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to the Jews. 2 Remember Jacob's flock of old;

Bring home the wand'rers to thy fold;
Remember too thy promised word-

Israel at last shall seek the Lord. 3 Though outcasts still, estranged from Thee,

Cut off from their own olive-tree,
Why should they longer such remain,

For Thou canst graft them in again?
4 Lord! put thy law within their hearts,

And write it in their inward parts;
The veil of darkness rend in two,

Which hides Messiah from their view. 5 () haste the day foretold so long,

When Jew and Greek, a glorious throng,
One house shall seek, one prayer shall pour,
And one Redeemer shall adore !


8.7. 4. The captive daughter of Zion. Isa. xl, 1, 2; lxi, 7. Nahum i, 15. Zeph. lii, 14, 15. 1 ON THE mountain-tops appearing,

Lo! the sacred herald stands,
Welcome news to Zion bearing-
Zion long in hostile lands-

Mourning captive!
God Himself will loose thy bands.

to the Jews.
2 Has thy night been long and mournful?

Havė thy friends unfaithful provid?
Have thy foes been proud and scornful,
By thy sighs and tears unmov'd?

Cease thy mourning;

Zion still is well belov'd. 3 Lol thy sun is ris'n in glory;

God Himself appears thy Friend; All thy foes shall Alee before thee; Here their boasts and triumphs end:

Great deliv'rance

Zion's King vouchsafes to send. 4 Enemies no more shall trouble;

All thy warfare now is pass'd;
For thy shame thou shalt have double;
Days of peace are come at last:

All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest.


L. M.
Israel's harp on the willows.
Ps. cxxxvii, 1-3. Mal. 1, 11. John iv, 21-23.
1 High on the bending willows hung,

Israel! still sleeps the tuneful string?
Still mute remains the sullen tongue,
And Zion's song denies to sing ?

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to the Jews. 2 Awake! thy loudest raptures raise!

Let heart and voice unite their strains;
Thy promised King his sceptre sways;
Behold! thine own Messiah reigns.

3[Nor fear thy Salem's hills to wrong,

If other lands the triumph bear:
A heavenly city claims thy song,
A brighter Salem rises there.]

4 By foreign streams no longer roam,

And weeping think of Jordan's flood;
In every clime behold a home!
In every temple see thy God !

5 No taunting foes thy song require;

No strangers mock thy captive chain; 'Tis friends provoke the silent lyre, And brethren ask the holy strain.

6 Then why, on bending willows bung,

Israel! still sleeps the tuneful string ?
Why mute remains the sullen tongue,
And Zion's song delays to sing?

to the Jews. 393

D. O. M.
The Jew a warning to the Gentile.
Luke xiii, 34, 36. Rom. xi, 17-21. Rev. xi, 2.
1 JERUSALEM! Jerusalem!

Enthroned once on high,
Thou favour'd house of God on earth,

Thou heaven below the sky;
Now brought to bondage with thy song,

A curse and grief to see,
Jerusalem! Jerusalem!

Our tears shall flow for thee! 2[Oh! hadst thou known thy day of grace,

And flock'd beneath the wing
Of Him, who call'd thee lovingly,

Thine own anointed King;
Then had the tribes of all the world

Gone up thy pomp to see,
And glory dwelt within thy gates,

And all thy sons been free.]
3 And who art thou that mournest me?

Replied the ruin grey-
And fear'st not rather that thyself

May prove a cast-away?
I am a dried and abject branch,

My place is given to thee;
But woe to every barren graft

Of thy wild olive-tree!

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the Jews. 4[Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Our time of mercy spent,
For heavy was our children's crime,

And strange their punishment;
Yet gaze not idly on our fall,

But, sinner! warned be,
Who spared not his chosen seed,

May send his wrath on thee.]
5 Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Thy noon is in its prime;
Oh! turn and seek thy Saviour's face

In this accepted time!
So, Gentile! may Jerusalem

A lesson prove to thee,
And in the new Jerusalem

Thy home for ever be! 394

Lamentation over Jerusalem.
Isa. lx, 1, 2. Jer. V, 10, 11. Lam. v, 1-7.
1 FALL'n is thy throne, O Israel!

Silence is o'er thy plains;
Thy dwellings all lie desolate;

Thy children weep in chains:
Where are the dews that fed thee

On Elim's barren shore?
The fire from heaven that led thee

Now lights thy path no more,

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