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i np^O celebrate thy praise, O Lord,
X I will my heart prepare;
To all the list'ning world thy works
Thy wond'rous works declare.

2 The thought of them shall to my foul

Exalted pleasures bring;
Whilst to thy name, O thou most high!
Triumphant praise I sing.

3 All those who have his goodness prov'd

Will in his truth conside;
Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man,
That on his help relied.

4 Sing praises therefore to the Lord,

From Sion his abode;
Proclaim his deeds, till all the world
Confess no other God.


i T ORD, who's the happy man that may
I j To thy blest courts repair?
Not, stranger-like, to visit them,
But to inhabit there?

2 'Tis he whose ev'ry thought and deed
By rules of virtue moves;
Whose gen'rous tongue disdains to speak
The thing his heart disproves.

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Who never did a slander forge,
His neighbour's fame to wound;

Or hearken to a false report,
By malice whisper'd round.

Who vice, in all its pomp and power,

Can treat with just neglect:
And piety though cloth'd in rags,

Religiously respect.

Who to his plighted vows and trust

Has ever sirmly stood;
And though he promise to his loss,

He makes his promise good.

6 The man who by his steady course
Has happiness insur'd,
When earth's foundation shakes, shall stand,
By Providence secur'd.

Psalm xvm.

j "\TO change of times should ever shock j_\ My sirm asfection, Lord, to thee; for thou hast always been a rock, . A fortress and defence to me.

a Thou my deliv'rer art, my God; My trust is in thy mighty power: . Thou art my shield from foes abroad, At home my safe-guard and my tower.

3 Let the eternal Lord be prais'd,

The rock,. on whose defence I rest:
O'er highest heav'ns his name be rais'd,
Who me with his salvation blest!

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I ~A /sY Shepherd is the living Lord,
J.VA Nothing therefore I need:
In pastures fair, near pleasant streams,
He setteth me to feed.

a He shall convert and glad my soul,
And bring my mind in frame;
To walk in paths of righteousness,
For his most holy name.

3 Yea, though T walk in vale of death,

Yet will I fear no ill;
Thy rod and stasf do comfort me,
And thou art with me still.

4 Through all my life thy favour is

So frankly shew'd to me, That in thy house for evermore My dwelling place shall be.


I TT'RECT your heads, eternal gates:
12j Unfold, to entertain
The King of glory: fee! He comes
With his celestial train.

2 Who is the King of glory! who?
The Lord for strength renown'd,
In battle mighty, o'er his foes
Eternal Victor crown'd.

Erect 3 Erect your heads, ye gates, unfold,.

In state to entertain
The King of glory: fee! He comes
With all his shining train.

4 Who is the King of glory? who?

The Lord of Hosts renown'd:
Of glory he alone is King,
Who is with glory crown'd.


t nr^HY mercies and thy love,

X. O Lord, recall to mind;
And graciously continue still,
As thou wert ever, kind.

I Let all my youthful crimes

Be blotted out by thee:
And, for thy wond'rous goodness fake,
In mercy think on me.

i His mercy and his truth

The righteous Lord displays, In bringing wa'nd'ring sinners home, And teaching them his ways.

He those in justice guides, Who his direction seek; And in his sacred paths shall lead The humble and the meek.

Through all the ways of God Both truth and mercy shine, To such as with religious hearts, To his blest will incline.

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i T ET all the just to God with joy

\ j Their cheerful voices raise;

For well the righteous it becomes
To sing glad songs of praise.

a Let harps, and psalteries, and lutes,
In joyful concert meet;
And new-made songs of loud applause
The harmony complete.

3 For faithful is the word of God,

His works with truth abound;

He justice loves; and all the earth

Is with his goodness crown'd.

4 Our souls on God with patience wait;

Our help and shield is he;
Then, Lord, let still our hearts rejoice,
Because we trust in thee.

5 The riches of thy mercy, Lord,

Do thou to us extend;
Since we, for all we want or wish,
On thee alone depend.

p s A L M xxxiv.

THROUGH all the various scenes of life,
In trouble and in joy;
The praises of my God shall still
My heart and tongue employ.

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