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(Ardet Deo quæ femina. No. 103.)

The loving heart, the bounteous hand

In vain would shrink from fame : The poor

around her threshold stand, And loudly bless her name.

To all the calls of deep distress

Her daily thoughts attend; A mother to the motherless,

To friendless maids a friend.

Each child of sorrow she relieves,

She does it, Lord, to thee; Herself of comforts she bereaves,

That they supplied may be.

At home with her true peace remains,

And marks her steps abroad, Thus everywhere she still maintains

The honour of her God.

To the great Father of the Word,

To the co-equal Son,
And Holy Spirit, endless praise

And glory shall be be done.

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(Oh! Jam beata, quæ suo. No. 104.)

Oh! happy the departed saint,

From earthly bonds set free,
At length in chains of endless love

United, Lord, to thee.

The steps by which she rose on high,

Are not concealed from you ;
These steps, ye mothers and ye maids,

With earnest zeal pursue.


we, too, will with care observe

that she hath trod,
For men full well may learn of her

How they may live to God.

Then kindle in our hearts, O Lord,

That same celestial fire,
And with the love that she displayed,

Do thou our souls inspire.

To the great Father of the Word,

To the co-equal Son,
And to the Spirit, endless praise

And glory shall be done.



(Urbs Jerusalem beata. No. 105.)

O city of our God,

Jerusalem the blest !
Thou glorious abode
Of holy joy and rest;

To sing thy praise,
The angel throng,
In joyful song,
Their voices raise.

Thou comest from the sky,

In robes of royal pride ;
Thy husband the Most High,
And thou his chosen bride :

All shining bright
With purest gold,
Thy streets unfold

A glorious sight.
Thy holy gates are decked

With pearls of beauty rare,
And none but God's elect
Can be admitted there,

Who undergo
Sorrow and shame,
For Jesus' name,
On earth below.

Thy living stones are they,

By renovating grace
Prepared for Christ to lay
In their appoinied place:

There they will stay,
Honoured and loved,
Ne'er to be moved
From thence away.

Praise to the God of heaven,

Praise to His only Son:
And praise to him be given
Who joins them both in one:

The Holy Dove,
Who makes them meet
For the blest seat
Of God above.


(Angulare fundamentum. No. 106.)

CHRIST is our corner-stone,

On him alone we build ;
With his true saints alone
The courts of heaven are filled.

On his great love
Our hopes we place
Of present grace
And joys above.

Oh! then with hymns of praise

These hallowed courts shall ring:
Our voices we will raise
The Three in One to sing,

And thus proclaim
In joyful song,
Both loud and long,
That glorious name.

Here, gracious God, do thou

For evermore draw nigh;
Accept each faithful prayer,
And mark each suppliant sigh :

In copious shower,
On all who pray,
Each holy day
Thy blessings pour.

Here may we gain from heaven

The grace which we implore,
And may that grace, once given,
Be with us evermore.

Until that day
When all the blest
To endless rest
Are called away.

Praise to the God of heaven,

Praise to his only Son, And praise to Him be given

Who joins them both in one:

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