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Revive thy dying churches, Lord,
And bid our drooping graces live;

A Saviour's blood alone can give.

And more,

energy afford


Thou, God, all glory, honour, power,

Art worthy to receive; For all things by thy power were made,

And by thy bounty live.

And worthy is the Lamb, all power,

Honour and wealth to gain, Glory and strength; who for our sins

A sacrifice was slain.

All worthy Thou, who hast redeemed

And ransomed us to God; From every nation, every coast,

By thy most precious blood.

Blessing and honour, glory, power,

By all in earth and heaven,
To Him that sits upon the throne,

And to the Lamb, be given.



All ye, who faithful servants are

Of our Almighty King,
Both high and low, and small and great,

His praise devoutly sing.
Let us rejoice and render thanks

To his most holy name;
Rejoice, rejoice, for now is come

The marriage of the Lamb.

His bride herself hath ready made,

How and white her dress ! Which is her saints' integrity,

And spotless holiness.


Oh! therefore blessed is every one,

Who to the marriage feast, And holy supper of the Lamb,

Is made a welcome guest.


O LORD, turn not thy face away

From him that lies prostrate, Lamenting sore his sinful life,

Before thy mercy-gate.

Which thou dost open wide to those

Who do lament their sin:
Oh! shut it not against me, Lord,

But let me enter in.

Call me not to a strict account,

How I have lived here; For then I know right well, O Lord,

How vile I shall appear.

I need not to confess

my life, For surely thou canst tell What I have been : and what I am

Thou knowest very well.

O Lord, I need not to repeat

What I do beg and crave,
For thou dost know before I ask,

The thing that I would have;

Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask,

This is the total sum :
For mercy, Lord, 'is all my suit,

Oh, let thy mercy come.


O LORD, in Thee is all my trust,
Give ear unto my


cry, Refuse not me that am unjust,

But, bowing down thy heavenly eye,


Behold how I do still lament

My sins, wherein I do offend : O Lord, for them shall I be shent,

Since thee to please I do intend?

Oh, no, not so thy will is bent,

To deal with sinners in thine ire, But when in heart they shall repent,

Thou grantest that which they desire ; To thee, therefore, I still shall cry,

To wash away my sinful crime: Thy blood, O Lord, is not yet dry,

But that it may give help in time.

Haste thee, O Lord, haste thee, I say,

To pour on me the gifts of grace: That when this life shall fleet away,

In heaven with Thee I may have place : Where thou dost reign eternally

With God, our Saviour and our friend, Where angels sing continually

“ Be praise to Thee, world without end."


COME, Holy Spirit, God of might,

The Comforter of all,
Teach us to know thy word aright,

That we may never fall.

O Lord, that givest thy holy word,

Send preachers plenteously : That in the same we may accord,

And therein live and die.

Depart not from thy pastors pure,

But aid them at their need, Who break to us the bread of life,

Whereon our souls do feed.

O God of truth, maintain thy church

In peace and unity:
Keep us from sects and errors all,

And from all heresy.

Convert all those that are thy foes,

And bring them to thy light, That they and we may


agree, And praise thee day and night.

In our time give thy peace, O Lord,

To nations far and nigh: And teach them all thy word, that they May sing to thee most high.


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