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2 Lord of every land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days;
Sounded through Thy wide dominion
Be Thy just and lawful praise.

Hallelujah, &c.
3 For Thy providence, that governs,

Through Thine empire's wide domain, Wings an angel, guides a sparrow, Blessed be Thy gentle reign!

Hallelujah, &c. 4 Brightness of the Father's glory,

Shall Thy praise unuttered lie? Flee, my tongue, such guilty silence ! Sing—the Lord who came to die!

Hallelujah, &c.
5 From the highest throne in glory,

To the cross of deepest woe,
All to ransom guilty captives:
Flow, my praise, for ever flow!

Hallelujah, &c.
6 Go, return, immortal Saviour,

Leave Thy footstool, take Thy throne;
Thence return, and reign for ever,
Be the kingdom all Thine own!

Hallelujah, Amen!

Children's Praises. L.M.
I THERE was a time when children sang,

The Saviour's praise with sacred glee,


And all the hills of Judah rang

With their exulting jubilee.
2 Oh! to have join'd their capturous song,

And swell’d their sweet hosannas high,
And bless'd Him with our feeble tongues,

As He-the Man of Grief-went by! 3 But Christ is now a glorious King,

And angels in His presence bow :
The humble songs that we can sing,
Oh, will He, can He, hear them now?
4 He can, He will, He loves to hear

The notes which babes and sucklings raise;
Jesus, we come with trembling fear;

Oh! teach our hearts and tongues Thy praise. 5 We join the hosts around Thy throne,

Who once, like us, the desert trod;
And thus we make their song our own-

“ Hosanna to the Son of God!" 29. Christ the Lord of all. C.M. 1 ALL hail the power of Jesus' name! .

A Let angels prostrate fall :
Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown Him, Lord of all.
2 Ye saints redeemed of Adam's race,

Ye ransomed from the fall;
Hail Him, who saves you by his grace!

And crown Him, Lord of all.

3 Let every kindred, every tribe

On this terrestrial ball,
To Him all majesty ascribe,

And crown Him, Lord of all.

4 O that with yonder sacred throng,

We, at His feet may fall;
Join in the everlasting song,

And crown Him, Lord of all.



The Sheep and the Shepherd.
1 SAVIOUR, we would be Thy sheep,

Know Thy voice, and follow Thee;
Deign our wandering souls to keep,
Then alone we safe can be.

2 Put us forth, that we may feed

In the pastures of Thy grace;
By refreshing waters lead
To some sweet and sacred place.

3 Saviour, we would follow Thee,

Wheresoever Thou wilt call;
Whether dark or bright it be,
Whatsoever may befal.

4 Never, Lord, from us depart,

Still defend us, keep, and guide,
Till we reach where now Thou art,
There, for ever to abide.


The Love of Jesus.

P.M. 1 ONE is kind above all others,

0, how He loves ! His is love beyond a brother's,

0, how He loves ! Earthly friends may pain and grieve thee, One day kind, the next day leave thee, But this friend will ne'er deceive thee,

O, how He loves ! 2 Love this friend! He died to save thee,

0, how He loves !
Dost thou love. He will not leave thee,

0, how He loves !
Think no more then of to-morrow,
Take His easy yoke and follow;
Jesus carries all thy sorrow,

0, how He loves ! 3 All thy sins shall be forgiven,

O, how He loves !
Backward all thy foes be driven,

O, how He loves !
Every blessing He'll provide thee,
Nought but good shall e'er betide thee,
Safe to glory He will guide thee,

0, how He loves !

32. Christ's Rejection and Death. C.M. I THE Saviour comes ! no outward pomp

1 Bespeaks his presence nigh ;

No earthly beauty shines in Him,

To draw the careless eye.
2 Rejected and despis'd of men,

Behold a man of woe!
Grief was His close companion still,

Through all His life below.
3 Yet all the griefs He felt were ours,

Ours were the woes he bore ;
Pangs not His own, His spotless soul

With bitter anguish tore.
4 His sacred blood hath wash'd our souls

From sin's polluting stain; His stripes have heal'd us; and His death

Reviv'd our souls again.
5 He died to bear the sins of men,

That they might be forgiv'n;
He LIVES to bless them, and defend,

And plead their cause in heav'n.


Gentleness of Jesus.
1 GENTLE Jesus, meek and mild,

U Look upon a little child;
Pity my simplicity,

Suffer me to come to Thee.
2 Fain I would to Thee be brought;

Gracious God, forbid it not;
Give me, O my God! a place
In the kingdom of Thy grace.

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