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Through ev'ry nerve; and, free from pain,

Pours forth to God the grateful strain. 4 The shatter'd' mind his word restores,

And tunes afresh the mental powers ;
The dead revive, to life return,

And bid affection cease to mourn.
5 Canst thou, my soul, these wonders trace,

And not admire Jehovah's grace?
Canst thou-behold thy prophet's power,
And not the God he serv'd adore! BUTCHER.

HYMN 395. C. M.

The Example of Christ.
LOD of my mercy and my praise,

GoThy glory is my song

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I'll speak the honours of thy grace

With a rejoicing tongue.
2 When Christ among the sons of men,

In humble form was found,
With cruel slanders, false and vain,

They compass'd him around.
3 Their mis’ries his compassion movid,

Their peace he still pursu'd : They render'd hatred for his love,

And evil for his good.
4 Their malice rag'd without a cause ;

Yet with his dying breath
He pray'd for murd'rers on his cross,

And bless'd his foes in death. 5 O may his conduct, all-divine,

model prove:
Like his, O God! my heart incline
My enemies to love.
HYMN 396. S. M.

The Resurrection of Christ.

To me a



Let hope and joy succeed;

The welcome news with gladness hear;

The Lord is ris'n indeed! 2 The shades of death withdrawn,

His eyes their beams display; So wakes the sun,

when rosy dawn
Unbars the gates of day.
3 Angelic hosts above,

The rising victor sing ;
And all the blissful seats of love

With loud hosannas ring. 4 Ye pilgrims, too, below,

Your hearts and voices raise;
Let ev'ry breast with gladness glow,

And ev'ry mouth be praise.

HYMN 397. Hallelujah Metre. The Wilderness transformed; or the happy Effects of the Gospel,

MAZING, beauteous change!

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Our thoughts in transport range
The lovely scene to view.

In all we trace,
Father divine, the work is thine ;

Be thine the praise ! 2 See crystal fountains play

Amidst the burning sands!
The river's winding way
Shines through the thirsty lands :

grass is seen,
And o'er the meads its carpet spreads

Of living green.
3 Where pointed brambles grew,

Entwin'd with horrid thorn,
Gay flowers, for ever new,
Th’ enameli'd fields adorn;

The blushing, rose,
And lily there, in union fair

Their sweets disclose.

4 Where the bleak mountain stood,

All bare, and disarray'd,
See the wide-branching wood
Diffuse its grateful shade !

Tall cedars nod,
And oaks and pines, and elms and vines,

Confess the God.
5 The tyrants of the plain

Their savage chase give o'er;
No more they rend the slain,
And thirst for blood no more ;

But infant hands
Fierce tigers stroke, and lions yoke

In flowery bands.
6 O when, almighty Lord!

Shail these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word,
And bless our wondering eyes?

That earth may raise
With all her tongues,


songs Of ardent praise.

HYMN 398. Hallelujah Metre.

Glory of the Church in the Laller Day.
O high;

ZION, tune thy voice,
Tell all the earth thy joys,
And boast salvation nigh;

Cheerful in God,
Arise and shine, while rays divine

Stream alı abroad,
2 He gilds thy morning face

With beams that cannot fade;
His all-resplendent grace
He sheds upon thy head;

The nations round
With lustre nrw thy form shall view,

Divinely crown'd.

3 In honour to his name

Reflect that sacred light,
And loud that grace proclaim
Which makes thy darkness bright;

Pursue his praise
In worlds above, till sov'reign love

The glory raise.
4 There, on his holy hill,

A brighter sun shall rise,
And with his radiance fill
Those fairer, purer skies ;

While round his throne
In nobler spheres ten thousand stars
His influence own.



HYMN 399. C. M.

Inconstancy in Religion lamented. • ERPETUAL Source of light and grace!

We hail thy sacred name; Through ev'ry year's revolving round,

Thy goodness is the same
2 On us, all-worthless as we are,

Its wond'rous mercy pours;
Sure as the heaven's establish'd course,

And plenteous as the show'rs. 3 Inconstant service we repay,

And treach'rous vows renew;
False as the morning's scatt'ring cloud,

And transient as the dew.
4 Low at thy feet our guilt we mourn,

And loud implore thy grace, To bear our feeble footsteps on,

In all thy righteous ways. 5 Arm'd with this energy

divine Our souls shall constant provė, And, with increasing transport, press

On to thy courts above.


6 So, by thy power, the morning sun

Pursues his radiant way,
Brightens each moment in his race,
And shines to perfect day. DODDRIDGE.

HYMN 400. L. M.
Reliance on God's Compassion to Human Weakness.

REAT God! if nature, weak and frail,

To strong temptations oft gives way;
If doubt or passion should prevail

O’er wandering reason's feeble ray;
2 On thy compassion I reiy :
Let not thy frowns my


reprove ; Regard me with a father's eye, And guide me with a father's love. BLACKLOCK.

HYMN 401. C. M.

Want of Religious Zeal lamented.
LONG have Lesat beneath the sound
Yet still how weak my faith is found,

And knowledge of thy word! 2 Oft I frequent thy holy place,

And hear almost in vain ;
What faint impressions of thy grace

My languid powers retain!
3 How cold and feeble is iny love!

Ho'y negligent my fear!
How long my hope of joys above!

How few affections there!
4 Great God! thy gracious aid impart

To give thy word success;
Write all its precepts on my heart,

And deep its truths impress.
5 O speed my progress in the way

That leads to joys on high;
Where knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die.


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