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2 Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;

Earth's joys grow dim; its glories fade away;
Change and decay in all around I see:
O Thou, who changest not! abide with me!

3 I need thy presence every passing hour; What but thy grace can foil the tempter's

power? Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine, oh! abide with


4[I fear no foe with Theo at hand to bless;

Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness:
Where is death's sting? where, grave, thy

I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.]

5 Reveal Thyself before my closing eyes; Shine through the gloom, and point me to

the skies; Heaven's morning breaks, and earth’s vain

shadows flee; In life, in death, O Lord! abide with me!


8.7.7. Jesus our Guardian in the silent watches.

Gen. xlvii, 9. Ps. iv, 8.
1 THROUGH the day thy love has spared us,

Now we lay us down to rest;
Through the silent watches guard us,

Let no foe our peace molest.
Jesus! Thou our Guardian be;
Sweet it is to trust in Thee.

2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers,

Dwelling in the midst of foes,
Us and ours preserve from dangers;

On thine arm may we repose;
And when life's short day is past,
Rest with Thee in heaven at last.

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The Sabbath a delight.
Ps. Ixxxiv, 10. Isa, lviii, 13, 14.
WELCOME, sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes!


The King Himself draws near

To bless his saints to-day;
Let I trust, and faith, and fear,

Dispose our hearts to pray.
One day within the place,
Where Thou, my God! art seen,
Is better than a thousand days

Of vanity and sin
4 Oh! that my soul could stay

In such a frame as this,
And sing thy praise, and soar away

To everlasting bliss!
5 There shall I tune my song,

And every note employ;
There, as the ages roll along,

Tell of eternal joy.


The morning of the Lord's day.

EL. II, II. Mark zvi, 8.
1 CHRISTIANS! awake, awake,

And hail this sacred day!
In loftiest songs of praise

Your grateful homage pay:
Come, bless the day that God hath blest,
The type of heaven's eternal rest.

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'Twas on this happy morn
The Lord of life arose;
He burst the bars of death,

And vanquish'd all our foes :
And now He pleads our cause above,
And reaps the fruit of all his love.

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All hail, triumphant Lord !
Heaven with hosannas rings;
And earth with humbler strains

Thy praise responsive sings:-
Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain,
Through endless years to live and reign.


D. C. M.
The Sabbath a type of heavenly rest.
Ps. cxxii, 1. Ezek. xx, 20. Heb. iv, 8.
1 Hail hallow'd day of heavenly rest,

To man in Eden givin;
The day which the Creator bless'd,

A type and pledge of heav'n:
When fallen man, forlorn and 'reft,

Was wrapp'd in sorrow's shroud,
This sign of mercy still was left-

A rainbow in the cloud.

2[We gladly hail the sacred day,

Whick breathes of peace and love;
Which kids our toils and cares away,

And tells of rest above:
We kure the soothing sabbath bell;

We love the house of prayer;
Sweet thoughts and bopes within us swell,

Whilst we are gather'd there.]

3 Lordi for thy day we bless thy Name;

Thy law has made it sure;
It stands from age to age the same

The birthright of the poor:
Oh! may these first-fruits of our time,

These sabbath seasons, be
Bright steps, up which our souls may climb

Till they are safe with Thee.

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Consecrating the Sabbath to God.

Gen. II, 2, 3. Neh. xiii, 15-22. 1 AGAIN returns the day of holy rest, Which, when He made the world, Jehovah

blest; When, like his own, He bade our labours cease, And all be piety, and all be peace.

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