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And as the faithful heart receives

The sanctifying shower,
In rapture sweet 'tis raised aloft

By God's Almighty power.
Oh happy saints, on whom are poured

Such blessings from above:
Oh, may they show a thankful heart,

And render love for love.

To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the angel-host.


(Nil laudibus nostris eges. No. 18.)

OUR praises, Lord, thou dost not need,

But we thy children are,
And thou art pleased thy grace to yield

To long persisting prayer.
Thy dark decrees are like the night,

When silence reigns around:
Thy love is like the beauteous morn,

With glowing sunbeams crowned.
Thy wonders, Lord, oppress the mind,

And make the tongue to cease, But love still burns within the heart,

And will not hold its peace.

Oh let it then break forth to thee,

Our Father and our Lord,
Our only consolation now,

Our future great reward.
Yes, thither tend our eager hearts,

Though weak the flesh may be ;
Oh Jesu, be thyself our guide,
And draw our souls to thee.



(Jactamur heu quot fluctibus. No. 19.)

WHEN storms and tempests o’er us roll,

Our hope is in the skies;
To thee, oh God, our anxious soul
And earnest prayers

Thou, Father, dost, thine aid afford,

Before the prayer is made,
In all our weakness, gracious Lord,

Thy strength is full display'd.
The sufferings that our souls oppress,

Thy mightier hand shall cure,
And thine avenging arm redress

wrongs we now endure.
Oh, then, what full success shall smile

On all our labours past!
Who would not gladly weep awhile

To reap such joys at last!

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One mighty God of Heaven, All glory by the angel host,

And saints on earth, be given.



(Jubes, et in præceps aquis. No. 20.)

He speaks the word; the floods obey,

And sink into their bed : Emerging from her liquid veil,

Earth shows her new-born head.

This to His children, for their home,

The Father hath assigned ;
One common earth contains them all,

One common love should bind.


We've no abiding city here,

But there's a home above,
For those who live as sons of God,

peace and holy love.
But they whose dark deceitful arts

Their fellow-men molest,
They shall not of thy love partake,

Nor come unto thy rest.


But, Lord, our hearts with holy peace,

And love, and concord, join; These are the fruits that certify

That we are truly thine. Eternal glory be ascribed

To God, who reigns above, By whom is sent into our souls

The grace of holy love.


(Te principem summo, Deus. No. 21.)

Oh! 'tis our duty, first of all,

To love the Lord most high:
And next we learn to keep the law

Of holy charity.
O Lord, our fellowship regard,

In thy great name begun;
In number though we many be,

Yet all our hearts are one.
And faith is ours, and truth sincere,

And peace, and holy joy;
Oh, then, may no unholy strife,

This sacred love destroy!
But teach us, Lord, more strictly still,

This holy rule to keep:
With saints rejoicing to rejoice;

With weeping saints to weep.

Triune Jehovah! to thy name

Be endless glory given,
Who fashionest, with holy love,

The hearts of thine for heaven.


(O quàm juvat fratres, Deus. No. 22.)

O LORD, how joyful 'tis to see
The brethren join in love to thee :
On thee alone their heart relies,
Their only strength thy grace supplies.
How sweet within thy holy place
With one accord to sing thy grace,
Besieging thine attentive ear
With all the force of fervent prayer.
Oh, may we love the house of God,
Of peace and joy the blest abode!
Oh, may no angry strife destroy
That sacred peace, that holy joy !
The world without may rage, but we
Will only cling more close to Thee,
With hearts to Thee more wholly given,
More weaned from earth, more fixed on Heaven.
Lord, shower upon us from above
The sacred gift of mutual love :
Each other's wants may we supply,
And reign together in the sky.

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