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Jesu, may thy promised blessing

Comfort to our souls afford,
May we, now thy love possessing,
And at length our full reward,

Ever praise Thee,
As our ever-glorious Lord.



(Adeste cælitum chori. No. 68.)

COME, thou blest angelic throng,
Join with us in joyful song;
Christ our Saviour, on this day
Cast the bonds of death away.

All in vain around his tomb
Watched the soldiers through the gloom ·
All in vain His crafty foes
Sought with seals the door to close.

Idle fears! no thief will come
To remove him from the tomb :
He, who gave himself to death,
Can himself resume his breath.

On the cross the senseless crowd
Saw him hang, and laughed aloud;
“ Now come down,” they cried, “and we
Will believe that thou art He.”

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But thou didst thy Father's will
Even to the death fulfil :
Thou didst not the offering shun,
Priest and Victim, all in one.

upon the cross he stayed,
And within the tomb was laid :
Now he leaves that dark abode,
Hail Him as the Son of God.



(Aurora cælum purpurat. No. 69.) This holy morn, so fair and bright,

Shall hear our praises swell:
For oh, what joy prevails on earth,

What wild despair in hell !
This morn our mighty King arose

From death's infernal cave,
And many a saint, to welcome Him,

Hath left his ancient grave.
In vain they sealed his sepulchre,

And watched around his tomb,—
The Lord hath gained the victory,

And death is overcome.
Then weep no more at death's dark power,

Let no more tears be shed :
For why! the vanquisher of death

Is risen from the dead.

Oh, Jesu ! may we ever live

From sin and sorrow free: Then let us ever die to sin, And ever live to Thee.



SINCE Christ, our passover, is slain,

A sacrifice for all,
Let all with thankful hearts agree,

To keep the festival.
Not with the leaven, as of old,

Of sin and malice fed,
But with unfeigned sincerity,

And truth's unleavened bread.

Christ being raised by power divine,

And rescued from the grave, Shall die no more; death shall on Him

No more dominion have.

For that He died, 'twas for our sins

He once vouchsafed to die;
But that He lives, He lives to God,

For all eternity.
So count yourselves as dead to sin,

But graciously restored,
And made henceforth alive to God,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


CHRIST from the dead is raised, and made

The first fruits of the tomb :
For as by man came death, by man

Did resurrection come.

For as in Adam all mankind

Did guilt and sin derive,
So by the righteousness of Christ

Shall all be made alive.

If then ye risen are with Christ,

Seek only how to get The things that are above, where Christ

At God's right hand doth sit.


JESUS CHRIST is risen to-day,
Our triumphant holiday :
Who did once, upon the cross
Suffer to redeem our loss.


Hymns of praise then let us sing
Unto Christ, our heavenly King;
Who endured the cross and grave,
Sinners to redeem and save.

Alleluia !

But the pain which he endured
Our salvation hath secured ;
Now above the sky he's King,
Where the angels ever sing.

Alleluia !

EVENSONG. (Forti tegente brachio.) No. 70. PROTECTED by the Almighty hand,

We traversed safe the severed main: No more we see the Egyptian land,

No more we feel the tyrant's chain. Oh! then, to God, with one accord,

Be joyful thanks and homage paid : And let us come before the Lord,

In robes of innocence arrayed. Yes, let us at His table meet,

And banquet at his feast of love: So shall our soul, with transport beat,

And God's own presence sweetly prove. Christ is our Paschal Lamb to-day,

To Him the Christian looks for food : Nor will the avenging angel slay

Those who are sprinkled with his blood. h, Victim, worthy of the sky,

Beneath whose power death vanquished fell : Vho saved mankind from misery, And burst the dungeon-gates of hell!

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