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printed at Cologne, in the year 1556, and regularly applied myself to the work of selection and translation. The result is the collection I now lay before the public. It will be observed that I have admitted no hymns but what appear to be expressly wanted for the purposes of our Church; my aim in translating them has been to be as simple as possible, thinking it better to be, of the two, rather bald and prosaic than fine and obscure. I have ventured to take the greatest part of the 2nd Hymn from the translation in the “ British Magazine," which, notwithstanding the alterations I have made in it, still shines forth as the work of an evidently superior hand : for all the rest I am answerable. With respect to the originals, they bear decided marks of very remote antiquity; some may have been very much altered : some, perhaps, entirely reconstructed, but still as several of them are known to be the work of St. Ambrose and St. Gregory, and other Primitive Fathers, and as all the rest bear internal evidence of being about the same age, they may well deserve the name affixed to them of “ The Hymns of the Primitive Church.” To them are added all the hymns which, from the beginning of the Reformation to the present day, have been inserted into our prayer-books; these are few, but mostly well

worth preserving. Thus are set forth in one view the Hymns, ancient and modern, which are the peculiar property of the Church of Christ-those which she had before the Papal Apostasy, and those which have been added to her collection since—the Hymns for the Divisions of the Day, the Hymns for the Seasons of the Church, the Hymns for Particular Occasions. Here is a nucleus which, in proper hands, may be added to, and amended in such a way from more modern sources, as to form a Hymn-Book in every respect worthy of our Church. It will not, I trust, be unpleasing or unedifying to her members to see a Morning Hymn by a Bishop of Milan* of the fourth century joined to one on the same subject by a Bishop of Salisbury t of the seventeenth. Perhaps, if the authorities of our Church carry on the design, we may see next to them a hymn by a Bishop of Calcutta of the nineteenth. For it should be remembered, that it was a particular wish of Bishop Heber, that there should be a Hymn-book for our Church, and all his Hymns were written with the view of forming one. Most happy, indeed, shall I be, if the present compilation can contribute, in the smallest degree, towards the accomplishment of so desirable a work.

• St. Ambrose,

+ Bishop Ken.




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SUNDAY, Nocturn. The first of days the light beheld 1 Matins. Now morning lifts her dewy veil

2 6 A. M.

Once more the sun is beaming bright 9 A, M. Oh Holy Spirit, Lord of grace

Blest Spirit, one with God above 12 A. M.

And now the sun's meridian beams

Oh God of truth, Almighty Lord
3 P. M. And now the sun's declining rays

Almighty God, thy throne above . 7
Evensong. Oh Thou, whose throne is hid
Source of light and life divine

8 Conclusion,

While we our weary eyelids close. 10
Christmas. Oh holy Babe, our prayer receive 11
Presentation. And now the day is past and gone

11 Lent. Thou brightness of thy Father's face 12

Easter. Oh thou, who wast for sinners slain 13 MONDAY, Nocturn. Come, let us praise the name of God 14

Matins. Our praises, Lord, thou dost not need 15

Evensong. When storms and tempests o'er us roll 16 TUESDAY, Nocturn. He speaks the word ; the floods obey 17 Matins. Oh! tis our duty, first of all

18 Evensong. Oh Lord, how joyful 'tis to see 19 WEDNESDAY, Noct. The wonders of th’ Almighty hand 20

Matins. A faithful prom thou hast made 21

Evensong. O God, the hateful pride of man
THURSDAY, Nocturn. The deep a two-fold offspring bore

Matins. Oh, how can worthy praises, Lord 24
Evensong. Oh, God of our salvation, Lord

25 FRIDAY, Nocturn. And now, O God, thy mind resolves 26

Matins. While thine avenging arrow, Lord 27

Evensong. Lament, ye saints, behold your God . 28 SATURDAY, Nocturn. At length creation's days are past 29 Matins. Creator of mankind

