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6 Give ye the glory to the Lord
That to his name is due ;
Come ye into his courts, and bring
An offering with you.
SELECTION 37. (Ps. 98.)
A Song of Triumph.
O SING a new song to the Lord,
For wonders he hath done;
His right hand and his holy arm
Him victory hath won.
2 The Lord God his salvation
Hath caused to be known;
His justice in the heathen's sight
He openly hath shown.
3 He mindful of his grace and truth
To Israel's house hath been ;
And the salvation of our God
All ends of the earth have seen.
4 Let all the earth unto the Lord
Send forth a joyful noise;
Lift up your voice aloud to him,
Sing praises, and rejoice.

SELECTION 38. (Ps. 102.) L. M.
God loves the Church and hears Prayer.

THQ. shalt arise, and mercy yet
Thou to mount Zion shalt extend:
Her time for favour which was set,
Behold, is now come [to an end.]
2 Thy saints take pleasure in her stones,
Her very dust to them is dear.
All heathen lands and kingly thrones
On earth thy glorious name shall fear.
3 God in his glory shall appear,
When Zion he builds and repairs.
He shall regard and lend his ear
Unto the needy's humble prayers.

4 The afflicted's prayer he will not scorn:
All times this shall be on record;
And generations yet unborn
Shall praise and magnify the Lord.

5 He from his holy place looked down,
The earth he viewed from,heaven on high ;
To hear the prisoner's mourning groan,
And free them that are doomed to die.

SELECTION 39. (Ps. 103.)
A Song of Praise.
O THOU my soul, bless God the Lord,
And all that in me is
Be stirred up his holy name
To magnify and bless.

2 Bless, O my soul, the Lord thy God,
And not forgetful be
Of all his gracious benefits
He hath bestowed on thee.
3 All thine iniquities who doth
Most graciously forgive:
Who thy diseases all and pains
Doth heal, and thee relieve.

4 Who doth redeem thy life, that thou
To death may'st not go down;
Who thee with loving-kindness doth
And tender mercies crown.
5 The Lord our God is merciful,
And he is gracious,
Long-suffering, and slow to wrath,
In mercy plenteous.

6 He will not chide continually,
Nor keep his anger still.
With us he dealt not as we sinned,
Nor did requite our ill.
7 For as the heaven in its height
The earth surmounteth far;

So great to those that do him fear
His tender mercies are.

8 As far as east is distant from
The west, so far hath he
From us removed, in his love,
All our iniquity.

SELECTION 40. (Ps. 103.)

God merciful and Man frail.
SUGH pity as a father hath
Unto his children dear,
Like pity shows the Lord to stich
As worship him in fear.

2 For he remembers we are dust,
And he our frame well knows.
Frail man, his days are like the grass,
As flower in field he grows:

3 For over it the wind doth pass,
And it away is gone :
And of the place where once it was
It shall no more be known.

4 But unto them that do him fear
God’s mercy never ends;
And to their children's children still
His righteousness extends:

5 To such as keep his covenant,
And mindful are alway
Of his commandments just and true,
That they may them obey.

SELECTION 41. (Ps. 116.)
A Song of Thanksgiving.
I LOVE the Lord, because my voice
And prayers he did hear.
I, while I live, will call on him,
Who bowed to me his ear.

2 Of death the cords and sorrows did
About me compass round;
The pains of hell took hold on me:
I grief and trouble found.
3 Upon the name of God the Lord
Then did I call, and say,
Deliver thou my soul, O Lord,
I do thee humbly pray.
4 God merciful and righteous is,
Yea, gracious is our Lord.
God saves the meek: I was brought low,
He did me help afford.

5 O thou, my soul, do thou return
Unto thy quiet rest;
For largely, lo, the Lord to thee
His bounty hath expressed.

6 For my distressed soul from death
Delivered was by thee:
Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears,
My feet from falling free.

SELECTION 42 (Ps. 116.) Vows fulfilled. IN the land of those that live Will walk the Lord before. I did believe, therefore I spake : I was afflicted sore. 2 I said, when I was in my haste, That all men liars be. What shall I render to the Lord For all his gifts to me? 3 I'll of salvation take the cup, On God's name will I call: I'll pay my vows now to the Lord Before his people all. 4 Dear in God's sight is his saints' death. Thy servant, Lord, am I;


Thy servant sure, thine handmaid’s son: My bands thou didst untie. 5 Thank-offerings I to thee will give, And on God's name will call. I’ll pay my vows now to the Lord Before his people all; 6. Within the courts of God's own house, Within the midst of thee, O city of Jerusalem. Praise to the Lord give ye.

SELECTION 43. (Ps. 119.)

Blessedness of the Righteous. BLESSED are they that undefiled, And straight are in the way; Who in the Lord's most holy law Do walk, and do not stray. 2 Blessed are they who to observe His statutes are inclined; And who do seek the living God With their whole heart and mind. 3 Such in his ways do walk, and they Do no iniquity. Thou hast commanded us to keep Thy precepts carefully. 4 O that thy statutes to observe Thou wouldst my ways directl Then shall I not be shamed, when I Thy precepts all respect. 5 Then with integrity of heart Thee will I praise and bless, When I the judgments all have learned Of thy pure righteousness. 6 That I will keep thy statutes all Firmly resolved have I: 0 do not then, most gracious God, Forsake me utterly.

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