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AUTHorized by the General synod to be used in the
Churches UNDER Their CARE.

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"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing
one another in Psalms and Hyunns and Spiritual Songs, singing with grace in your hearts
unto the Lord.”—Col. iii. 16.


M E N T Z & R O V O U D T,
successo R s to G. w. M E N T z & so N,


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Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1847, by Isaac Young, (on behalf of the General Synod of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church,) in the clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Of the Psalms and Hymns used by the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church.

It has ever been a principle of the Church that no Psalms nor Hymns may be publicly sung in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Churches, but such as are approved and recommended by the General Synod. Previously to the American Revolution, the psalmody of the Church embraced only the psalms in the Dutch language, usually bound up in the Bibles then in common use. The version approved by the Synod was that of Dathenus. In addition to this, the new version of psalms and hymns compiled and adopted in the Netherlands, in the year 1773, was subsequently approved. After the period of the American Revolution, when it was found necessary to introduce English singing, the Rev. Dr. Livingston compiled a book of Psalms and Hymns in the English language, which was Published, with the express approbation and recommendation of the General Synod, in the year 1789. This book continued in use in the churches until the year 1812, when, at the instance of the Classis of New York, the Particular Synod of New York referred the *ubject relative to the revision of the Psalms and Hymns then in use, to the General Synod. The reference was favourably entertained by the Synod, and they requested the Rev. Prosessor Livingston to make the selection of Psalms and Hymns, agreeably to the views then *Pressed, and appointed a committee to whom the same should be submitted for their examination and approval. At the session of the Synod, held in October, 1813, this committee reported in favour of the selection, and the Synod accordingly adopted it, entered upon their records a minute highly complimentary to the distinguished compiler, and made the necessary arrangements for its publication and introduction into the public worship of the churches. ... * * * * * - - as “ *** * , : ** - * * Jn the year 1830, the General Synod deemed it expedient that an additional number of hymns should be added to those contained in the book then in use, and accordingly a committee was appointed to make a selection, on a variety of subjects, with a view to con*titute a second book of hymns. At the next session of the Synod, this committee reported a selection of 172 additional hymns, which were approved, ordered to be published as a second book of hymns, and authorised to be used in all the churches. At the instance of the General Synod's Sabbath-School Board, a committee was appointed at the meeting of the Synod, in June 1842, to compile a book for the use of the Sabbath-Schools of the church. The selection, as reported by the committee, embraced many hymns suitable for social as well as Sabbath-School worship. It was approved by the Synod, in the year 1843, and ordered to be published, under the title of the “Social and Sabbath-School Hymn Book.” The Board of Sabbath-School Union being about to publish a second edition of this book, requested, in the year 1845, that the Synod would furnish an additional number of hymns for the purpose of filling up certain blank pages on the last sheet of the work. On considering this request, the Synod resolved, in view of the fact that the Hymns now authorized to be used by the churches were comprised in three separate books, and that still additional Hymns on certain subjects were needed, to refer the whole subject of the Hymn Book to a committee, to consider the importance of a new arrangement, and with instructions to report such new Hymns as would make the collection more complete. At the meeting of the General Synod in J une, 1846, this committee presented their report recommending such new arrangement, and at the same time submitting a selection of hymns on a variety of subjects, to the number of three hundred and forty-two. The hymns thus submitted were approved by the Synod, and the committee were authorised to complete the work, and prepare the whole for publication as speedily as convenient. The Board of Direction were also empowered to carry out the necessary arrangements for Printing the same. All this has been done, and the present work is the result of such action. The book thus completed will compare favourably with the various selections used by the several denominations of Christians in our land, and it is servently hoped will prove a happy auxiliary in promoting the devotions, public, social, and private, of the members of our Church. a THOMAS M. STRONG,

Stated Clerk of General Synod.


New York, June, 1847.

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ADAM, first and second, Psalm 8. Afflicted, pity to them, 35, 41; supported, 55, 145, 146; their prayer, 102, 143; happy,73, 94,119, 14th part. Afflictions, hope in them, 13,42, 76; support, 119.14th part; instruction by them, 94,119, 18th part: sanctified, 94,119, 18th part; courage in them, 119, 17th part; removed by prayer, 34,107; submission to them, 39, 123, 131; in mind and body, 143; trying our graces, 66, 119, 17th part; without rejection, 8.9; of saints and sinners different,94; gentie, 103; moderated,125; very great, 77, 102, 143. Aged saint's reflection, 71. All-seeing God, 139. Angels, guardian, 34,91: all subject to Christ, 89; worship Christ, 97; praise the Lord, 103; present in churches, 138. Appeal to God against persecutors, 7; concerning our sincerity, 139; humility, 131; Searcher of hearts, 119, 21st part. Ascension of Christ, 24, 47,68, 110. Assistance from God, 138,144. Atheism of the heart, 54; practical, 12, 14, 36; punished, 10. Attributes of God, 36,111,145,147. Authority from God, 75, 82.

Backsliding, 25; restored, 51; pardoned, 78, 130.

Blessing of God in this life, 127.

*ings of a family, 128, 133; of a nation, 144, 157; of the country, 65, 147; of a person. 1, 32, 112.

Blood of Christ cleansing, 51,69.

Book of nature and scripture, 19, 119, 4th part; happiness, 147.

Brotherly love, 133; reproof, 141.

Business of life blest, 127.

Care of God over his saints, 34. 1


Charity to the poor, 37, 41,112; and justice, 15, 112; mixed with imprecations, 35. Children praising God, 8; blessings, 127,128; instructed, 34, 78. Christ the second Adam, 8; his all-sufficiency, 16; his ascension, 24, 68, 110; the church's foundation, 118; the shepherd, 23; his coming, the signs of it, 12; covenant made with him, 89; first and second coming, 96, 97,98; the true David, 35,89; his death and resurrection, 16, 22, 69; the eternal Creator, 1.12; exalted to the kingdom, 2, 8, 21, 72, 110; our example, 109; faith in his blood, 41; God and man, 86; his Godhead, 102; our hope, 4, 51; his incarnation and sacrifice, 40; the king and the church his spouse, 45; his kingdom among Gentiles, 72, 87, 132; his love to enemies, 35, 109; his majesty, 97, 99; his mediatorial kingdom, 89, 110; his obedience and death, 69; his personal glories, 45; priest and king, 110; his resurrection on the Lord's day, 118; our strength and righteousness, 71; his sufferings and kingdom, 2,22,69: his sufferings, 69; his zeal and reproaches, 69. Christians, qualifications, 15, 24; made of Jews and Gentiles, 87. Church, its beauty, 45,48, 1.12; the birth-place of saints, 87; built on Jesus Christ, 118; delight and safety in it, 27,48,84; destruction of enemies proceeds thence, 70; gathered and settled, 132; privileges, 132; of the Gentiles, 45, 47; God fights for her, 10, 20, 46; God's presence there, 84, 132; God's special delight, 87, 132; God's garden, 92; going to it, 122; the house and care of God, 135; of the Jews and Gentiles,87; its increase,67; prayer indistress, 80; restored by prayer, 85, 102, 107; its safety, 46; is the safety and honour of a nation, 48; the spouse of Christ, 45; its



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