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Children of the Heavenly King 92
Christians, dismiss your fear 396
Children, in years and knowledge 213
Christ’s birth and circumcision too 436
Come, thou long-expected Jesus 6
Come, pay the worship God requires 25
Come, thou fount of every blessing 99
Come, let us join our cheerful songs 170
Qome, thou Almighty King 217
Come, sing a Saviour's power 2:39
Corne, blessed Lord, descend and 300
Colne, sound his praise ubroad 122
Cone, holy Spirit, heavenly dove 423
Conne, O thou universal Good 430
Coine, sinuers, to the gospel feast 432
Come, said Jesus’ sacred voice 462
Come. worship at our Father’s feet 496
Coimu i.), thou blessed, honour’d 500
Come ye, who love the Lord 545
Coine, thou lesire of all thy saints 570
Come, serve the o with love 268
Daughters of pity, tune the lay 481
Uavil rejoiced in God his strength 61
Dear Lord, behold thy servants here 257
Lear Lord, behold thy children here 340

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Glory be to God on high 127
Glory to God on high be given 329
God of wisdom, God of might 4:39
God is a spirit, just and wise 27
God to correct the world 526

God of my strength, to thee I cry 407
God of our lives, whose bounteous 131
God is the Lord, the heavenly King 138

God moves in a mysterious way 134
God is a name my soul adores 192
God in the gospel of his son 305
God reigns, events in order slow 307
God of my mercy, and my praise 395
God, our kind Master, merciful as 412
God of mercy, God of love 525
God, in his earthly temples, lays 547

God of my childhood and my youth 519
God is our refuge in distress 271
Go, worship at Immanuel's feet 281
Go, saith a risen Saviour; go 105
Grant us a visit, dearest Lord 349
Grateful notes and numbers bring 164
Greatest of beings, source of life
Great Father of mankind
Great is the Lord, his works of
Great King of kings, Eternal God
Great is the Lord our God on 1
Great God, indulge my humble .
Great God, attend while Zion sings 4.
Great God, we give thee praise, 1
Great God, at whose all-po
Great (iod, how vast is think
Great God, to thee my grate
Great God, if nature weak
Great God, whose all-pervadi.
Great God, the heaven
Great God, this sacred

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Had not the God of truth and lo 3.
Had I the ton of Greeks and 3
siail the day that saw him rise -
Hail, happy morn, whose early
Hail, happy day, the type of rest
Hail, great Creator, wise and g
Hail, source of pleasures ever

Hail, thou once-despised ; :

Hail, the God of our salvation 325
Happy the man, whose wishes, 550
Happy the meek, whose gentle 463
Happy the man, whose cautious 511
Happy is he whose early years 355
Happy the church, thou sacred 356
Happy the mind, where graces 357
Hark the glad sound, the Saviour 13
Hark! what distant music melts 438
Hark! what celestial notes 231

Hear what the Lord in vision said 143
He comes. Jehovah conies to bloss 176 °
Hear what a Saviour's voice 240
High in the heavens, Eternal God #

- o o



House of our God, with cheerful 224
How did my heart rejoice to hear 23
How large the promise, how divine 98

How does my heart rejoice 157
How beauteous are their feet 279
113 w well our great preserver 31i
How shall the young secure their 318
How blest thy creature is, O God 332
How rich thy bounty, King of 358

How blest the sacred tie that binds 464
How blest the man, how more than 475
- I low bright that sun that makes 114
how vast is the tribute I owe 523
How rich thy gifts, Almighty King 527
Iłow great is our Creator, God 5.27
How precious, Lord, thy holy word 549

How short, and how fleeting the 565
How oft on the ocean of life 567
How pleasing is the scene, how 572
How chang'd the face of nature 575
I am, saith Christ, the way 84
I am the first, and I the last 126
If friendless in the vale of tears 228
If solid happiness we prize 235
1’ll praise my Maker while I’ve 166
I’ll bless Jehovah's glorious name 40
Immortal fountain of my life 263
Immortal God, on thee we call 326
Imposture shrinks from light 359
Infi lite excellence is thine 7
In glad amazement, Lord, I stand 313
In God’s etermity 531
In social temples here we meet 534
In songs of highest praise 250
In sweet exalted strains 4:39
Indulgent God, accept this youth 542
Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way 22
In the soft season of thy youth 53
In vain the world’s alluring smile 569
In vain the erring world inquires 350
In various forms, to saints of old 351
In Zion let the trumpet blow 113
I sing the gospel day 54
I want a principle within 553
Jehovah reigns, let every nation 175
Jehovah lives, and be his name 252
Jerusalein, thou church divine 269
Jesus, thou everlasting King 362

Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace 363
Jesus, the man of constant grief 386
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 10
Jesus, I love thy charming name 93
Jesus his empire shall extend 110
Jesus, thou son of love livine 177
Jesus our King his sceptre sways 237
Join ev'ry heart and ev'rv tengue 252
Joy to the world, the Lord is come 16

Koep silence, all created thing, 364


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Let heathens to their idols haste 56
set all the various tribes of men 62
Let him embrace my soul and prove 391

Kind Lord, before #y face

Let every mortal ear attend 10.)
Let us with a joyful mind 136
Let earth and heav'n agree 163
Let all the earth their voices raise 169
Let men of high conceit and zeal 33.5
Let us adore th’ Eternal Word 3:56
Let me but hear my Saviour say 357
Let sorrow, Lord, my bosom fill 46
Let all the powers of music join 54

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Lo, what an entertaining view 275
Low at thy gracious feet. I bend 37)
Lo, God is here, let us adore 465

Long have I sat beneath the sound 491
Long and mournful is the night 211
ford, what was man when made at 4
Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand 24

Lord, we unite our hearts 112
Lord of the worlds above 141
Lord, not to earth’s contracted 227

Lord of the sabbath, hear our vows 367
Lord, what our ears have heard 368
Lord of life, all praise excelling 145
Lord, we have wander'd from thy 419
Lord of nature, source of light 468
Lord, dismiss us with thy blossing 470
Ilord, when my thoughts delighted 478
Lord, may thy humble servants here 509
Lord, dost thou show a corner-stone 559
Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound 78

Loud to the Pinos heaven 369
Mark the sof-falling snow 232
May all our powers of mind 551

May sacred heat inspire my tongue 243
May we thine armour, Lord, put on 348

May that kind wisdom, whose 116
Mediator, son of God 46
Mere human powers shall fast 473

Mighty God, while angels bless thee J4
Must christians pray for nought 347
My dear Redeemer and my Lord 371
My Father, cheering name 52)
My heart and all my ways, O God 196
My God, the visits of thy face 57
My God, in whom are all the springs 73
My God. permit my tongue

My God, my everlasting hope

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My soul, praise the Lord 55]
My soul, how lovely is the place 274


Nature with all her pow'rs shall 422
No peace my starving soul can find 247
Not to our names, thou only just 218
Not from relentless fate’s dar 309

Not diff'rent food nor diff'rent 388
Not by the terrors of a slave 472
Now to the Lord a noble song 80
Now let our voices join 91

Now shall our souls with pleasure 167
Now to the God to whom all might 381
Now to the Lord who built the 251
Now shall my inward joys arise , 233
Now, Lord, once more thy church 337
Now to our God let praises rise 351
Now let a true ambition rise 476
Now begin the heavenly theme 483
Now in the face of Jesus, we 492
Now blessing, honour, glory, praise 498

Obless the Lord, my soul 277
O blessed souls are they 406
O charity, thou heavenly grace, 373


O come as ye sons of Adam and
O'er mountain tops the mount of
O Father of mercy

O for a shout of sacred joy 71
O for a thousand tongues to sing 486
Of mortal life how short the date 28
O God, my sun, thy blissful rays 89
O God, my grateful soul aspires 148
O God'of grace, before thy throne 350
O God my Father, I adore 375
o happy church, celestial bride 376
O happy is the man who hears 377
Oh! source of uncreated light 466
O how shall words with equal 312
O how delightful is the road 327
O Lord, our fathers oft have told 70
O Lord, our heavenly King 206
O Lord, my best desires fulfil 378
Old hoary winter now has ceas'd 428
O love, thou bottomless abyss 424
O, my distrustful heart 87
One general song of praise arise 530
On Zion his most holy mount 77
O praise ye the Lord, prepare a 128
O praise ye the Lord 221
O thou, by whose all-bounteous 379

