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Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Praise and glory be to Thee
Now and for eternity.



(In noctis umbrâ desides. No. 12.)

WHILE we our weary eyelids close, And stretch our limbs in soft repose, The waking soul to God may rise, And lift to him its faithful sighs. Desire of nations, Lord of grace, Redeemer of a sinful race, In pity hearken to the groan Of those whom sin hath overthrown ! Come, Jesu, come! our sins forgive, And let thy ransomed people live! Oh, if in Adam all must die, In Thee we claim the victory. To God the Son, who came from heaven To save mankind, all praise be given: And God the Father we adore, And Holy Ghost, for evermore.


(Mundi salus qui nasceris. No. 13.)

Oh holy Babe, our prayer receive,
For thou wast born that we might live;
May we, like thee, be meek and mild,
In spirit like a little child.
When gentle sleep relieves awhile
Our bodies spent with daily toil,
May no alarms disturb our rest,
No prowling wolves thy sheep molest.
The Father's name we loudly raise,
The Son, the Virgin-born, we praise ;
The Holy Ghost, we all adore ;
One God, both now and evermore.



(Grates peracto jam die. No. 14.)

And now the day is past


gone, We sing, oh God, thy praise, And while the night is hasting on,

Our humble prayer we raise.
The sin that we have done this day

Oh, teach us to deplore,
And drive the tempter far away,

That we may sin no more.

That cruel lion prowls around,

To kill and to devour,
Beneath thy wings may help be found

To save us from his power.
When shall that day arise, oh God,

Which ne'er shall set in gloom; When shall we reach that blest abode,

Where danger cannot come?
To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the angel-host.


(Oh Splendor æterni Patris. No. 15.)

Thou Brightness of thy Father's face,

Thou Sun of heavenly day,
Thou Christ, whose gracious beams remove

The soul's dark shades away.
The sun is sunk; the shadowy night

Is reigning in his room;
Continue, Lord, thy saving help,

And keep us through the gloom.
What though our eyes be sunk in sleep,

To thee our hearts ascend:
Do thou, with thine Almighty hand,

Thy loving saints defend.

What though, by earthly woes oppressed,

The body wearied lies,
Yet may our spirit freely wing

passage to the skies.
Oh thou, who art our only hope,

Thy help we humbly crave,
Defend thy blood-bought people, Lord,

Whom Jesus died to save.
To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the angel-host.

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(Jesu, redemptor seculi. No. 16.)

Oh Thou, who wast for sinners slain,
And the third day didst rise again,
No more to suffer or to die,
And captive led’st captivity:
While night surrounds us, dark and deep,
And we our eyelids close in sleep,
Do thou thy shield around us throw,
To save us from our crafty foe.
Thy gentle sleep consigns to rest

limbs and care-worn breast; May we such sweet repose partake, But keep, oh keep, our souls awake.

With thee to die, oh Christ, is gain :
With thee we wish to rise again:
For thee, things earthly to despise,
And fix our treasure in the skies.

Now to the Father and the Son,
Who victory o'er the grave hath won,
And to the Holy Ghost, be given
All praise on earth, all praise in heaven.




(Dei canamus gloriam. No. 17.)

COME let us praise the name of God

Who spread the lofty skies;
And to the firmament above

Uplift our wond'ring eyes.
Slow floating in the blue expanse

The watery clouds we view;
Whence fruitful showers, at God's command,

The thirsty soil bedew.
How fair a type of God's free grace

Which to our souls is given:
It drops into the inner man

Like gentle dews from heaven

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