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When to his saints as their reward,

Himself Jehovah gives,
And thus its all-sufficient Lord

The faithful soul receives.

To guide us to thy glories, Lord,

To lift us to the sky,
Oh, may thy Holy Ghost be poured

Upon us from on high !
Praise to the Father and the Son,

Who dwells aloft in heaven:
And to the Spirit, Three in One,

Let equal praise be given.


(Suprema rector cælitum. No. 78.)

RULER of the hosts of light,
Death hath yielded to thy might,
And thy blood hath marked a road,
Which will lead us back to God.

From thy dwelling-place above,
From thy Father's throne of love,
Look upon us here below,
Do not leave us in our woe.

Now thou sittest on thy throne,
By thy death thy sorrows won,
Now perform the promise given,
Send the Holy Ghost from heaven.

Praise the Son, who reigns on high
With the Father, in the sky:
And the Holy Ghost adore,
Three in One, for evermore.



(Veni, Superne Spiritus. No. 79.) COME, Holy Ghost, thou source of good! For lo! the world, by Jesus' blood Relieved from guilt, from bondage free, Now pants for grace, and longs for thee. Accomplish now the promise given By Christ when he returned to heaven: With holy love our hearts inspire, And cleanse them with thy sacred fire. Our grief is great : our Lord is gone : And we are helpless and alone; Oh, pity our deserted state, And do not leave us desolate !

The truth, till now concealed in shade,
And only to a few conveyed,
Oh, far and wide that truth reveal,
That all mankind its power may feel.
Oh !

may the unction from above
Anoint us all with holy love :
Thy tidings to our hearts declare,
And write thy law for ever there.

Now to the Father and the Son,
Be equal praise and glory done :
And to the Spirit, source of love,
Be praise on earth, and praise above


(Audimur, alma Spiritus. No. 80.)

Our prayer is heard : the holy Dove,
Sent from the Father's breast above,
Brings down to mortal man's abode
The gifts, the promised gifts of God.
And oh, what wonders were displayed,
When He on earth his entrance made!
A blast, loud rushing through the sky
Gave notice that the Lord was nigh.
And then the Holy Spirit came
In form of fast descending flame,
And rested on the assembled choir,
Like cloven tongues of living fire.
And those bright flames, thus gently shed,
On each apostle's hallowed head,
Within their hearts and senses pour
A life and strength unknown before.
Amazed the Gentiles stand around,
And listen to the varied sound :
Each hears the Gospel's glad command
In accents of his native land.

And while the word is preached aloud,
The Spirit fills the assembled crowd:
Fresh prophets thus on every side,
And holy men are multiplied.
Now to the Father and the Son
Be everlasting glory done,
And to the Spirit, who inspires
Our hearts with his celestial fires.


(Veni Creator, Spiritus. No. 81.) COME, Holy Ghost, Creator, come,

Inspire the souls of thine, Till every heart which thou hast made. Is filled with


divine. Thou art the Comforter; the gift

Of God, and fire of love, The everlasting spring of joy,

And unction from above.

Thy gifts are manifold: thou writest

God's laws in each true heart; The promise of the Father, thou

Dost heavenly speech impart. Enlighten our dark souls, till they

Thy sacred love embrace: Assist our minds, by nature frail,

With thy celestial grace.

Drive far from us the mortal foe,

And give us peace within ;
That by thy guidance blest, we may

Escape the snares of sin.

Teach us the Father to confesss,

And Son, from death revived, And with them both, Thee, Holy Ghost,

Who art from both derived.

With Thee, O Father, therefore may

The Son, our gracious Lord, And sacred Comforter, one God, For ever be adored.




(Ter sancte, ter potens Deus. No. 82.)

THRICE holy God, of wondrous might,

O Trinity of love divine,
To thee belongs unclouded light,

And everlasting joys are thine.
About thy throne dark clouds abound,

About thee shine such dazzling rays, That angels, as they stand around

Are fain to tremble as they gaze.

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