678 (Trust in God), cccxxxix. 263; do.

the rev. R. Morehead, D.D., cccxliii. 305.

(The Fleets of England), cccxl. 278. Secker, abp. (Neces- The Doctrine of the Trinity, by the rev. B. Wills, B.A.,

sity of our Saviour's Passion), cecxxxii. 159. Sketches of

cccxliv. $21.

Country (the Peasantry), cccxxvi. 71.

The great Salvation, by the rev. C. Rawlings, A.B., cccxlvii.

Usher, abp. (Unity of Faith), cecxlix. 407.


Veon, rev. H. (Sufferings of Jesus), cccxxxiii. 175.

The sharpeniag Influence of religious Intercourse, by the rev,

White, rev. H. (Death of Friends), cccxxxv. 206. Wood-

J. H. C. Walsh, M.A., cccxlviii. 377.

ward, rev. H. (Independence), cccxxxv. 206.

The lively Influence of the Gospel apparent in the elevation


of the Thoughts, by the rey. J. E. Johnson, B.C.L., No. I.,

Cathedral of Christ Church, Oxford, cccxxvi. 65.

cccxlix. 393.

Exeter Cathedral, cccxxxi. 187.


do. No. II., cccl., 409.

Carlisle Cathedral, cccxxxvi. 209.

Glasgow Cathedral, cccxlv. 335.

Faith, the, once dellvered to the Saints, cccxxxviii. 239.

Chester Cathedral, cccxlvi. 363.

Festival of Juggernaut in 1841, cccxxiv. 30.

Rochester Cathedral, cccli. 485.

From the Journal of an Irish Curate, cccxlvfii. 381.

Christian Charity, No. I. (rev. J. Grant, B.A.), cccxliv. 323. Gentiles, the, Debtors to the Jews (from a serinon, by the rev. B.

Do. No. II., cccxlv. 241.

Wilson, B.A.), cccxxii. 7.

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Mockery, the, at the Cross of Jesus, cccxxxiv. 188.

Nabulus, or Shechem (from Robinson's Biblical Researches),

cccxxv. 61.

Newfoundland, cccxxii. 14.

New Zealand, cccxxxix. 261.

Notice of attempts made to convert the Popish Natives of Ire-

land to the Established Church, cccxlvii. 873.

Lectures on the Seven Churches of Asia; rev. R. BURGESS, B.D.

No. I. The age of St. John-his banishment-his revelation

-his epistle to the church of Ephesus, cccxxxvii. 297.

Do., No. II Sinyrna, cocxlix. 395.

Lord's Supper, the, ccxlii 205.

M-dilation for St. John the Evangelist's Day (rev. R. Skipsey,

M A.), CC xxv. 53.

Memory of the Past. No. I. The Coal Blast, cccxxxii. 150.

Microscope, the, cccxl. 270.
A Cup of Cold Water (bp. Jebb's Sacred Literature), cccxxxix,

264; American Episcopacy (Colton), cccxlvii. 876; Ap-
prach to Sinai (Robinson's Biblical Researches), cccxxvi.
74, Arden. Spirits (London Medical and Surgical Journal),
cccxlvii. 378 ; Australian Superstition (Australian Magazine),

cccxlvii. 392.
Beer-heba (Robinson's Biblical Researches), cccxxv. 64 ;
Blind Clergyman (Biography of the Blind, by a Blind Man),

cccxxvii. 88; Blindness (R. H. Blunt), cccxxiii. 32; Books
(Pearls of Great Price), cccxxiv. 48; Can there he peace
with Roine (Townsend)? cccxlvii. 576; Cathedral of Reck-
invik (Dillon's Winier in Iceland and Lapland), cccxxvi.
72; Chancel Building (American Episcopal Recorder),
cccxxxvii. 232; Christian's Joy, the, (bp. Jewell), cccxxix.
120; Christianity, Positive B essings of lord Lindsay),
cccxxxv. 208; Convert, Account of Mr. Robinson's first, by
his Widow, cecxlv. 352; Copyright of Sermons (Law Maga

zine), cccii. 430.
Dead Sea, the, ccxlvi. 360; Domestic Life in India, cccxl.

Eugland's Blessings (rev. P. Wilson), cccxlii. 304; Evil influ-

ence of fashion (Mrs. Gore), cccxxii. 16.

Pantee (Beecham's Ashantee and Gold Coast), cccxxxiv. 192;

Petische (Beecham's Ashantee and Gold Coast), cccxxxiii.

170; Free and Easies (Journal of Civilization), cccxxiv. 48.

Garden of Eden (Rae Wilson's Eastern Researches), cccxxxi.

144; Gusevus Exhalations from Dead Bodies (Mr. Walker

on Grave-yards), cccxlix. 408; Goshen (from “ Biblical

Researches in Palestine," by E. Robinson and E. Smith),


Icelanders (Dillon's Iceland), cccxxxvii, 232; Indian Hospi-

tality (Oriental Memoirs), cccxxii. 16; Indians, Peculiar

Sect of, cccxxviii, 104; Insecurity of Leaden Coffus, and

dangers resulting from interment in vaulis, cccxliv. 336.

