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Journeying home to God.
Ps. cxlix, 2. Matt. ix, 9. Luke xii, 32.
1 CHILDREN of the heavenly King,

As ye journey, sweetly sing;
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,
Glorious in his works and ways.

2 Ye are travelling home to God,

In the way the fathers trod:
They are happy now, and ye
Soon their happiness shall see.

3 Shout, ye little flock, and blest,

You on Jesu's throne shall rest;
There your seat is now prepar'd;
There your kingdom and reward.

4 Fear not, brethren! joyful stand

On the borders of your land;
Jesus Christ, the Father's Son,
Bids you undismay'd go on,

5 Lord! obediently we go,

Gladly leaving all below;
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee

and all Angels. 312

Christ seen of angels.
1 Tim. iii, 16. Rev. vii, 11.
O YE immortal throng
Of angels round the throne,
Join with our feeble song

To make the Saviour known:
On earth ye knew his wondrous grace,

And now his face in heaven ye view. 2 Ye saw the heav'n-born Child.

In human flesh array'd,
Benevolent and mild,

While in the manger laid;
And praise to God, and peace on earth,

For his blest birth, proclaim'd aloud.
3 [Ye in the wilderness

Beheld the tempter spoil'd,
Well-known in ev'ry dress,

In ev'ry combat foil'd;
And joy'd to crown the Victor's head,

When Satan fled before his frown.]
4. Around the fatal tree

Ye press'd with strong desire,
That wondrous sight to see,

The Lord of life expire;
And, could your eyes have known a tear,
Had dropt it there in sad surprise.

and all Angels.
5 Around his sacred tomb

A willing watch ye kept,
While yet in death's deep gloom

The King of glory slept;
Then rollid the stone, and all ador'd

Your rising Lord, with joy unknown. 6 When all array'd in light

The shining Conqueror rode,
Ye hail'd his rapt'rous flight

Up to the throne of God;
And waved around your golden wings,

And struck your strings of sweetest sound. 313

L. M.
Praising Christ in concert with angels.

Heb. ii, 11, 16. Rev. v, 8-12.
I Now let us join with hearts and tongues,

And emulate the angels' songs:
Yea, sinners may address their King

In songs that angels cannot sing. 2 They praise the Lamb who once was slain;

But we can add a higher strain,
Not only say, He suffer'd thus,

But that He suffer'd all for us.
3[Jesus, who pass'd the angels' by,

Assumed our flesh to bleed and die;
And still He makes it his abode;
As Man He fills the throne of God.]

and all Angels. 4[Our next of kin, our Brother now,

Is He, to whom the angels' bow:
They join with us to praise his Name,

But we the nearest interest claim.]
5 But, ah! how faint our praises rise!

Sure 'tis the wonder of the skies,
That we, who share his richest love,

So cold and unconcern'd should prove.
6 Oh! glorious hour! it comes with speed,

When we, from sin and darkness freed,
Shall see the Lord, who died for man,
And praise Him more than angels can

St. Luke 314

The Gospel.
Luke iv, 18. 1 Thess. 1, 5. 2 Tim. iv, 6-8.
1 God, in the gospel of his Son,

Makes his eternal counsels known;
Where love in all its glory shines,

And truth is drawn in fairest lines.
2 The pris'ner here may break his chains;

The weary rest from all his pains;
The captive feel his bondage cease;
The mourner find the way of peace

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3 Here faith reveals to mortal eyes

A brighter world beyond the skies;
Here shines the light, which guides our way

From earth to realms of endless day. 4 Oh! grant us grace, Almighty Lord !

To mark and learn thy holy word;
Its truths with meekness to receive,

And by its holy precepts live. 315

The believer desiring the glories of heaven. Pg. Iv, 6-8. Isa. xxxiii, 17. 2 Tim. iv, 6-8. 1 Oh! HAD I the wings of a dove,

I'd make my escape and be gone; I'd mix with the spirits above,

Who encompass yon heavenly throne; I'd fly from all labour and toil

To the place where the weary have rest; I'd haste from contention and broil

To the peaceful abode of the bless'd. 2 How happy are they, who no more

Have to fear the assaults of the foe! Arrived on the heavenly shore,

They have left all their conflicts below; They are far from all danger and fear,

While remembrance enhances their joys, As the storm, when escaped, will endear

The retreat that the haven supplies.

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