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Then, Jesu, grant us now to die with Thee,

With new-born hearts, oh! grant us now to rise, That so the world's vain pleasures we may flee,

And fix our hearts, our treasure, in the skies.

Now to the Father, and his only Son,
Who conquered death, and reigns supreme in

And to the Holy Spirit, Three in One,

All praise and glory evermore be given.


(Dum morte victor obrutá.

No. 94.)

The Lord hath burst the bonds of death,

And triumphed o'er the grave,
Once more your

Master ye behold,
Who died your souls to save.

Remember how with joyful hearts

Ye swelled his faithful train,
And listened to the wondrous things

Of His eternal reign.

of the cross,

But when He told

The woes he first must bear,
Your fearful love too soon consigned

Your hearts to sad despair.

Oh! surely 'twas ordained for Him,

As Son of man to die,
That He might triumph over death,

As Son of God most high.
O Lord, we pray thee, be thou still

Our teacher from above:
Instruct our hearts to know thee well,

And as we know, to love.
Now to the Father, and the Son,

Who reigns supreme in heaven, And Holy Spirit, Three in One,

Be endless glory given.


(Natus parenti redditus. No. 95.)

The Son, upon His Father's throne,

Is still your constant friend,
And soon, like fire, upon your hearts,

His Spirit shall descend.
Thus fitted for your heavenly task,

He sends you forth abroad,
To sound the glorious trumpet-note,

And call mankind to God.

is He will fortify your hearts,

Whatever toils betide, Though dark the way, and rough the path,

With foes on every side.

Though tyrants rage, though sinners scoff,

Their scorn, their threats, how vain
To those, for whom to live is Christ,

For whom to die is gain!

May steadfast faith, may joyful hope,

And never-failing love,
Remove your fears, console

And lift your souls above !

your hearts,

To God the Father, God the Son,

Who calls us to the sky,
And to the Holy Ghost, be praise

To all eternity*.


* The feast of St. Philip and St. James always comes between Easter and Whit Sunday; in the course of those fifty days, during which our Lord, after his rising from the dead, and before his ascension, showed himself to his disciples, and spoke to them of the things appertaining to the kingdom of God. Accordingly, each of these hymns refer to these particular circumstances. The first consoles the disciples under the prospect of their Lord's departure ; the second reminds them of the glorious consequences of his death; and the third sets forth to them their glorious career, as the publishers of his Gospel all over the world.



(Christi, qui sedes Olympo. No. 96.)

O CHRIST, who in heaven

Hlast made thine abode, To whom there is given

Like glory with God,
Before Thee assemble

The spirits of light,
Thou makest them tremble,

Because of thy might:
Oh ! may we, combining

Our own feeble lays,
Now please thee by joining

Their chorus of praise.

Among them appeareth

Thy champion, O Lord, The victor that beareth

The glittering sword:
The sword that he wielded

So stoutly in fight,
When the fierce dragon yielded

To his greater might:
Who, when against heaven

Ile dared to rebel,
With his armies was driven

To nethermost hell.

The chief place thou bearest

The spirits among, Thou, Michael, fairest

Of all the bright throng : Round God's seat in glory

Ye all are arrayed, And ever before ye

His counsels are laid : The courses of nature

Ye order full well: Ye bear every creature

To heaven or to hell.

The heirs of salvation

Your succour receive, And strong consolation,

Whenever they grieve : When sickness assails us,

Ye save us from fear, When the breath of life fails us,

Ye still hover near ; And so when, life ended,

Our spirits take flight, By you they're attended

To regions of light.

Oh ! let the Creator

Our praises embrace, The Father of nature, The Father of

grace : The like adoration

To him be assigned,

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