O thou, the wretched's sure retreat 403
O thou, whose scăles the mountains 502
O thou, whose power the mountains 532
O thou, to whose all-searching 555
O thou whose tender mercy hears 215
O thou who art above all height 557
Q 'tis a lovely thing to see 219

Our Father, thron’d above the sky 380

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The lofty pillars of the sky 256
The heavens declare thy glory,C.M. 58
The heavens declare thy glory, 59
The Lord in Zion placol his name 21
The Lord is our Shepherd, our 223
The Lord onr shepherd feeds his 241
The Lord of glory is my light 65
The Lord, the Sov’reign King 383

The Lord my shephers is 63
The Lord in power and wisdom 44
The Lord on high proclaims 12

The Lord my pasture shall prepare 83
The Lord o ol. reigns, he reigns 276
The rising morn, the closing day 189
The Prince of Peace is come

There is a fountain fill'd with blood 9
There is a glorious world on high 448
There is a house not made by hands 449
The rolling year, Almighty Lord 188
The Saviour calis, let every ear 431
The silent noon of night was past 576
These glorious minds, how bright 278
The trav’ller lost in night 521
The trifling joys this world can 338
The thirsty earth receives the rain 533
Th'uplifted eye and bended knee 451
Th’ unchangeable Jehovah saith 103
Th' Almighty stoops to view the 194
They that have made their refuge 299
Thine is the throne, beneath thy 210
This is the day the Lord of Life 36
This God is the God we adore 216
This do in mem'ry of your friend 450
This is the fast the Lord doth 341
This is the day the Lord hath made 151
Though faint and sick, and worn 577
Though perfect eloquence adorn’d 470
Though earthly shepherds dwell 441
Thou art my portion, O my God 153
Thou art, O God, the life and light 52
Thou great, all-k.owing, present 185
Thou who sitt’st enthron’d above 187
Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 282
Through all the changing scenes of 270
Thus saith the first, the great 452
Thus saith the high and lofty one 453
Thus spake the Saviour when he 454
Thus j. Eternal Father spake 2)
Thy name, Almighty Lord 150
Thy word is like a heav'n'y light 154
Thy mercies fill the earth, O ford is;
Thy presence, Lord, gives pure 259
Thy name we o ehovah, our 265

Thy goodness, Lord, our souls 316
Thy benediction, Lord 335
Thy ways, O Lord, with wise 1

Time wings our moments swift 541
*Tis good to praise Jehovah's name 267
'Tis by thy strength the mountains 273
'Tis by the faith of joys to come 392
To him who said, Let there be light:430

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To bless thy chosen race 139
To thee, my God, my heart shall 161
To Jesus, our exalted Lord 382
To thee, my God, my days are: 198

To God, its source, my soul aspires 320
To thee, Q God, we homage pay 333

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To thee, O God, my thoughts ascend 540
To thee, O God! my prayer ascends 554
To praise the Lord be our delight 534
Triumphant arch, that fill’st the 562

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We are the offspring of our God 246
We love the volume of thy word 233
Welcome, thou day of rest 455
Welcome the hope of Isr’el’s race 330
What dazzling light is that which 102
What glorious tidings do I hear 104
What sudden glories did surprise 106
What wonders hath Jehovah 186
What glory gilds the sacred page 322
What heav'nly wisdom has 323
What is this within me burning 343
What works of wisdom, power and 394
What though downy slumbers flee 529
What beauteous visions, clear and 538
Who, as returns this solemn day 33
When God descends with men to 42
When my astonish’d eyes behold 48
When God would on the Gentiles 107
When I survey life’s varied scene 146
When God reveal’d his gracious 153
When I survey this world 181
When marshall’d on the nightly 258
When Israel through i. desert 317
When will the eye-lids of that 346
When sinners quit their wicked 456
When the blest comforter is nigh 457
When Abram, full of sacred awe 495
When Asia's mighty conqueror 514
When the blest light of day declines 115
Wherefore should man, frail child 503
Where with shall I approach the 26
While God my Father’s near 207
While with remorse and wo 405
While thee I seek, protecting 408
While thoughtless sinners choose 409
While sounds of war aro heard 1.8
While here as wand'ring sheep we 511

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