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5 He rules by his resistless might;
Will rebel mortals dare
Provoke the Eternal to the fight,
And tempt that dreadful war 2
6 01 bless our God, and never cease ;
Ye saints, fulfil his praise;
He keeps our life, maintains our peace,
And guides our doubtful ways.

7 Lord, thou hast proved our suffering souls,
To make our graces shine;
So silver bears the burning coals,
The metal to refine.

8 Through watery deeps and fiery ways,
We march at thy command,
Led to possess the promised place,
By thine unerring hand.

66 SEcond PART. C. M.

OW shall my solemn vows be paid,
To that almighty power,
That heard the long requests I made,
In my distressful hour.
2 My lips and cheerful heart prepare
To make his mercies known;
Come, ye that fear my God, and hear
The wonders he has done.
3 When on my head huge sorrows fell,
I sought his heavenly aid;
He saved my sinking soul from hell.
And death's eternal shade.

4 If sin lay covered in my heart,
While prayer employed my tongue;
The Lord had shown me no regard,
Nor I his praises sung.
5 But God, (his name be ever blest,)
Has set my spirit free;
Nor turned from him my poor request,
Nor turned his heart from me.

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So, mighty God, on Sion shine,
With beams of heavenly grace;
Reveal thy power through all our coasts,
And show thy smiling face.
2. When shall thy name from shore to shore,
Sound all the earth abroad;
And distant nations know and love
Their Saviour and their God?

3 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,
Sing loud with solemn voice;
Let every tongue exalt his praise,
And every heart rejoice.

4 He, the great Lord, the sovereign Judge,
That sits enthroned above,
In wisdom rules the worlds he made,
And bids them taste his love.
5 Earth shall obey his high command,
And yield a full increase;
Our God will crown his chosen land
With fruitfulness and peace.

6 God the Redeemer scatters round
His choicest favours here;
While the creation's utmost bound
Shall see, adore, and fear.

68 FIRST PART. L. M. ET God arise in all his might, And put the troops of hell to flight: As smoke, that sought to cloud the skies, Before the rising tempest flies. 2 He comes, arrayed in burning flames: Justice and vengeance are his names: Behold his fainting foes expire, Like melting wax before the fire. 3 He rides, and thunders through the sky, His name, Jehovah, sounds on high;

Sing to his name, ye sons of grace;
Ye saints, rejoice before his face.

4 The widow and the fatherless
Fly to his aid in sharp distress;
In him the poor and helpless find
A Judge that’s just, a Father kind.

5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain,
And prisoners see the light again;
But rebels that dispute his will,
Shall dwell in chains and darkness still.

6 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong;
Crown him, ye nations, in your song:
His wondrous names and powers rehearse,
His honours shall enrich your verse.

7 He shakes the heavens with loud alarms;
How terrible is God in arms;
In Israel are his mercies known,
Israel is his peculiar throne.

8 Proclaim him King, pronounce him blest;
He’s your defence, your joy, your rest;
When terrors rise, and nations faint,
God is the strength of every saint.

SEcond PART. L. M.

Loo. when thou didst ascend on high,
Ten thousand angels filled the sky;
Those heavenly guards around thee wait,
Like chariots that attend thy state.

2 Not Sinai's mountain could appear
More glorious when the Lord was there;
While he pronounced his holy law,
And struck the chosen tribes with awe.

3 How bright the triumph none can tell,
When the rebellious powers of hell,
That thousand souls had captive made,
Were all in chains, like captives, led.

4 Raised by his Father to the throne,
He sent his promised Spirit down,
With gifts and grace for rebel men,
That God might dwell on earth again.


W E bless the Lord, the just, the good,
Who fills our hearts with heavenly food
Who pours his blessings from the skies,
And loads our days with rich supplies.

2 He sends the sun his circuit round,
To cheer the fruits, to warm the ground;
He bids the clouds with plenteous rain,
Refresh the thirsty earth again.

3 'Tis to his care we owe our breath,
And all our near escapes from death;
Safety and health to God belong;
He heals the weak and guards the strong.

4 He makes the saint and sinner prove
The common blessings of his love;
But the wide difference that remains,
Is endless joy, or endless pains.

5 The Lord that bruised the serpent’s head,
On all the serpent’s seed shall tread;
The stubborn sinner's hope confound,
And smite him with a lasting wound.

6 But his right hand his saints shall raise
From the deep earth or deeper seas,
And bring them to his courts above;
There shall they taste his special love.


“QAVE me, O God, the swelling floods
Break in upon my soul;
I sink, and sorrows o'er my head
Like mighty waters roll.

2 “I cry till all my voice be gone, In tears I waste the day:


My God, behold my longing eyes,
And shorten thy delay.

3 “They hate my soul without a cause,
And still their number grows
More than the hairs about my head,
And mighty are my foes.

4 “’Twas then I paid that dreadful debt
That men could never pay,
And gave those honours to thy law
Which sinners took away.”

5 Thus in the great Messiah’s name The royal prophet mourns; Thus he awakes our hearts to grief, And gives us joy by turns. 6 “Now shall the saints rejoice and find Salvation in my name, For I have borne their heavy load Of sorrow, pain, and shame. 7 “Grief, like a garment, clothed me round, And sackcloth was my dress, While I procured, for naked souls, A robe of righteousness. 8 “Amongst my brethren and the Jews, I like a stranger stood, And bore their vile reproach, to bring The Gentiles near to God. 9 “I came in sinful mortals' stead To do my Father's will: Yet, when I cleansed my Father's house, They scandalized my zeal. 10 “My fastings and my holy groans ere made the drunkard's song; But God from his celestial throne, Heard my complaining tongue. ll “He saved me from the dreadful deep, Where fears beset me round;

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