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3 Why do we then indulge our fears,

Suspicion and complaints ?
Is he a God, and shall his grace

Grow weary of his saints ?
4 Can a kind woman e'er forget

The infant of her womb,
And 'mongst a thousand tender thoughts,

Her suckling have no room?
5 Yet, saith the Lord, should nature change,

And mothers monsters prove, Zion still dwells upon the heart

Of everlasting love.
6 Deep on the palms of both my hands

I have engrav'd her name ;
My hands shall raise her ruin'd walls,
And build her broken frame.


HYMN 284. L. M.

BSURD and vain attempt to bind


To force conviction, and reclaim

The wand'ring, by destructive flame!
2 Bold arrogance, to snatch from heaven

Dominion not to mortals given!
O'er conscience to usurp the throne,

Accountable to God alone!
3 Mad zeal! that fills the world with wo!

That hurls down kingdoms at a blow !
That wakens vengeance to devour

The foes of antichristian power! 4 Jesus, thy gentle law of love

Does no such cruelties approve;
Mild as thyself, thy doctrine wields

No arms, but what persuasion yields. 5 By proofs divine and reason strong,

It draws the willing soul along;

And conquests to thy church acquires,

By eloquence, which Heaven inspires. 6 O happy, who are thus compelld

To the rich feast, by Jesus held !
May we this blessing know, and prize
The light which liberty supplies.

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HYMN 285. L. M.

Holy Resolution.
H, wretched souls, whó strive in vain!

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A nobler toil may I sustain,

A nobler satisfaction win.
2 I would resolve with all my heart,

With all my pow'rs to serve the Lord;
Nor from his precepts e'er depart,

Whose service is a rich reward. 3 O be his service all my joy!

Around let my example shine;
Till others love the blest employ.

And join in labours so divine.
4 Be this the purpose of my soul,

My solemn, my determin'd choice,
To yield to his supreme control,

And in his kind commands rejoice. 5 O may I never faint nor tire,

Nor wander from thy sacred ways !
Great God, accept my soul's desire,
And give me strength to live thy praise.

HYMN 286. S. M.
Christ the Branch of David, and the morning Star.
LL hail, mysterious King !

Hail, David's ancient root!
Thou righteous Branch, which thence did spring,

To give the nations fruit.


2 Our weary souls shall rest

Beneath thy grateful shade;
Our thirsting lips the sweets shall taste,

By thy blest fruits convey'd. 3 Fair morning Star, arise!

With living glories bright;
And pour on these awak’ning eyes

A food of sacred light.
4 The horrid gloom is fled,

Pierc'd by thy heavenly ray;
Shine, and our wand'ring footsteps lead

To everlasting day. DODDRIDGE altered.

HYMN 287. C. M.

A Pillar of the Heavenly Temple. ALL bail

, victorious Saviour, hail ! And own that David's royal key

Well fits thy sov'reign hand. 2 Open the treasures of thy love,

And shed thy gifts abroad; Unveil to my rejoicing eyes

The temple of my God.
3 There as a pillar let me stand,

On an eternal base ;
Uprear'd by thy almighty hand,

And polish'd by thy grace.
4 There, deep engraven let me bear

The title of
And mark the New Jerusalem,

As my secure abode.
5 In lasting characters inscribe

Thy own beloved name; That endless ages, there may read The great Immanuel's claim. DODDRIDGE.



HYMN 288. L. M.

Uncharitable Judgment.

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The springs whence wrong opinions flow : To judge from principles within,

When frailty errs, and when we sin. 2 Who, among men, high Lord of all,

Thy servants to his bar may call ?
Decide of heresy, and shake

A brother o'er the flaming lake?
3 Who, with another's eye, can read?

Or worship by another's creed ?
Revering thy command alone,

We humbly seek and use our own. 4 If wrong, forgive; accept, if right,

Whilst faithful we obey our light;
And censuring none, are zealous still

To follow, as to learn, thy will. 5 When shall our happy eyes

behold Thy people, fashion'd in thy mould ? And charity our lineage prove, Deriv'd from thee, O God of love? Scott.

HYMN 289. L. M.

Christ our Example.

A ?

Such let our conversation be;
The serpent blended with the dove,

Wisdom and meek simplicity.
2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
To Jesus let us lift our eyes,

Bright Pattern of the Christian life. 3 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild, how ready to forgive!
Be this the temper of our mind,
And these the rules by which we live.

4 To do his heavenly Father's will

Was his employment and delight;
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright 5 Dispensing good where'er he came,

The labours of his life were love;
Then, if we bear the Saviour's name,

By his example let us move.
6 But ah, how blind, how weak we are !

How frail, how apt to turn aside!
Lord, we depend upon thy care,

We ask thy spirit for our guide. 7 Thy fair example may. we trace,

To teach us what we ought to be;
Make us, by thy transforming grace,
O Saviour, daily more like thee.

HYMN 290. C.M.

The New Creation.

ATTEND, whilst God's exalted Son

his “Behold I sit upon my throne,

Creating all things new!
2 Old things are wholly pass'd away,

And the first Adam dies;
My hands a new foundation lay;

See the new world arise !
3 I'll be a Sun of righteousness

To the new heavens I make ;
None but the new-born heirs of grace

My glories shall partake.”
4 Mighty Redeemer, set me free

From my old state of sin; O make my soul alive to thee,

Create new powers within ! 5 Renew my eyes, and form my ears,

And mould my heart afresh ;

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