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6 The words which from my mouth proceed,
The thoughts sent from my heart,
Accept, O Lord, for thou my strength
And my Redeemer art.

SELECTION 7. (Ps. 25.) S.M. Past Sins remembered and Mercy sought.

To thee I lift my soul:
O Lord, I trust in thee:

My God, let me not be ashamed,
Nor foes triumph o'er me.

2 Show me thy ways, O Lord,
Thy paths, O teach thou me:
And do thou lead me in thy truth,
Therein my teacher be. -

3 For thou art God that dost
To me salvation send,
And I upon thee all the day
Expecting do attend.

4 My sins and faults of youth

5. thou, O Lord, forget; After thy mercy think on me, And for thy goodness great.

5 God good and upright is:
The way he'll sinners show,
The meek in judgment he will guide,
And make his path to know.

SELECTION 8. (Ps. 26.)
Sincerity avowed.

EXAMINE me, and do me prove;
Try heart and reins, O God:
For thy love is before mine eyes,
Thy truth's paths I have trod.

2. With persons vain I have not sat,
Nor with dissemblers gone:
Th’ assembly of ill men I hate:
To sit with such I shun.

3 Mine hands in innocence, O Lord,
I'll wash and purify;
So to thine holy altar go,
And compass it will I:

4 That I, with voice of thanksgiving,
May publish and declare,
And tell of all thy mighty works,
That great and wondrous are.

5 The habitation of thy house,
Lord, I have loved well;
Yea, in that place I do delight
Where doth thine honour dwell.

SELECTION 9. (Ps. 27.)

The Divine Favour sought.

O LORD, give ear unto my voice,
When I do cry to thee;
Upon me also mercy have,
And do thou answer me.

2. When thou didst say, Seek ye my face,
Then unto thee reply
Thus did my heart, Above all things
Thy face, Lord, seek will I.

3 Far from me hide not thou thy face;
Put not away from thee
Thy servant in thy wrath: thou hast
Å. helper been to me.

4 O God of my salvation,
Leave me not, nor forsake:
Tho' me my parents both should leave,
The Lord will me up take.

5 O Lord, instruct me in thy way,
To me a leader be
In a plain path, because of those
That hatred bear to me.

SELECTION 10. (Ps. 28.)
Past Mercies remembered.

ORD, I will thee extol, for thou
Hast lifted me on high,
And over me thou to rejoice
Mad'st not mine enemy.

2 O thou who art the Lord my God,
I in distress to thee,
With loud cries lifted up my voice,
And thou hast healed me.

3 O Lord, my soul thou hast brought up,
And rescued from the grave;
That I to pit should not go down,
Alive thou didst me save.

40 ye that are his holy ones, -
Sing praise unto the Lord;
And give unto him thanks, when ye
His holiness record. -

5 For but a moment lasts his wrath ;
Life in his favour lies:
Weeping may for a night endure,
At morn doth joy arise.

SELECTION 11. (Ps. 32.)

Pardon sought and found.
BLESSED is the man to whom
Is freely pardoned

All the transgressions he hath done,
Whose sin is covered.

2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord
Imputeth not his sin,
And in whose spirit there is no guile,
Nor fraud is found therein.

3 I will confess unto the Lord
My trespasses, said I;
And of my sin thou freely didst
Forgive th' iniquity.
4 For this shall every godly one
His prayer make to thee:
In such a time he shall thee seek,
As found thou mayest be.

5 Thou art my hiding-place, thou shalt

- From trouble keep me free ;

Thou with songs of deliverance,
About shalt compass me.

SELECTION 12. (Ps. 34.)

Safety and Happiness of the Righteous

THE angel of the Lord encamps,
And round encompasseth

All those about that do him fear,
And them delivereth.

2 O taste and see that God is good:
Who trusts in him is blest.
Fear God, his saints: none that him fear
Shall be with want oppressed.

3 The lions young may hungry be,
And they may lack their food:
But they that truly seek the Lord
Shall not lack any good.

40 children, hither do ye come,
And unto me give ear;
I shall you teach to understand
How ye the Lord should fear.

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5 What man is he that life desires,
To see good would live long?
Thy lips refrain from speaking guile,
And from ill words thy tongue.

SELECTION 13. (Ps. 36.)
The Divine Mercy exalted.

THy mercy, Lord, is in the heavens; Thy truth doth reach the clouds : Thy justice is like mountains great; Thy judgments deep as floods.

2 Lord, thou preservest man and beast,
How precious is thy grace l
Therefore in shadow of thy wings,
Men's sons their trust shall place.

3 They with the fatness of thy house
Shall be well satisfied;
From rivers of thy pleasures thou
Wilt drink to them provide.

4 Because of life the fountain pure
Remains alone with thee;

And in that purest light of thine
We clearly light shall see.

SELECTION 14. (Ps. 43.)
Trust in God.

O SEND thy light forth and thy truth;
Let them be guides to me,
And bring me to thine holy hill,
Even where thy dwellings be.

2 Then will I to God's altar go,
To God my chiefest joy;
Yea, God, my God, thy name to praise
My harp I will employ.

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