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3 Yet their divine instructions run
Wide as the circuit of the sun,
And every nation knows their voice ;
The sun, in robes of splendour dressed,
Breaks from the chambers of the east,
Moves round, and makes the earth rejoice.

4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad,
He speaks the majesty of God :
All nature joins to show thy praise :
Thus God in every creature shines,
Bright in the book of nature's lines,
But brighter in the book of grace. WATTs.

HYMN 549. L. P. M.
The Book of Grace. Ps. xix.

OW precious, Lord, thy holy word
What light and joy its truths afford
To souls benighted and distress'd
Thy precepts guide our doubtful way ;
Thy fear forbids our steps to stray;
Thy promise leads the heart to rest.

2 Thy threatenings wake our slumbering eyes,
And warn us where our danger lies;
While gospel-truth and grace divine
Inspire the heart with filial love,
Exalt and fix our hopes above,
And make the willing spirit thine.

3 From the discoveries of thy law
What perfect rules of life we draw
Be these our study and delight :
May every deed, and word, and thought,
To truth and duty's standard brought,
Become well-pleasing in thy sight.

4 Oh may thy word those faults reveal, , , Which blind self-love may yet conceal, And from presumptuous sins restrain

Thus taught to use the book of grace,
We'll raise a grateful song of praise
That we possess it not in vain. WATTs, alt.

HYMN 550. Double Long Metre. God seen in all. Y God all nature owns thy sway, Thou giv'st the night, and thou the day : When all thy lov’d creation wakes, When morning rich in lustre breaks, And bathes in dew the opening flower, To thee we owe her fragrant hour ; And when she pours her choral song, Her melodies to thee belong.

2 Or when, in paler tints array'd,
The evening slowly spreads her shade;
That soothing shade, that grateful gloom,
Can, inore than day's enlivening bloom,
Still every fond and vain desire,
And calmer, purer thoughts inspire;
From earth the pensive spirit free,
And lead the soften’d heart to thee.

3 In every scene thy hands have dress'd,
In every form by thee impress'd
Upon the mountain's awful head,
Or where the sheltering woods are spread ;
In every note that swells the gale,
Or tuneful stream that cheers the vale, ,
The cavern's depth, or echoing grove,
A voice is heard of praise and love.

4 As o'er thy work the seasons roll,
And soothe with change of bliss the soul,
O never may their smiling train
Pass o'er the human sense in vain l
But oft, as on their charms we gaze,
Attune the wondering soul to praise ;
And be the joys that most we prize,
The joys that from thy favour rise. Miss Williams.

HYMN 551. Tens and Elevens Metre.

Thanksgiving and Praise.
- Y soul, praise the Lord,
Speak good of his name :
His mercies record,
His bounties proclaim :
To God, their creator,
Let all creatures raise
The song of thanksgiving,
- The chorus of praise ! .
2 Though hid from man's sight,
God sits on his throne,
Yet here, by his works,
Their author is known :
The world shines a mirror,
Its Maker to show, -
And heav'n views its image
Reflected below.

3 Those agents of power,
Fire, water, earth, sky,
Attest the dread might
Of God, the Most High ;
Who rides on the whirlwind
While clouds veil his form ;
Who smiles in the sunbeam,”
Or frowns in the storm.
4 By knowledge supreme,
By wisdom divine,
God governs this earth
With gracious design :
O'er beast, hird, and insect,
His providence reigns,
Whose will first created,
Whose love still sustains.
5 And man, his last work,
With reason endued,
Who, falling through sin,
By grace is renewed.

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To God, his creator,
Let man ever raise
The songs of thanksgiving,
The chorus of praise ! PARK,

HYMN 552. S. M.
AR from these scenes of night
Unbounded glories rise,
And realms of infinite delight,
Unknown to mortal eyes.
2 There sickness never comes;
There grief no more complains;
Health triumphs in immortal bloom,
And purest pleasure reigns. -
3 No strife, nor envy there
The sons of peace molest;
But harmony and love sincere,
Fill every happy breast.
4 No cloud those regions know,
Forever bright and fair;
For sin, the source of mortal wo,
Can never enter there.

5 There night is never known,
Nor sun's faint sickly ray;
But glory from the eternal throne
Spreads everlasting day. '
6 O may this prospect fire
Our hearts with ardent love 1
And lively faith, and strong desire
Bear every thought above. Mrs. STEELE, alt

HYMN 553. L. P. M.
- Desiring the Spirit.
ET.NA; Spirit, source of light,
Enliv'ning, consecrating fire,
Descend, and, with celestial heat,
Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire;

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Our souls refine, our dross consume; Come, descending Spirit, come ! 2 In our cold breasts O strike a spark Of that pure flame which seraphs feel; Nor let us wander in the dark, Or lie benumb’d and stupid still. Come, vivifying Spirit, come ! And make our hearts thy constant home. 3 Let pure devotion's fervours rise ! Let ev'ry pious passion glow ! O let the raptures of the skies Kindle in our cold hearts below. "Come, purifying Spirit, come, And make our souls thy constant home !

HYMN 554. C. M.


O thee, O God! my pray’r ascends, But not for golden stores; Nor covet I the brightest gems On the rich eastern shores; 2 Nor that deluding empty joy Men call a mighty name, Nor greatness with its pride and state, My restless thoughts inflame:— 3 Nor pleasure's fascinating charms My fond desires allure: But nobler things than these, from thee, My wishes would secure. 4 The faith and hope of joys to come My best affections move; Thy light, thy favour, and thy smiles, Thine everlasting love. 5 These are the blessings I desire : Lord, be these blessings mine ! And all the glories of the world I cheerfully resign.

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