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So those on whom is duly poured

The blessed baptismal wave, They too are children of the Lord,

They too may ask and have.
Theirs is the holy purity

And meekness of the dove:
To them the Holy Ghost is nigh,

To fill their souls with love.
Lord, if thou hast removed our stain

In that most holy flood,
May no fresh sin destroy again

The cleansing of Thy blood !
Praise to the Son, through whom alone

Our stains of guilt are lost: Like praise be to the Father done,

And to the Holy Ghost.


(Te læta mundi conditor. No. 56.)

Thou, great Creator, art possessed,
And Thou alone, of endless rest :
To angels only it belongs
To lift to Thee their ceaseless

But we must toil and toil again,
With ceaseless woe and endless pain :
Ilow then can we, in exile drear,
Lift the glad song of glory here?

Oh, Thou, who wilt forgiving be,
To all who truly turn to Thee,
Grant us to mourn the hapless cause
Of all our woe, Thy broken laws!
Then to such salutary grief
Let faith and hope bring due relief,
And we, too, shall be soon possessed
Of ceaseless songs of endless rest.
To God the Father, God the Son,
And Holy Ghost, be glory done :
Let equal praise to each be given,
By all on earth, and all in heaven.

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(Rebus creatis nil egens. No. 57.) OUR God, in His celestial seat, In glory and in power complete, To make that power and glory known, Lays the round world's foundation-stone. The elements, before unmade, Are now in beauteous order laid : And wondrous harmony they raise, To celebrate their Maker's praise. But e'en while thus the world comes forth, In all the beauty of its birth, His mind hath in itself unfurled Another and a nobler world.

Its builder is His only Son,
In grace and love it is begun:
'Tis carried on through every age
By His own word, the Gospel page.
In heaven at length, when time is o'er,
"Twill stand complete, to move no more :
Made meet for such a blessed abode,
Meet for the dwelling-place of God.
Oh, God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Preserve, direct, maintain in love,
The world below, and world above !


(Vos ante Christi tempora. No. 58.)

Oh, ye, who followed Christ in love,
While yet He dwelt in realms above,
First children of Almighty grace:
First fathers of the faithful race !
Oh, how can words of equal worth
The wonders of your faith set forth!
Or tell of all your panting sighs,
Which hope uplifted to the skies !
In dreary exile here below,
Ye found the world an empty show;
On real delights you fixed your love,
Not here below, but there above.

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The heart, O God, that loves Thee well,
Still longs with Thee in peace to dwell :
Forbid, O Lord, our souls to roam,
And fix them on our future home.

Praise to the Father, and the Son
And Holy Spirit, Three in One ;
Eternal praise to each be given,
By all on earth, and all in heaven.


(Alleluia! dulce carmen.

No. 59.)

ALLELUIA ! best and sweetest

Of the hymns of praise above !
Alleluia! thou repeatest,
Angel host, these notes of love,



utter. While your golden harps ye move.

Alleluia! Church victorious,

Join the concert of the sky!
Alleluia! bright and glorious,
Lift, ye saints, this strain on high !

We, poor exiles,
Join not yet your melody.


Alleluia! strains of glatness

Suit not souls with anguish torn:
Alleluia! sounds of sadness
Best become our state forlom:

Our offences
We with bitter tears must moun.

But our earnest supplication,

Holy God, we raise to thee:
Visit us with thy salvation,
Make us all thy joys to see!

Ours at length this strain shall be.


Alleluia ! dulce carmen.

Ou! glorious is the song

Of everlasting praise,
When all the angel throng
Their joyful chorus raise :

When seraphs sing
To God their King,

ou too, Jerusalem,

The concert thou may’st join,
nd this may be the theme
Of every saint of thine :

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