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The saints' resurrection.
Isa. xxvi, 19. Luke xxi, 27, 28. John v, 28, 29.
1 Look up, ye saints that dwell in dust;

Your hymns of victory sing;
And let his dying servants trust

Their ever-living King.
2 I see the Lord of Glory come,

And heav'nly guards around;
The skies divide to make Him room;

The trumpet shakes the ground.
3 I hear the voice:-Ye dead, arise !--

And, lo! the graves obey;
And waking saints, with joyful eyes,

Salute the happy day.
4 They leave the dust, and on the wing

Rise to the midway air;
In shining garments meet their King,

And glorify Him there. 15

6-7's. Our debt to Christ. 2 Cor. v, 14, 15. Rev. vi, 15-17; xiv, 2, 3. 1 WHEN this passing world is done; When has sunk yon shining sun; While we stand with Christ in glory, Looking o'er life's finished story;

in Advent.

Then, Lord, shall I fully knowNot till then-how much I owe. 2 When I hear the wicked call

On the rocks and hills to fall;
When I see them start and shrink
On the fiery deluge brink;
Then, Lord, shall I fully know-
Not till then-how much I owe.]
3 When I stand before the throne,

Dress'd in garments not my own;
When I see Thee as Thou art;
Love Thee with unsinning heart;
Then, Lord, shall I fully know-
Not till then-how much I owe.

4 When the praise of heav'n I hear,

Loud as thunders to the ear,
Loud as many waters' noise,
Sweet as harp's melodious voice;
Then, Lord, shall I fully know-
Not till then-how much I owe.

5 Chosen, not for good in me;

Waken'd up from wrath to flee;
Hidden in the Saviour's side;
By the Spirit sanctified;
Teach me, 'Lord, on earth to show,
By my love, how much I owe.

in Advent.

P. M. The terrors of the Judgment-day.

Matt. xxiv, 30, 31. Luke xxi, 25-27. 1 Day of wrath! oh! day of mourning!

See once more the Christ returning

Heav'n and earth in ashes burning! 20h! what fear man's bosom rendeth,

When from heav'n the Judge descendeth,

On whose sentence all dependeth ! 3 Wondrous sounds the trumpet flingeth,

Through earth's sepulchres it ringeth,

All before the throne it bringeth! 4 Lo! the book exactly worded, Wherein all hath been recorded !

Thence shall judgment be awarded.] 5[King, of majesty tremendous !

Who dost free salvation send us,

Fount of pity! then befriend us. 6 Faint and weary, Thou hast sought me,

On the cross of suffering bought me:

Shall such grace be vainly brought me? 7 Thou the sinful woman savedst;

Thou the dying thief forgavest;
And to me a hope vouchsafest.].

in Advent.
8 Righteous Judge of retribution !
Grant thy gift of absolution,
Ere that reckoning-day's conclusion !

Spare, O God, in mercy spare us!
Lord all-pitying! Jesu blest!
Grant us thine eternal rest! Amen.


6-8's. Christ our rest.

Isa. xxvi, 3, 4. Luke vii, 34.
1 DEAR Friend of friendless sinners, hear,

And magnify thy grace divine!
Pardon a worm that would draw near,

That would his heart to Thee resign;
A worm, by self and sin opprest,

That pants to reach the promis'd rest.
2 Thou say'st Thou wilt thy servants keep

In perfect peace, whose minds shall be
Like new-born babes, or helpless sheep,

Completely stay'd, dear Lord, on Thee: How calm their state, how truly blest,

Who trust on Thee, the promis'd Rest! 3 Bid the tempestuous rage of sin,

With all its wrathful fury, die;
Let the Redeemer dwell within,

And turn my sorrows into joy:
O may my heart, by Thee possess'd,
Know Thee to be my promis'd Rest!

in Advent. 18

149th. The terrors of the Judgment-day. Eccles. xii, 14. Matt. xxv. 31-33. Rev. xx, 12. 1 JEHOVAH hath spoken! the nations shall

hear; From the east to the west shall his glory

appear; With thunders and tempest to judgment He'll

come; And all men before Him shall wait for their

doom. 2 Thou formal professor! thou saint but in

name! Where now wilt thou cover thy guilt and thy

shame, When thy sin long conceal'd shall be blazon'd

abroad, And thy conscience shall echo the sentence

of God? 3 Woe, woe to the sinners! to what shall they In the day of God's vengeance, the holy and

just! How meet all the terrors that flame in his

path, When the mountains shall melt at the glance

of his wrath?

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