30 Evensong. Supreme disposer of the heart

31 MORNING HYMN. O Jesu, Lord of heavenly Grace 32

Awake, my soul, and with the sun 33 EVENING HYMN, Glory to Thee, my God, this night 34






Page ADVENT. Nocturn. The Advent of our God

. 39 Matins. On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry

40 Thy Father's bosom thou didst leave 41 Evensong. The rolling years at length fulfil 42 CHRISTMAS, Eve. The Prince of Peace, to sinners given 43 Nocturn. Cease, weary mortals, cease to sigh 44

While shepherds watched their flocks 45 Matins. Oh! come ye faithful, and your homage bring

46 High let us swell our tuneful notes 47 Evensong. Jesus, thou holy Son of God

48 Hark, the herald angels sing

49 St. STEPHEN's Day. Ah, wherefore do the impious Jews . 50 St. John's Day. Beloved disciple of thy Lord


Matins. Hail, infant martyrs, new-born victims 52
Evensong. As wolves attack their helpless prey


Matins. Oh, happy day, when first was poured 54
Evensong. 'Tis for conquering kings to gain


Nocturn. The word, who dwelt above the skies 56
Matins. In stature grows the heavenly child 57
Evensong. Through Judah's land

58 EPIPHANY. What star is this .


Matins. The voice of him who cries aloud 60

Evensong. Now Jesus lifts his prayer on high 61 SEPTUAGESIMA. Thou, great Creator, art possessed SEXAGESIMA. Our God, in His celestial seat

63 QUINQUAGESIMA. Oh, ye, who followed Christ in love 64 SEASON BEFORE LENT. Alleluia! best and sweetest

65 Oh! glorious is the song LENT. Nocturn. This solemn fast the Fathers saw 67

Matins. The solemn season calls us now

Evensong. Thou gracious Author of our days 69 GOOD FRIDAY.

Nocturn I. To whom is our report made known? 70
Nocturn II. His trial o'er, and now beneath 72
Matins. Whilst in the agonies of death

73 Evensong. The royal banner is unfurled

74 Now, my soul, thy voice upraising 75 EASTER SUNDAY.

Nocturn. Come, thou blest angelic throng
Matins. This holy morn, so fair and bright 77





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Hymrt I.

Since Christ, our passover, is slain 78
Hymn II.
Christ from the dead is raised .

79 Hymn III. Jesus Christ is risen to-day

79 Evensong. Protected by the Almighty hand . 80 ASCENSION Day. Nocturn. Oh, Jesu, Lord of heavenly grace

81 Matins. Redeemer ! now thy work is done ! 82

Evensong. O Christ, our hope, our heart's desire 83 SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION Day,

Nocturn. Oh, 'twas a day both bright and good 84
Matins. What terrors shake my trembling
soul !

85 Evensong. Oh, Christ, who hast prepared a place 86 WHITSUNDAY, Eve. 0 Jesu, who art gone before

87 Nocturn I. Ruler of the hosts of light

88 Nocturn II. Come, Holy Ghost, thou source of good 89 Matins. Our prayer is heard : the holy Dove 90

9 A. M. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator come 91 TRINITY SUNDAY.

Matins. Thrice holy God, of wondrous might 92
Evensong. O thou who dwellest bright on high .


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SAINTS' DAYS. St. Paul. Matins. 'Gainst what foeman art thou rushing 95

Evensong. The shepherd slain, the wolf returns

Nocturn. What feeble instruments, O Lord 97
Matins. Hail ! Princes of the host of heaven 98
Evensong. His only son the Father gave

99 ANNUNCIATION. Matins. Long time the fallen human race

100 Evensong. This is the day, the solemn day


Matins. The law on Sinai's fiery height 102
Evensong. Heralds of Christ, to every age

103 St. PHILIP AND ST. JAMES. Nocturn. At length draws near

104 Matins. The Lord hath burst the bonds

105 Evensong. The Son, upon His Father's throne 106 St. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS. O Christ, who in heaven

108 ALL SAINTS. Spouse of Christ, to whom 'tis given 110


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