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HYMN 379. C. M.
The Christian's Resolution founded on Jacob's Vow. Gen. 28.

O THOU, by whose all-bounteous hand
Who through life's weary pilgrimage

Hast all our fathers led ;
2 To thee our humble vow we raise,

To thee address our prayer;
And in thy kind and faithful hand

Deposit all our care.
3 If thou, through each perplexing path,

Wilt be our constant guide ;
If thou wilt daily food supply,

And raiment wilt prövide ;
4 If thou wilt spread thy shield around,

Till all our wand'rings cease,
And at our Father's safe abode

Our souls arrive in peace;
5 To thee, as to our cov'nant God,

Ourselves we will resign;
And count that all on earth we have,

And e'en our life is thine. DODDRIDGE

HYMN 380. L. M. Importunate Prayer. “Ask, and ye shall receive.” Matt. vii. 7.

UR Father, thron'd above the sky,

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Thy children at thy footstool lie,

And ask thy blessings on their head. 2 Let mercy all our sins dispel,

As clouds before the solar beam;
Our souls from bondage and from hell

To liberty and lise redeem.
3 With cheerful hope and filial fear,

In that august and precious name,
By thee ordain'd, we now draw near,
And would the promis'd blessing claim.

4 Does not an earthly parent hear

The cravings of his famish'd son ?
Will he reject the filial prayer,

Or mock him with a cake of stone ?
5 Our heavenly Father, how much more

Will thy divine compassion rise ;
And open thy unbounded store

To satisfy thy children's cries? 6 Yes, we will ask, and seek, and

press For gracious audience at thy seat; Still hoping, waiting for success,

If persevering to intreat.
7 For Jesus in his faithful word

The patient supplicant has blest ;
And all thy saints with one accord
The prevalence of prayer attest. Scott.

HYMN 381. L. M.

A general Song of Praise.
TOW to the God, to whom all might

And glory, in all worlds belong,
Who fills unseen his throne of light,

Come let us sing a general song.
2 His Spirit wrapp'd the mantling air,

Of old, around our infant 'earth,
And, on her bosom, warm and fair,

Gave her young lord his joyous birth. 3 He smiles on morning's rosy way;

He paints the gorgeous clouds of even;
To noon he gives its ripening ray;

To night, the view of glorious heaven. 4 He drives along those sparkling globes,

In circles of unerring truth;
He decks them all in radiant robes,

And crowns them with eternal youth. 5 So will he crown the upright mind,

When life and all its toils are o'er :
Then let his praise, on every wind
Rise, till the winds shall wake no more. PIERPONT.

To nesus, our exalted Lord

That name,

earth ador'd,

HYMN 382. L. M.

Communion with Christ.

in heaven and earth ador'd, Fain would our hearts and voices raise

A cheerful song of sacred praise.
2 But all the notes which mortals know

Are weak, and languishing, and low;
Far, far above our humble songs,

The theme demands immortal tongues.
3 Yet whilst around his board we meet,

And worship at his sacred feet,
O let our warm affections move,

In glad returns of grateful love!
4 Yes, Lord, we love and we adore,

But long to know and love thee more;
And whilst we taste the bread and wine,
Desire to feed on joys divine. Mrs. STEELE.

HYMN 383. S. M.
God's Universal Dominion ; or Angels praise the Lord. Ps. ciii. 19.
THE Lord, the sov'reign King,

on ;
O’er all the heavenly worlds ne rules,

And all beneath the sky.
2 Ye angels, great in might,

And swift to do his will,
Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye

hear ;
Whose pleasure ye fulfil.
3 Let the bright hosts, who wait

The orders of their King,
And guard his churches when they pray,

Join in the praise they sing.
4 While all his wond'rous works

Through his vast kingdom show
Their Maker's glory, thou, my soul,
Shalt sing his graces too.


HYMN 384. C. M.
The Perfections of God, Ps.cxi.

GREamais toer Loodles his works of might

our noblest Let his assembled saints unite

Their harmony of tongues. 2 Great is the mercy of the Lord,

He gives his children food ; And, ever mindful of his word,

He makes his promise good. 3 lis Son, the great Redeemer, came

To seal his covenant sure ; Holy and reverend is his name,

His ways are just and pure.
4 They that would grow divinely wise

Must with his fear begin,
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies
In hating every sin.
HYMN 385. L. M.

Ps. 136. Abridged.
VIVE to our God immortal praise !



Wonders of grace to God belong..

Repeat his mercies in your song. 2 Give to the Lord of lords renown,

The King of kings with glory crown;
His mercies ever shall endure,

When lords and kings are known no more. 3 He built the earth, he spread the sky,

And fix'd the starry lights on high:
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song.
4 He fills the sun with morning light,

He bids the moon direct the night:
His mercies ever shall endure,
When suns and moons shall shine no more.

5 The Jews he freed from Pharaoh's hand,

And brought them to the promis'd land;
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song. 6 He saw the Gentiles dead in sin,

And felt his pity work within ;
His mercies cver shall endure,

When death and sin shall reign no more. 7 He sent his son with power to save

From guilt, and darkness and the grave;
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song. 8 Through this vain world he guides our feet,

And leads us to his heavenly seat;
His mercies ever shall endure,
When this vain world shall be no more. Watts.

HYMN 386. C. M.
Free Grace in revealing Christ. Luke x. 21.
JESUS, the man of constant grief,
His spirit once rejoic'd aloud,

And turn’d his joy to praise:
2 «
"Father, I thank thy wond'rous love,

“That hath reveal'd thy son To nien unlearned; and unto babes

“Hast made thy gospel known. 3 "The mysteries of redeeming grace

' Are hidden from the wise : “While pride and carnal reasonings join

To swell and blind their eyes.'
4 Thus doth the Lord of heaven and earth

His great decrees fulfil,
And orders all his works of grace
By his own sovereign will.


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