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2 Let us devote this consecrated day

To learn his will, and all we learn obey;
In pure religion's hallow'd duties share,
And join in penitence, and join in prayer.

3 So shall the God of mercy pleased receive

That only tribute man has power to give;
So shall He hear, while fervently we raise
Our choral harmony in hymns of praise.

4 Father of heaven! in whom our hopes confide, Whose power defends us, and whose precepts

guide, In life our Guardian, and in death our Friend, Glory supreme be thine, till time shall end!

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1 Sweet day of rest! for thee I'd wait,
Emblem and earnest of a state

Where saints are fully blest;
For thee I'd look, for thee I'd sigh,
I'd count the days till thou art nigh,

Sweet day of sacred rest!

2 But oft, with shame I will confess,
My privilege my burden is;

No joy, alas! have I:
When I would take my harp and sing,
I find it oft without a string,

And lay it coldly by.
3 But while I thus confess my shame,
'Tis right that I should praise his Name,

Who makes me sometimes sing;
Yes, Lord !—I'll speak it to thy praise-
My cheerful song I sometimes raise,

And triumph in my King.
4 Oh! let the case be always so,
My song no interruption know

'Till death shall seal my tongue:
In heaven a nobler strain I'll raise,
And rest from every thing but praise-

My heaven an endless song.

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Longing for the Sabbath of glory.

Mark ii, 28. Rev. xxii, 5.
1 LORD of the Sabbath! hear us pray,

In this thy house, on this thy day;
Accept, as grateful sacrifice,
The songs which from thy temple rise.

2 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord! we love;

But there's a nobler rest above;
Oh! that we might that rest attain,

From sin, from sorrow, and from pain! 3 In thy blest kingdom we shall be

From every mortal trouble free;
No sighs shall mingle with the songs

Resounding from immortal tongues: 4 No rude alarms of raging foes,

No cares to break the long repose,
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,

But sacred, high, eternal noon. 5 O long-expected day, begin!

Dawn on this world of woe and sin !
Fain would we leave this weary road,
And sleep in death, to rest with God.

C. M.

Prayer for purer Sabbath devotion.

Ps. xliii, 3-5.
1 FREQUENT the day of God returns

To shed its quick’ning beams;
And yet how low devotion burns!

How languid are its flames !

2 Accept our faint attempts to love;

Our frailties, Lord! forgive:
We would be like thy saints above,

And praise Thee while we live.

3 Increase, O Lord ! our faith and hope,

And fit us to ascend
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up,

Where Sabbaths never end.

4 There we shall breathe celestial air,

With heav'nly lustre shine,
Before the throne of God appear,

And feast on love divine.

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Thoughts befitting the Sabbath implored.

Ps. cxxii, 1. Rev. i, 10.

1 GREAT God! this sacred day of thine

Demands our souls' collected powers;
May we employ in praise divine.

These solemn, these devoted hours:
Oh! may our hearts adoring own
The grace which calls us to thy throne!

2 Ye cares of earth, and trifles, fly!

Where God resides appear no more!
Omniscient God! thy piercing eye

Can every secret thought explore:
Oh! may thy love our hearts refine,

And fix our thoughts on things divine! 3[The word of life dispensed to-day

Invites us to a heavenly feast;
May every ear the call obey,

Be every heart a grateful guest;
Oh! bid the humble sons of need

On soul-reviving bounties feed!]
4 Thy Spirit's powerful aid impart;

Oh! may thy word with life divine
Engage the ear, and warm the heart !

Then shall the day indeed be thine;
Then shall our souls adoring own
The grace which calls us to thy throne.

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C. N. Rejoicing in the day which the Lord hath made.

Ps. cxviii, 22-24. John i, 1-3. Col. fii, 16. 1 LORD of the Sabbath! Thee we praise

In concert with the blest,
Who joyful in harmonious lays

Employ an endless rest.

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