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6 But thou for ever art our Lord,

And mighty is thy hand,
As when the heathen felt thy sword,

And perished from thy land.
Thou wilt prepare our hearts to pray,

And cause thine ear to hear;
Accept the vows thy children pay,

And free thy saints from fear. 8 Proud tyrants shall no more oppress,

No more despise the just;
And mighty sinners shall confess

They are but earth and dust.


L. M.
Y refuge is the God of love ;
Why do


foes insult and cry, "Fly like a timorous, trembling dove

To distant woods or mountains fly ?” 2 Behold the wicked bend their bow,

And fit their arrows to the string;
To lay the men of virtue low,

their darts they iling.
3 If government be once destroyed,

(That firm foundation of our peace,) Ànd violence make justice void,

Where shall the righteous seek redress ? 4 The Lord in heaven has fixed his throne,

His eye surveys the world below;
To him all mortal things are known,

His eyelids search our spirits through. 5 If he afflicts his saints so far,

To prove their love and try their grace, What may the bold transgressors fear?

His soul abhors their wicked ways. 6 On impious wretches he will rain

Sulphureous flames of wasting death,

Such as he kindled on the plain

Of Sodom, with his angry breath. 7 The righteous Lord loves righteous souls,

Whose thoughts and actions are sincere ;
And with a gracious eye beholds
The men that his own image bear.


C. M.
ELP, Lord, for men of virtue fail,

Religion loses ground;
The sons of violence prevail,

And treacheries abound.
2 Their oaths and promises they break,

Yet act the flatterer's part:
With fair deceitful lips they speak,

And with a double heart:
3 If we reprove some hateful lie,

They scorn our faithful word:
“ Are not our lips our own,” they cry,

“ And who shall be our Lord ?4 Scoffers appear on every side,

Where a vile race of men
Is raised to seats of power and pride,

And bears the sword in vain. 5 Lord, when iniquities abound,

And blasphemy grows bold,
When faith is rarely to be found,

And love is waxing cold,
6 Is not thy chariot hastening on?

Hast thou not given the sign ?
May we not trust and live upon

À promise so divine ? 7 “Yes," saith the Lord, “now will I rise,

And make the oppressors flee;

I shall appear to their surprise,

And set my servants free.” 8 Thy word, like silver seven times tried,

Through ages shall endure;
The men that in thy truth confide

Shall find thy promise sure. 13

C. M.
COW long wilt thou conceal thy face?

My God, how long delay?
When shall I feel those heavenly rays

That chase my fears away? 2 How long shall my poor labouring soul

Wrestle and toil in vain ?
Thy word can all my foes control,

Ănd ease my raging pain.
3 See how the prince of darkness tries

All his malicious arts;
He spreads a mist around my eyes,

And throws his fiery darts.
4 Be thou my sun, and thou my shield,

My soul in safety keep; Make haste before mine eyes are sealed

In death's eternal sleep. 5 How would the tempter boast aloud

Should I become his prey ! Behold the sons of hell grow proud

To see thy long delay.
6 But they shall flee at thy rebuke,

And Satan hide his head;
He knows the terrors of thy look,

And hears thy voice with dread.
7 Thou wilt display thy sovereign grace,

Whence all my comforts spring; I shall employ my lips in praise,

And thy salvation sing.


C. M.
HOOLS in their hearts believe and say,

That all religion’s vain:
“There is no God that reigns on high,

Or minds the affairs of men.
2 From thoughts so dreadful and profane

Corrupt discourse proceeds ;
And in their impious hands are found

Abominable deeds.
3 The Lord from his celestial throne,

Looked down on things below,
To find the man that sought his grace,

Or did his justice know.
4 By nature all are gone astray,

Their practice all the same :
There's none that fears his Maker's hand,

There's none that loves his name.
5 Their tongues are used to speak deceit,

Their slanders never cease:
How swift to mischief are their feet,

Nor know the paths of peace !
6 Such seeds of sin, that bitter root,

In every heart are found; Nor can they bear diviner fruit,

Till grace refine the ground.
7 0! that salvation might proceed

From Sion's sacred place,
Till Israel's captives all are freed,

And sing recovering grace.

C. M.
WHO shall inhabit in thy hill,
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell

So near his throne of grace ?
2 The man that walks in pious ways,

And works with righteous hands;

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That trusts his Maker's promised grace,

And follows his commands. 3 He speaks the meaning of his heart,

Nor slanders with his tongue; Will scarce believe an ill report,

Nor do his neighbour wrong.
4 The wealthy sinner he contemns,

Loves all that fear the Lord ;
And though to his own hurt he swears,

Still he performs his word.
5 His hands disdain a golden bribe,

And never wrong the poor;
This man shall dwell with God on earth,

And find his heaven secure.


L. M. WH

HO shall ascend thy heavenly place,

Great God, and dwell before thy face? The man that minds religion now,

And humbly walks with God below: 2 Whose hands are pure, whose heart is clean,

Whose lips still speak the thing they mean; No slanders dwell upon his tongue;

He hates to do his neighbour wrong 3 Scarce will he trust an ill report,

Or vent it to his neighbour's hurt:
Sinners of state he can despise,

But saints are honoured in his eyes. 4 Firm to his word he ever stood,

And always makes his promise good ;
Nor dares to change the thing he swears,

Whatever pain or loss he bears. 5 He never deals in bribing gold,

And mourns that justice should be sold:
While others scorn and wrong the poor,
Sweet charity attends bis door.

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