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3 My God, I long to know thee still,
To love and fear and trust thee more;
To live submissive to thy will,
And, whilst I feel thy grace, adore.

4 My faith and love, obedient be,
O Saviour, to thy just commands!
My ardent soul still follows thee,
And trusts her int’rest in thy hands.

5 Let love and mercy all divine,
Justice descending from the skies,
Kindness and truth my heart incline
Still to forgive my enemies.

6 Thus may I act the christian part,
The social, humane, and divine;
Whilst a wise zeal inspires my heart,
Then shall I know that heaven is mine. SMART.

HYMN 306. L. M.
The Excellency of the Gospel.

OD, in the gospel of his Son,
Makes his eternal counsels known ;
And sinners of a humble frame
May taste his grace, and learn his name.

2 Wisdom its dictates here imparts,
To form our minds, to cheer our hearts;
Its influence makes the sinner live,
It bids the drooping saint revive.

3 Our raging passions it controls,
And comfort yields to contrite souls;
It guides us all our journey through,
And brings a better world to view.

4 May this blest volume ever lie
Close to my heart and near my eye:
To life's last hour, my soul employ,
And fit me for the heavenly joy. BEDDome.
HYMN 307. C. M.
Divine Providence and the Folly of Self-Dependence.
G9. reigns; events in order flow,
Man's industry to guide:
But in a diff'rent channel go,
To humble human pride.

2 The swift, not always, in the race,
Shall win the crowning prize;
Not always wealth and honour grace
The labours of the wise.

3 Fond mortals do themselves beguile,
When on themselves they rest; -
Blind is their wisdom, vain their toil,
By thee, O Lord, unblest.
4 "Tis ours, the furrows to prepare,
And sow the precious grain;
'Tis thine to give the sun and air,
And to command the rain.

5 Evil and good before thee stand,
Their mission to perform;
The sun shines bright at thy command;
Thy hand directs the storm.
6 In all thy ways, we humbly own
Thy providential power;
Entrusted to thy care alone,
The lot of ev'ry hour. Scott.

HYMN 308. Hallelujah Metre.
The House of Prayer.
REAT Father of mankind,
We bless that wond’rous grace,
Which could for Gentiles find,
Within thy courts, a place.
‘How kind the care
Our God displays, for us to raise
A house of prayer
2 Once we were strangers here,
But now approach the throne;

For Jesus brings us near,
And makes our cause his own.
Strangers no more,
To thee we come, and find our home,
And rest secure.

3 To thee our souls we join,
And love thy sacred name;
No more our own, but thine,
We triumph in thy claim.
Our Father, King,
Thy cov'nant grace, our souls embrace,
Thy glories sing.
4 Here in thy house we feast
On dainties all divine;
And whilst such food we taste,
With joy our faces shine.
Incense shall rise -
From flames of love, and God approve
The sacrifice.
5 May all the nations throng,
To worship in thy house;
Wilt thou attend the song,
And hear their ardent vows
Indulgent still,
Till earth conspire to join the choir,

On Zion's hill. - DoDDRIDGE.

HYMN 309. L. M.
All things work together for good to the Righteous.
OT from relentless fate's dark womb,
Nor from the dust, our troubles come;
No fickle chance presides o'er grief,
To cause the pain, or send relief.

2 Look up, and see, ye sorrowing saints!
The cause and cure of your complaints;
Know, 'tis your heavenly Father's will;
Bid every murmur then be still.

3 He sees we need the painful yoke;
Yet love directs his heaviest stroke:

He takes no pleasure in our smart,
But wounds to heal and cheer the heart.

4 Blest trials those that cleanse from sin,
And make the soul all pure within,
Wean the fond mind from earthly toys,
To seek and taste celestial joys. Bristol Coll.
HYMN 310. C. M.
God our constant Benefactor.
REAT God! to thee my grateful tongue
My fervent thanks shall raise:
Inspire my heart to raise the song
Which celebrates thy praise.
2 From thy almighty forming hand
I drew my vital powers;
My time revolves at thy command
In all its circling hours.
3 Thy power, my ever-present guard,
From ev’ry ill defends; -
While num'rous dangers hover round,
My help from thee descends.
4 Beneath the shadow of thy wings,
How sweet is my repose !
Thy morning light renews the springs
From whence my comfort flows.
5 In celebration of thy praise,
I will employ my breath ;
And, walking steadfast in thy ways,
Will triumph over death. FLExMAN.
HYMN 311. L. M.
God, Preserver, Benefactor, and Saviour.
OW well our great Preserver knows
To weigh, and to relieve our woes
Behold his wrath's avenging blast,
How slow to rise, how soon o’erpast!

2 How prompt his favour to dispense
Its life-imparting influence:
How speedy his paternal love
Our deep afflictions to remove

3 Grief for a night, obtrusive guest,
Beneath our roof perhaps may rest; *
But joy, with the returning day,
Shall wipe each transient tear away.
4 Since thou wilt hearken to my prayer,
Again the face of joy I wear:
Thy strength my fainting spirit cheers, |
And checks my griefs, and calms my fears.
5 With what delight, great God, I trace
The acts of thy stupendous gracel
To count them, were to count the sand
That lies upon the sea-beat strand. MERRICK.
HYMN 312. C. M. -
Gratitude to God.
O HOW shall words with equal warmth,
The gratitude declare,
That glows in my enraptur'd heart!
But thou canst read it there.
2 Thy bounteous hand with worldly bliss
Hath made my cup run o'er;
And, in a kind and faithful friend,
Hath doubled all my store.
3 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart
Which tastes those gifts with joy.
4. When worn by sickness, oft hast thou
With health renew'd my face;
And, when in sins and sorrow sunk,
Reviv'd my soul with grace.
5 Through ev'ry period of my life
Thy goodness I'll pursue;
And after death, in unknown worlds,
The glorious theme renew.
6 Through all eternity to thee
A joyful song I’ll raise—
But oh! eternity's too short
To utter all thy praise. ADDIson.

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