Jebb, Bishop (from Foster's Life of Bishop Jebb), cccxxx.

136; Jews, the (Pruser's Magazine), cccxlix. 408; Jezebel

(Letter from India), cccxli. 288.

Lamas of Siberia, the (Professor Ermun's Travels), cccxxxviii.

Luz (from Summer and Winter in the Pyrenees, by

Mrs. Ellis), cccxxxv. 208.

Missionary efforts (Beecham), cccxxxiv. 192; Music, cccxli.

288; Mysteries (rev. T. Dale), cccxxiii. 32.

Old Age (Rae Wilson's Route in France and Italy) cccxxxvi.

216. Old Age, extreme, ccxlvi. 360.

Peasants of the Pyrenees (Mrs. Ellis's Summer and Winter

in the Pyrenees), cccxl. 280. Petrarch's House and Grave

(from Spalding's Italy), cccxxiii. 32. Pilgrims at Rome in

the Holy Week (C. Taylor), cccxxii. 16. Popery (rev. R. W.

Sibthorpe, 1828), cccxxx. 136. Popish Superstition (Archill

Herald), cccxlil. 304. Prisons of Venice (Miss Cath. Taylor),

cccxxviii. 104. Popish Superstition (archdeacon Welkins),

cccl. 424.

Reformers, the English (Blunt's History of the Reformation),

cccxxxiii. 170. Rogers, Juhn (Blunt's History of the

Reformation), cccxxxii. 101. Royal Marriage (Rae Wilson

on Norway), cccxxvil. 88.

St. Petersburgh, Perilous Position of (Foreign Quarterly Re-

view), cccxliii. 320. Sinai (Robinson's Biblical Researches),

cccxxviil. 104. Spain, Religious Ceremony at Sunset (Rae


*A Friend buried at Sea (Mrs. Woolley), cccxxxxviii, 247.

*Charity, 1 Cor. xiii. (rev. W. Hutton), cccxxxiv. 192.

Easter (from Recollections of the Lakes), cccxxxv. 207.

Heaven in Prospect (Henry Vaughan), cccxxix. 119.

*Hymn for the commencement of the Year (H. Downton, B.A.),

No. I., cccxxii. 15.


ditto, No. II., cccxxiii. 31.

• Ditto,

ditto, No. III., cccxxv. 63.

*Hymn for the New Year, No. II., cccxxiv. 47.

*Hymn on Death (Mrs. Abdy), cccxlv. 35..

Improvement of Imprisonment (G. Wither), ccclv. 207.

*Intercessory Prayer (Mr. W. Duman), cccxxxv. 207.

•I say unto all —“ Watch" (E. Scaife), cccxxv. 63.

*" It is good to be here" (W. Sparks, Esq.), cccxlvii. 375.

Jesus of Nazareth passeth by, cccxxxv. 207.

•Lays of Palestine, No. XIV., by the rev. T. G. Nicholas

cccxlix. 407.

*Midnight, Dec. 31, 1841 (C. Woolley), cccxl. 279.

Nature's Teachings, No. 1. (from the Christian Churchman)

cccxliv, 835.

*On the distant Prospect of Canterbury Cathedral (W. P

Sparks, esg.), cccxlix. 408.

* Pilgrim and Sojourner (A. M. Hoblyn), cccxxxi, 143.

Prayer (translated from Poetical Review) cccxxx. 135.

Psalm XXIII. (rev. J. Eden, B.D.) cccxxix. 119.

Similitudes (Montgomery), cccxl. 279.

•Sonnels (W. P. Sparks, esq.), cccxlv. 851.
*Stanzas (rev. T. Daris), cccxxiv. 48.

*Do. I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right,

cccxxx. 135.

*Sunday, ccclxviii. 391.

*The Ascension (rev. J. Broad, A.M.), cccxlii. 303.

The Course of Life (from a Spanish Poem), cecili. 288.

The Death Knell (Thomas Powell), cccli. 430.

The Earth shall pass away, cccxxxii. 159.

*The Fashion of this World passeth away (A. Elliot), cccxxvI.


•The Hour of Death (Dr. Huie), cccl. 423.

The Mariner's Hymn (Mrs. Southey), cccxxxviii. 247.

*The Martyrs (Mrs. Abdy), cccxxviii, 103.

The Rainbow (res. T. Holland), ccclxiii. 319.

* There is Sorrow on the Sea, cccxxxix. 203.

*The Traveller, the old Man, and the Lily (H. Clarko),

cccxxxiii. 175.
To a Child ou his asking the question, “Why does the Sun

go down" (T. Ragg)? cccxxii. 15.

• The pieces marked are original.

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