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Who purchased salvation

And life for mankind :
And let equal praises

The Spirit extol,
Who comforts and raises

And strengthens the soul.



(Spousa Christi, quæ per orbem. No. 97.)

SPOUSE of Christ, to whom 'tis given,

For thy Lord to strive and die,
Chant aloud the

song of heaven,
Sing the triumph of the sky.
Let this festive day combining

Saints below with saints above,
Hear them all their voices joining,

Fraught with melody and love.
Leader of the ransomed nation,

See the Virgin's holy Son,
Who was slain for our salvation,

Who for us the victory won.
See the ministering spirits,

All the blessed angelic throng,
Praising their Creator's merits

In a never-failing song.

Princes of the host of heaven,

See the twelve the chorus swell, Who, with power by Jesus given,

Judge the tribes of Israel. See each life-despising martyr

Holds his blood-stained vest on high, Who rejoiced his life to barter

For a treasure in the sky. See the faithful, all collected,

Happy in their blessed abode, Who the world's vain joys rejected

For their Saviour and their God.

All with joy their voices rearing,

Glory to their God proclaim,
His thrice-mighty power declaring,

Praising his thrice-holy name.
Happy saints, with every blessing,

Every joy your God can give,
Oh! may we, such peace possessing,

Now in holy union live!
May we ever walk before Him

Here on earth in faithful love : May we see him, and adore Him, After death in realms above!




(Jesu, sacerdotum decus. No. 98.)

O CHRIST, who art our Pastor's Lord,
His faithful guide, his sure reward,
This day at once commenced shall be

prayers for him, his toil for thee.
That he his love to thee may show,
And thy great love to him may know,
Thou hast deputed him to keep
A portion of thine own dear sheep.
'Tis his to know them, and to lead
To pastures where their souls


feed : 'Tis theirs to follow, and receive The food of life his hands shall give. "Tis his to search both night and day For the poor sheep that go astray, And if he find them, to restore, That they may go astray no more. He guards the fold from beasts of prey, And drives the cruel wolves away : He loves his sheep, and will not fly, Prepared to fight, resigned to die.

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Oh! may the shepherd and the flock
Secure beneath th' eternal Rock,
Be happy here in faithful love
Until they join the fold above !



(Summi pusillus grex Patris. No. 99.)

Thou little flock, whose Shepherd is above,

From sinful fears your wavering mind refrain: Are

ye not now partakers of his love? Are

ye not partners of his future reign? How many saints, who now surround his throne, Were once, like you, with cares and sorrows

worn ; Their griefs unnoticed, and their joys unknown,

They dared not murmur, and they would not


They bore the cherished burden of the cross,

And thus the strait and narrow way they trod : Through many a doubtful contest, many a loss,

Still slowly struggling on their way to God. The inward bursts of passion or of pride,

They sought with prayer and watching to subdue, With many a comfort, to themselves denied,

The path of indigence they loved to strew.


Eternal Father of the world,
Eternal Son, our glorious Lord,
Eternal Spirit, praise to thee,
Now, and to all eternity.


(O Virgo, pectus cui sacrum.

No. 102.)

BLEst child of God, thy hallow'd soul

From earthly ties set free,
Soon felt God's grace a source of love

And holy joy in thee.
Deceitful pleasure ne'er could lead

Thy steadfast steps astray:
For thou wast ever following

Where Jesus led the way.
So soon, so well, thy heart was taught

The Virgin-born to prize,
That thou for him wast well content

Things earthly to despise.
Ilow blest thy lot, to whom, e’en now,

Among God's saints 'tis given,
To listen to their songs of praise,

To see thy Lord in heaven!
To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the angel-host.

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