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Thy new-born people, gracious Lord,

Confess thee in thine own great name; By hope they taste the rich reward,

Which faith already dares to claim. Father, may we thy laws fulfil,

Blest Son, may we thy precepts learn; And thou, blest Spirit, guide our will,

Our feet unto thy pathway turn.
Yea, Father, may thy will be done,

And may we thus thy name adore,
Together with thy blessed Son,
And Holy Ghost, for evermore.



(O luce qui tuâ lates. No. 83.)
OTHOU who dwellest bright on high,
Thou ever-blessed Trinity !
Thee we confess, in thee believe,
To thee with pious heart we cleave.
O Father, by thy saints adored,
O Son of God, our blessed Lord,
O Holy Spirit, who dost join,
Father and Son with love divine.
We see the Father in the Son,
And with the Father Christ is one ;
The Holy Ghost, the Paraclete,
In both resides, in both complete.

For God the Father, God the Son. And God the Holy Ghost are one : all three ope blessed truth approre, All three compose one holy love To God the Father, God the Son, And Holy Ghost, be glory done; One God Almighty we adore, With heart and voice, for evermore.




(Quos in hostes, Saule, tendis. No. 84.)

'GAINST what foemen art thou rushing,

Saul, what madness drives thee on?
Innocents in fury crushing,
Children of the sinless One ;

Oh, how shortly
Shall He make His


known !

See the Lord, from heaven descending,

Smites him, blinds him, lays him low: See the persecutor bending Humbly, meekly to the blow.

See him rising Friend to Christ, no longer foe. Breathing slaughter, chains preparing, Oh! how fierce his


burned : Now that he has lost his daring, And the Gospel truth has learned,

The destroyer Now into a lamb is turned.

Christ, thy power is man's salvation,

And thy love is here made known: He who wrought such desolation That thy cause might be o'erthrown,

Now converted, Makes that sacred cause his own.

Praise the Father, God of heaven,

Him who reigns supreme on high : Praise the Son, for sinners given Both to suffer and to die :

Praise the Spirit, Who prepares us for the sky.


(Pastore percusso, minas. No. 85.)

The shepherd slain, the wolf returns,
Against the fold his anger burns :
He now begins, with blindfold shock,
To scatter and destroy the flock.

But when there meets him on the road
The voice of his upbraiding God,
His wrath at once those words remove,
Exchanged for faith and holy love.
"Now meek and gentle, foe no more,
He tends the flock he smote before,
In captive bonds the captor led,
The haughty victor bows his head.

Othou, who with a word hast strewn
The lofty trees of Lebanon,
Thou, whose resistless grace hath bowed
The haughty spirit of the proud,

Thou, Shepherd, lift thine hand to crush All foes that on thy sheep-fold rush: And turn us back, whene'er we stray, And lead us on thine own good way.

And now to God, the Three in One
Be highest praise and glory done,
Who calleth us from sin's dark night,
To walk in his eternal light.



(Supreme quales arbiter. No. 86.)

What feeble instruments, O Lord,

Fulfil thy wondrous plan; How mean the channels, which convey

Thy grace to sinful man!

Yes, frail the vessels, but within

The heavenly torch is laid;
Which only waits Thy word to burst

Like lightning through the shade.


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