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2 Oh! if we have forgotten Thee,
Or disobeyed Thy holy will,
Thou who dost every spirit see,
Wilt Thou forgive and love us still ?
3 Forgive, and help us, more and more

To be the children of Thy love;
That when our earthly days are o’er,
We still may dwell with Thee above.

Sabbath Schools.

8.7. 1 SABBATH Schools are England's glory,

Let them spread on every hand;
They send forth a Saviour's story,

To the thousands of our land :
Sunday scholars should be heedful

Of the blessings they enjoy;
God will send them more when needful,

And will all their wants supply. 2 Let us love our sabbath duty,

As a pleasure and delight;
Finding in our school such beauty

As is charming to the sight.
Praise and prayer are there delightful,

Joining in one happy throng;
And to serve the Lord is rightful,

In a loud triumphant song. 3 Then let scholars and let teachers, .

All unite to serve the Lord ;

While He sends us faithful preachers,

Let us hearken to his word;
So whenever death shall meet us

Having served the Lord with fear-
Then in heaven our friends will greet us,

To the joys for ever there.


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National Anthem.
1 GOD bless our Sunday schools,
U Increase our Sunday schools;

God bless our schools.
On them in mercy shine,
May every child be Thine,
And love all hearts entwine;

God bless our schools.
2 Our teachers likewise bless,
And give them large success,

In winning souls.
May they encouraged be,
And ever may they see
Their labours crowned by Thee;

God bless our schools.
3 So may our schools increase,
In knowledge, love, and grace,

God bless our schools.
And while death's arrows fly,
And honoured teachers die,
May others still arise;

God bless our schools.


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1 NOW the dreary night is done

N Comes again the glorious sun,
Crimson clouds, and silver white,

Wait upon his breaking light. 2 Saviour! to Thy cottage homo

Once the daylight used to come;
Thou hast ofttimes seen it break

Brightly o'er that eastern lake.
3 Thou wast meek and undefiled,
Make me holy too, and mild ;
Thou didst foil the tempter's power,
Help me in temptation's hour.
4 Thou didst love Thy mother here,
Make me gentle, kind, and dear ;
Thou wast subject to her word,

Teach me to obey, O Lord.
5 Fretful feelings, passion, pride,

Never did with Thee abide ;
Make me watch myself to-day

That they lead me not astray.
6 With Thee, Lord, I would arise,

To Thee look with opening eyes,
All the day be at Thy side,
Saviour, Pattern, King, and Guide.


Morning Song.

6.5. i MORN amid the mountains'

11 Lovely solitude,
Gushing streams and fountains,

Murmur“ God is good!”
2 Now the glad sun breaking,

Pours a golden flood;
Deepest vales awaking,

Echo “ God is good !"
3 Hymns of praise are ringing

Through the leafy woud !
Songsters sweetly singing,

Warble “God is good ?”
4 Wake and join the chorus,

Man, with soul endued!
He whose smile is o'er us,
God, our God is good!

C.M. 1 MY God, who makes the sun to know

His proper hour to rise,
And, to give light to all below,

Dost send him round the skies.
2 When from the chambers of the east

His morning race begins,
He never tires, nor stops to rest,

But round the world he shines.

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3 So, like the sun, may I fulfil

The business of the day;
Begin my work betimes, and still

March on my heavenly way.
4 Give me, O Lord, Thy early grace,

Nor let my soul complain,
That the young morning of my days
Has all been spent in vain.

1 TNTO Him who guards us sleeping,

And by day,
From a thousand dangers keeping,

Guards our way;
Unto Him who makes His dwelling,
In the heav'n of light excelling,
Angels tongues His glory telling,

Let us pray. . 2 At the birth of rosy morning,

Fresh and gay,
When the sun the noon adorning,

Spreads his ray;
When the day's bright hours are ending,
Shades of night again descending,
Humbly at His footstool bending,

Let us pray. 3 For the bread our bodies feeding,

Day by day;
For the grace our souls are needing,

Lest we stray;

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